Creating a Perfect Printable for Coworking Europe 2019 (andcards Case Study)

Helga Moreno

This article was inspired by the success of our handbook: Digital Marketing Tips for Coworking Spaces, printed out specifically for CWE 2019 that took place in Warsaw on November 13th -15th. I wish I could read something similar when the whole team was brainstorming the idea of the best printable for the conference.

I have found out that there is an information gap that should be filled here. The best way to do it is to share our own experience, describe challenges and solutions we managed to come up with in the process of creation of our printable for Coworking Europe 2019.

I promise to be straightforward giving you actionable marketing tips and surely show the final result of the joint efforts of our team — Digital Marketing Tips for Coworking Spaces Handbook.

A tiny spoiler: if you didn't have a chance to get the book during CWE 2019, I will tell you how you can grab your very own e-copy!

The Lightbulb

In this section I will tell you how everything started as the road of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Did you know that andcards is 100% remote? We are the evangelists of the remote style of work believing that the most brilliant ideas are born in the coworking spaces. We are in love with their flexibility, collaborative and supportive nature, convenience, and efficiency.

We are absolutely positive about the coworking business future and aware of each and every issue coworking space owners/managers/residents face. We try to come up with customized solutions in terms of improved member experience and routines automation.

To cut a long story short, it was our usual Monday team call where we discuss what has been done the previous week, our biggest achievements and epic fails, and make plans for the next week.

All of us were excited about soon corporate retreat in Lviv (Western Ukraine) but before that our sales team headed by Igor Dzhebyan (andcards CEO) was going to attend Coworking Europe 2019 to do some networking and marketing.

Do you often participate in conferences? What do you think they are good for?

Let's find this out together. Leave your vote below.

But how to make a lasting impression on a prospective customer? Give them some branded gift🎁? A good idea but what could differentiate you among the competitors? This is a task for the marketing department.


What do you usually do when you need an answer? You go to Google. That's exactly what I did to look for some traditional and unconventional approaches to the branded gifts. Honestly, I found quite a bunch of them, though... no one met our requirements.

Common branded swag ideas for a conference:

  • Branded notebook, pen, gum/mints, in a word, everything that helps to get through the conference day
  • Mug, water bottle, cocktail kit
  • Event-themed pin
  • All sorts of organizers
  • Baseball cap, T-shirt
  • Art prints
  • Power bank
  • Lighter
  • Passport case
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Puzzle
  • Eco grocery bag
  • Small plant, etc.

The list goes on. Did you like anything? What would you use to present your coworking business? Something that is not on the list? Same here.

You invest your time, effort, and money in producing the swag. You expect that the investment will pay off. So, your branded conference gift shouldn't be something that goes straight to the trash bin right after the event or something that is put on a shelf and forgotten.

What Can Awesome Swag Do for Your Brand?

If your small gift is really good, prospectives don't mind to bring your branding home. This is your opportunity to spread the word about the brand. Branded items play a strategic role. They promote your coworking business and services.

Our sad and happy days are made of small details. Your nice printable can make somebody's day, become a mood booster.

Useful and creative goodies make conference attendees smile, which is a great emotional start of your friendly relationships.

A conference is a great chance to communicate your message. But is it possible to talk to every prospective client personally? Of course not.

I am sure that you have experienced disappointment after the conference that turned into a nightmare stealing away your sound sleep. You thought that you are the worst event-planner and time-manager ever that left plenty of opportunities on the table. Don't worry, your swag will never lose a chance to "speak" to every attendee in person and explain the core message of your promo campaign.

The Process of Handbook Creation

After long hours of discussions, we agreed upon a few key points related to our cool swag:

  1. It should bring value to coworking space owners.
  2. It should educate.
  3. It should help to grow their business and revenue.
  4. It should solve their problems, be about them, not about the andcards brand.
  5. It should give new insights.
  6. It should have a physical form to be easy to use and show to colleagues.
  7. It should be visually appealing, decent quality.

