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How to Do Blogger Outreach for Coworking Business

How to Do Blogger Outreach for Coworking Business


Sergey Aliokhin

Online business just like this one is not something new in our era of digitalization. We can observe that lots of new startups run their business on the web daily.

It is not a big surprise!

The Internet gives us a wonderful opportunity to sell different products and services to a wide audience without leaving your home.

However, there is the other side of the story.

You can’t grow your business without attracting new potential customers. Yes, you could use old-fashioned phone calls, cold email blast but it won’t work properly today.

You must build a direct business relationship with your target audience. And one of the best ways that will help you out is called outreach. This is a strategy that digital marketing agency often uses in their marketing campaigns.

In this guide, I will share with you a detailed tutorial on how to do blogger outreach for coworking business specifically.

Let’s start!

What Is Blogger Outreach and Why You Should Do It for Coworking Business

The term “outreach” in a digital marketing world means “building business relationships.” These relationships are usually built on a win-win basis. It allows any business owner to pitch potential partners in terms of cooperation or reach out to the target audience offering the service.

However, blogger outreach differs a bit from the general concept of outreach. It is tightly connected with influencer marketing and the main idea behind this strategy is to promote your business via cooperation with niche-related experts.

You might ask “what is the connection between blogger outreach and coworking business?”

The coworking industry develops like hell. There are more newer coworking spaces appear across the globe. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers choose coworking spaces as the place where they stay for work.

Globally, the number of coworking spaces is forecast to double to 49,500 by 2022, from 26,000 in 2017.

~Ergonomic Trends

Due to this fact, if you are a coworking business representative you must spread the word about your coworking space and grow the number of customers.

Unfortunately, people don’t like to deal with a brand name that is not popular yet. People like to trust the brand that is on everyone’s lips. Moreover, if some of the influencers put in a good word for your brand, your sales will skyrocket tremendously.

Hence, without a proper blogger outreach campaign, you won’t increase traffic to your website that would convert into customers.

Let’s move forward and find out the steps that you must take to perform blogger outreach.

How to Find Prospects for Email Outreach

Any type of outreach begins with searching prospects. You must collect a list of potential targets that you will reach out in your outreach campaign.

But the ways of finding the prospects differ as well. It depends on what blogger outreach you’re going to do. There are four the most common directions of blogger outreach:

Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is a concept that has been introduced by Brian Dean from Backlinco. The main idea of this technique is to create content on evergreen topics and suggest it to niche-related blogs.

If you want to move your blogger outreach services in this direction, you must identify an evergreen topic first of all. In a coworking niche it might be any topic that sparks the interest of your target audience.

For example, you own a network of coworking spaces across India. Hence, you can always be sure that the topic “coworking spaces in India” would resonate with your target audience perfectly.

What you should do next?

Write your content on this topic where you would mention some coworking spaces you own. Afterwards, go to Keywords Explorer tool:

Keywords Explorer report

Here you need to find those competitors posts that have lots of backlinks in “SERP overview” report:

SERP Overview report

These backlinks reveal a wide range of potential prospects that you can use for outreach.

Resource Page Link Building

Resource page link building is when someone adds your link to their resource page to make the exact page better. You get your content featured on a powerful resource page that is widely popular in your niche.

To find a bunch of resource pages you need to go to Google and use one of the following formulas:

  • Keyword inurl:resources
  • Keyword “best resources”
  • Keyword” useful resources”
  • Keyword intitle:links
  • Keyword “helpful links”

Keyword inurl:resources query on Google

Another method to find resource pages is by using link building tools to explore a backlink profile of your competitor. Site Explorer tool can provide you with a list of backlinks your competitor has:

Backlinks report Ahrefs

To get “resource” pages only, I recommend you to include the word “resources” in the filter section. Plus, choose “one link per domain” option to narrow down the results.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building aims to search dead pages on target websites and offer your content to replace them. This strategy is super effective and resultative. Keep in mind that nobody wants to host broken links on the website because it leads to negative UX.

A broken link redirects to the page that doesn’t exist anymore:

Page does not exist screen

To find broken link building opportunities I suggest to use Broken Link Checker tool:

Broken Backlinks report

I managed to do a few steps and got 20 broken links that my potential competitor has. Now, I need to investigate what content should I write to suggest it for replacing broken links I found.

Unlinked Mentions

Have you ever stumbled upon the mentions of your brand or service that have no link to a product page?

These are the lost opportunities to turn the mentions into links that would send traffic to your website.

The question is “how to find unlinked mentions saving your time?”

Content Explorer will do this job for you:

Content Explorer report

You need to use “domain name” -site:domain.com query and a couple of filters I’ve shown in the screenshot above. The results you’ll get are opportunities that mention your brand but don’t have a link back to the website yet. Review the suggestion and reach out asking for a link.

Tools to Find Correct Emails

It is impossible to do email outreach without having the correct email addresses of your targets. It harms email deliverability and overall process of outreach.

You will have to find them somehow.

I wouldn’t recommend searching for emails manually — it is too time-consuming. Instead, there are plenty of email finder tools that can do this job for you. Here is the list of the tools I encourage you to utilize:


When you have the lists of prospects with personal email addresses, you can start the process of outreach.

It includes:

  • Crafting email templates
  • Email blast
  • Follow up email
  • Track the progress

The success of blogger outreach depends on how well-personalized the email templates are. It means you must work on the eye-catching subject line and personalize the introduction part of the template. I suggest you start a subject line with a person's first name + the topic of your message.

For example:

Email subject line

When you create an intro, I advise you to keep a friendly tone and try not to sell but build business cooperation instead.

The tool that I use for outreach is called Buzzstream. It helps you with lots of outreach stuff like:

Creating templates

Outreach email template

Create email sequence (follow up)

Email Sequence Creator Buzzstream

See how each template performs

Buzzstream email performance

Track outreach campaigns

Buzzstream tracking outreach campaigns


Coworking business has its own specifications. The set of issues that must be resolved in a special way.

Despite this fact, this type of business can be promoted with blogger outreach for sure.

Don’t hesitate to use this marketing strategy and leverage the competition.

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