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Our goal is to foster a positive and enjoyable workplace experience for everyone. By offering an array of awesome services, coworking spaces provide an excellent foundation to build upon. Our platform simplifies the process of discovering and utilizing these services, resulting in an improved working life experience and overall happiness.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to broaden access to shared spaces through tech. Our focus is on making coworking spaces more accessible and convenient for everyone. We continuously build and evolve our product with a user-centric approach, prioritizing ease of use, intuitiveness, and simplicity when it comes to discovering and accessing coworking space services.

The andcards journey

Igor and Ross founded andcards in Seoul, South Korea with a belief that creativity and technology go hand in hand. To them, creativity without technology is merely art, while technology without creativity is just research. They understood the potential for coworking spaces to be hubs for creativity but found that many lacked adequate technology that could facilitate accessibility and business expansion. As fate would have it, while working at a coworking space themselves, Igor and Ross discovered the untapped potential to bridge the gap between creativity and technology in coworking spaces. This realization inspired them to embark on a journey to develop a solution that would make coworking spaces more efficient, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.
Incorporated and backed by K-Startup
Announced andcards for coworking spaces
Backed by YC Startup School, Poland Prize, and Startup Chile
Started Coworking Smarts — coworking space industry’s most popular blog and newsletter with over 5,000 monthly readers
Expanded to 20 countries around the world
“Best Value” coworking space software according to Coworking Resources
Best-reviewed coworking platform on Capterra and TrustPilot
Co-produced Coworking Values Visionaries podcast
Co-founded the Ukrainian Coworking Association
Expanded to over 500 locations and 50 countries around the world

From small hubs to large operators

andcards empowers coworking spaces to start, grow and enhance people’s work lives.
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We spearhead the industry with the best partners

andcards partners with the coworking industry leaders to support coworking space operators with expert knowledge and integrations to deliver an amazing customer experience.

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