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Interview with Paul Campillo, Director of Brand & Communications at Typeform (How to Collect Staff & Members Information Efficiently)

Helga Moreno

Information is the most valuable asset nowadays. It's crucial for coworking business to start collecting it from the very beginning. Nobody launches a new location without meticulous market research and a thorough business plan.

You need to know what kind of space is likely to be a success:

When your coworking space is up and running you continue to gather membership data, which is much easier if you have coworking software, carry out surveys and polls to know your tenants better.

If you want to build a collaborative community, you must know the members' interests and concerns to match the right people. This is a secret recipe for thriving coworking space. Happy members stay loyal for long years, tell their friends about your space an even bring them inside.

However, very often people refuse to fill in long boring questionnaires. No worries, modern survey technologies are able to turn the process into an interactive game. Paul Campillo, Director of Brand and Communication at Typeform is going to tell us about their smart solution.

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Helga: Please tell us a bit about the company. How long are you on the market?

Paul: We're Typeform, founded in 2012 by two designers, Robert Muñoz & David Okuniev. Their client at the time wanted something exciting for their showroom, and soon, Typeform was born.


Helga: What main obstacles did you face on your way to success?

Paul: Many of the same problems hypergrowth startups face. Lack of funding, growing too fast, scaling product and teams, maintaining a consistent brand message, inexperience in many positions, lack of clarity around strategy and future opportunities, etc.


Helga: Please present us your product in a few sentences.

Paul: We build beautiful interfaces that allow you to interact with the people that matter most. These interfaces include a rich media interface (Typeform), a chat interface (Conversations), and a video interface (VideoAsk). What can you do with them? You can replace traditional forms and surveys with a more interactive experience that allows you to get the data you need to power your brand.


Helga: What features of your service can be considered unique/innovative/revolutionary?

Paul: Beautiful design was revolutionary at the time. With Typeform, using rich media user interface with a one-question-at-a-time focus produced a more interactive experience that just seemed more friendly and fun to respond to. With VideoAsk (video interface), the ability to have asynchronous conversations using video to connect in a more personal way.


Helga: What marketing strategies did you apply to breakthrough?

Paul: Product-led growth including a viral channel (powered by Typeform) and word of mouth. Build a great product, and people will share. After that, producing amazing interactive content and SEO continues to drive people to the brand.


Helga: Did you rely on the creativity of your service or on its technical features?

Paul: Both. Design is key, along with our core viral channel which is more of a technical feature.


Helga: How do you think your service is applicable for any type of business? Can coworking space owners find it useful for their business?

Paul: We already have coworking spaces, and just about every type of business in the world using our tools.

From the White House, to Barack Obama's foundation website, to McDonald's, to Uber, to your local bicycle shop, to your favorite nonprofits and churches, Typeform is used by many different companies for many different reasons.


Helga: What issues can it solve for them?

Paul: First, Typeform is versatile. You can use it for internal (employees, for example) or external purposes (customers and other key stakeholders).

  • You can use it to acquire or nurture new leads using interactive quizzes or lead gen forms.
  • You can use it to get feedback from employees or customers, so you can improve the overall experience.
  • You can also use it to register people for coworking space events.


Helga: Do you improve your product regularly? What is the biggest thing implemented recently?

Paul: We just launched “Layouts” which gives you more design control over how you present each question or section of your typeform, to make your brand really stand out. With VideoAsk, we just launched conditional logic, so you can create different conversational paths based on how people responded to the last question – this increases relevancy.


Helga: Where do you see your company in three years?

Paul: As the leader in interactive experiences for organizations of all types.

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How do you collect staff and members' information now? Do you think innovative methods can help to make the process more engaging, read more efficient?

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