Top 7 Coworking Spaces in Russia

Mariia Shutak

Many football fans around the world visited the Russia World Cup 2018. Having discovered its people and culture, returning visitors want to explore the country even further. If you are feeling adventurous to visit Russia, but still have work to be done, we’ve prepared a list of coworking spaces where you can get your tasks done and enjoy travels. Developers, designers, marketers, freelancers — anyone who works remotely — andcards will help you find a perfect workspace without missing out anything important!

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Work Station Plaza, Moscow

Photo by Work Station Plaza

Moscow offers a massive range of coworking spaces and offices, especially in the Moscow City business district, just a few subway stops away from the Red Square. There are so many workspaces that it’s hard to choose which one suits you best because some of them are so fancy. If you are not a billionaire from the Forbes list, you’d probably find something more straightforward, but still comfortable and cozy. For you, we’ve discovered Work Station Plaza coworking space — a perfect place for a tourist, because besides workspaces it also offers breakfast, bed, and shower if you’ll need to stay for a few days, lockers and any other amenities you might need. The interior is stylish and cozy at the same time, so we are sure that you’ll be satisfied!

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Laba, Moscow

Photo by Laba

One thing Russia is particularly famous about is space technology. If you want to find out what it feels like to work inside an International Space Station, visit Laba Moscow coworking space. Its breathtaking interior is very spacious and industrial, with high ceilings and huge windows. Located just 1-minute walk from Kitay-gorod metro station, Laba has everything for productive work: meeting rooms, high-speed internet, unlimited coffee, printing machines, and even office assistant. If you get a minute in between building your project and uploading builds, grab a snack in a kitchen, take a quick shower, or just enjoy the beautiful view of Moscow downtown. Laba is full of successful teams and young entrepreneurs, with regular events and even an acceleration program for startups so you will have all the chances to grow your social network in Russia.

Laba Moscow photos, video, location, pricing

GrowUp, St. Petersburg

Photo by GrowUp

St. Petersburg is a fascinating city with beautiful architecture and atmosphere, so it might be difficult to concentrate on work there. Its magnificent spirit, however, might inspire you to create something truly beautiful. Nevertheless, you’ll need a workplace, where you’ll be productive, concentrated and efficient. The best coworking space in St. Petersburg we can recommend is totally GrowUp coworking space. Why? Because it’s simple and comfy. The greatest strength of this particular workspace is the community of inspiring and creative people. The primary purpose of GrowUp is to encourage networking and stimulate the exchange of knowledge around the globe. So you’ll get an opportunity not only to work but also to make new connections, with whom you might even go to the next football game.

GrowUp St. Petersburg photos, video, location, pricing

Grow Up, Kazan

Photo by Grow Up

Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is a melting pot of cultures. The city has a workspace from the same coworking space network we’ve featured in St. Petersburg — Grow Up Kazan. The primary goal of this shared office remains the same — connect exciting people from all over the world to create something extraordinary. And if you end up in Kazan, at the center of Russia, — you’re totally not one of the boring ones! Grow Up Kazan coworking space interior reminds of the comfortable and modern Google’s offices, so you’ll definitely feel productive and concentrated. It has all benefits for tourists: 24/7 access, beds, lockers and kitchen, so feel free to stay there as much as you need.

GrowUp St. Kazan photos, video, location, pricing

Futuroom, Samara

Photo by Futuroom

Coworking center Futuroom is a universal workspace in the center of Samara. What makes it stand out from any other coworking space? Probably nothing. But do you really need something special after a long day of travels through the terra incognita? I doubt that...

What does Futuroom have instead? Hot desks, high-speed internet, snacks, drinks, and meeting rooms. If you need something else, you’d probably not go to Samara.

Futuroom photos, video, location, pricing

Icra, Volgograd

Photo by Icra

Volgograd is a charming city on the banks of the river Volga, so even names of coworking spaces are unique. Icra coworking space, which stands for caviar in Russian, is an art and coworking space with the picturesque view of the river Volga. Once again, the place gathers all innovative people from all over the country. People who work there are incredible: bakery owners, interior designers, developers, and others. Such a community will inspire you for fresh ideas and accomplishments.

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Prostranstvo Pi, Sochi

Photo by Prostranstvo Pi

While you’re in Sochi you can try to work on the beach, but you’ll probably be distracted by sounds of beer cans opening, children laughing and parents screaming. Hard to imagine productive work there, but fortunately, we found an option for you. Prostranstvo Pi or Space Pi coworking space in translation is salvation for your hard-working soul! For only $2.5 per hour, you’ll have the workspace which satisfies all needs and as a bonus offers different types of coffee: Ethiopian, Vietnamese and Columbian. All for keeping yourself fresh and chipper.

Prostranstvo Pi photos, video, location, pricing

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