In fact, Coworking Space Marketing Handbook meets all the above requirements. Not every coworking space owner can hire a professional marketing manager, however, every entrepreneur wants to promote their space, grow business, and earn more money.

Of course, a handbook can't cover all marketing strategies in detail, in the end, it's just a concise printable for the conference. Nevertheless, it can give a businessman a bird's eye view on the entire marketing process and point out major directions leading to success.

The Handbook

Our small marketing wonder is printed on 23 pages. It includes four parts:

  1. On-page SEO for a coworking website. The chapter provides you with a kind of checklist to get your corporate resource rank on Google.
  2. Competitor analysis. Knowing your competitors and their marketing strategies you can easily tweak your promotional campaign to easily outstrip them.
  3. Brand awareness boost. Brand recognition, trust, and credibility are crucial for a thriving coworking business. From this chapter, you can learn what else you can do to enhance your brand positions in the market.
  4. Sales funnel building. You are running a coworking business not only because you love the idea. You want to get profit. This is what marketing funnels are about, everything starts from brand awareness, moves on to interest, then desire, and finally results in action (purchase).

The book is easy to read even for beginners in marketing, the tips are easy to implement. Some of them should be done only once, yet, they bring lasting effects. The text is styled up for the better reading experience, descriptive illustrations won't let you get bored.

Pro tip: A rocking printable shouldn't necessarily be difficult to implement. Here is a shortcut from the andcards team. If you already have some terrific content on your blog, repurpose it. This is a legitimate marketing strategy. Content is a costly asset, so once generated, it should be used to the fullest. Actually, this Coworking Space Marketing Handbook includes several articles available on our blog, which is a good example of content repurposing.

Long-Rolling Ovation

I bet you can't wait to know if the game was worth the candles. Our sales team came super excited about the conference.

We gave out 50 copies of the Coworking Space Marketing Handbook in less than five minutes!

Can you imagine that buzz? However, it was not the handbook alone that helped our guys to spark an interest in andcards coworking software. I guess the secret is in consistency and stepping away from the traditional pitching and salesy approach.

Our CEO, Igor Dzhebyan, arranged a brief marketing workshop for coworking space owners where they altogether discussed the points stated in the book.

"Talking to coworking managers and owners after the workshop, I've heard just how important online marketing is for their fast-growing businesses. Coworking spaces are stepping up their digital marketing game to stay competitive amidst the 4th industrial revolution.

Housing the creators of the future, coworking spaces themselves need to be more creative in building a unique brand and inscribing it into the hearts of their potential customers through emotional digital marketing. Sharing andcards experience felt great and I just can't wait to visit the Coworking Europe 2020!"

~ Igor Dzhebyan, CEO at andcards

Sure enough, after such a kind of speech that reveals new, modern, and efficient ways of promoting business, you feel inspired enough to take printed guidance to your home city and start to implement all those techniques at once.

Besides, you want to know more about people and company that care about your business and are ready to give some practical expert advice on how to monetize it for free. You also want to know what software they develop, how can it affect member experience at your coworking space, how can it streamline tedious processes like meeting room booking, and so on.

You can learn all these and so much more on our corporate blog or having signed up for our newsletter. In this case, we will send the latest news, updates, and other wholesome info straight to your inbox.

Claim Your Own Copy!

I hope our story of creating a perfect printable for the conference as long as promotion tips were helpful. You can ask me additional questions in the comments in case I missed some essential details.

One thing that is left to do is grab your own copy of the Digital Marketing Tips for Coworking Spaces Handbook. This link will take you straight to the download page.

Would you like to have a printed copy? Share this case study on socials and let us know about that in the comments (together with your thoughts and impressions on the reading.) We promise to read and answer each comment and pick out the lucky ones who will get our handbook by mail.

Enjoy your reading & stay tuned, more awesome stuff is coming soon.

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