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Top 6 Coworking Spaces in South Korea

Top 6 Coworking Spaces in South Korea

Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan

According to Nomad List, South Korea is one of the top destinations for digital nomads. The country is very safe, relatively affordable, and offers many opportunities to work and travel. Driven by a booming local startup ecosystem, the coworking space industry is growing very fast, so you'll always have a great workplace around. andcards visited many coworking spaces in Korea and put together a list of the top coworking spaces we recommend for your trip.


MY WORKSPACE 3 coworking photo


"Oppa Gangnam Style!" says the most recognizable Korean song. Having arrived in Korea's capital city Seoul, you will most likely visit the iconic Gangnam station. Sprawling with highrise buildings, thousands of shops and restaurants, Gangnam has many great coworking spaces to recommend, including MY WORKSPACE, a perfect coworking space located just outsize subway exit #5. Take a turn right towards an A+ Asset Tower and lift yourself to the 12th floor. The coworking space has everything you need: a large hot desk zone with a perfect view of Gangnam's busy streets, unlimited supply of coffee, high-speed internet, massage chair, and best of all, unexpectedly affordable pricing.

MY WORKSPACE coworking photos, video, location, pricing


SPARKPLUS Euljiro coworking photo


Staying in Korea wouldn't be complete without paying a visit to Korea's premier coworking space network SPARKPLUS. Perhaps the fastest growing of them all, SPARKPLUS checks all the boxes of being a perfect workspace. If you plan to stay in Korea a bit longer, or come along with a team, check out SPARKPLUS custom office — a service that tailors office to your team's specific needs. Another fantastic advantage of SPARKPLUS is a long list of membership benefits, discounts, and special offers that will give you all the tools to be productive, start a business, or have fun. SPARKPLUS has around ten branches, and all of them are great. Euljiro branch is a recently opened one, so its facilities are very new.

SPARKPLUS Euljiro coworking photos, video, location, pricing


Inospace coworking photo

Photo by Inospace

If Seoul city were a "concrete jungle," Inospace coworking space would be a green oasis. The coworking space has a hot desk area filled with flowers and walls of greenery. Meeting rooms, private offices, and even restrooms — all space is connected with smart office sensors, allowing you to check availability via andcards app. Booking the space is possible with 🌿 — special credits you get as a member, and if you need any assistance, friendly community managers are always at your service.

Inospace coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Wyatt Space

Wyatt Space coworking photo

Photo by Wyatt Space

Korea's coworking spaces impress by their diversity. Take Wyatt Space, a uniquely designed coworking space near Samseong station. Its mid-century modern design is unexpectedly luxurious. Wyatt Space has two meeting rooms outfitted with beautiful leather chairs and marble, so you will feel very comfortable hosting business meetings there. The coworking has a barista service, preparing gourmet espresso coffee for your guests. When the day is ceased, you can relax and explore the undergrounds of nearby Starfield Mall, one of the largest in Korea.

Wyatt Space coworking photos, video, location, pricing

Uptown Seoul

Uptown coworking photo

Photo by Uptown

It's not all about Gangnam. The upper side of Seoul has many excellent places to hang out. If you happen to be in the North, Uptown Seoul will meet your workspace needs. Right next to Anam station, Uptown has an excellent multi-function zone called "Co-Lab" with hot desks, printers, and kitchen. The phone booths are quite fun and look like an old-school phone box. It's not all about work here, as you get a beautiful Sky Garden for relaxing or focusing on your thoughts.

Uptown Seoul coworking photos, video, location, pricing

PeachTree S

PeachTree Sinnonhyeon coworking photo

Photo by PeachTree S

If you're looking for a cozy coworking space with a great community, check out PeachTree S.

The PeachTree S is located at Sinnonhyeon station, in a busy neighborhood right next to Gangnam. SpeachTree S has 3 meeting rooms, several private offices, and a large hot desk area. Very reasonably priced, PeachTree offers a generous amount of free meeting room usage and virtual office service to register a business.

PeachTree community managers regularly organize networking events to help you build some friendships among Seoul's entrepreneurs.

PeachTree S coworking photos, video, location, pricing

So here it is, your top Korean coworking space list. Whether on a small workation or a business trip, you can make a great choice of a work or meeting space.

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