Classy Black UI for Your Coworking Space Management App

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Classy Black UI for Your Coworking Space Management App

This article has nothing to do with steep discounts, cut prices, and Black Friday fever. Though, it has a lot to do with color black.

By the way, do you like dark interfaces? Do you use dark UI for Slack, Skype, Facebook, etc? I am pretty sure that a lot of your residents also opt for darker layouts.

Great news! You can add some style to the UI (user interface) design of your coworking space management software. andcards offers a dark layout for iOS and Android users.

Dark UI Design Hype

Currently, the popularity of black design is far beyond the fashion industry. The color is making its way into UI and UX (user experience). More popular apps are introducing dark modes to treat their users. MacOS, Apple iOS, and Android followed the general trend. Instagram and Gmail apps have recently debuted their dark modes.

Our team is also tracking the latest UI/UX design trends, which resulted in a cool and enigmatic dark interface this time.

andcards coworking software: coworking space benefits page dark mode

Black Color in Web Design

Did you ever think why dark layouts are so captivating? Users traditionally perceive them as luxury, expensive and elegant. If you want to justify high prices for your services, black website design is definitely the way to go.

The color is stern and formal, authoritative and powerful. It can evoke strong emotions, which is exactly what a coworking business is about (emotional connections.)

“Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the whole world, made of all the colors in the palette.”

Ricardo Tisci

Black is associated with many things:

  • Conservative, goes well with almost every color;
  • Serious;
  • Conventional;
  • Powerful;
  • Elegant;
  • Creates an impression of distinction, suits top quality products—perfumes, wines, and expensive cars, electronics and gadgets;
  • Able to establish contrast, which is great for advertising;
  • Associated with honor;
  • Symbol of nobility, age, and experience.

Of course, just like any other color or notion, black has its negative side. In some countries, the associations behind black are — evil, dark side, witchcraft, taboo, rebellion, and even death. However, I don't think they are critical, just remember Batman, Zorro, James Bond or Blade.

What I am trying to say is that not all bad guys are dressed in black and not all angels are wearing snow-white feathers. It's sooner a matter of personal taste and preference.

If you give your members a choice which interface to use (trendy dark UI or classical white for their coworking app, it gives them an additional opportunity for customization and styling everything inline with their image. Don't you think this is awesome? Don't you think it's one more way to show customers your love and care?

andcards booking system for coworking spaces - dark mode

Some Reasons to Have a Dark Mode for Your Coworking Software UI

In this section, we are going to continue our discussion about dark interfaces. I would like you to view the point from another perspective. What are the practical benefits of using black app interfaces?

Discover why hundreds of coworking spaces around the globe choose andcards software to streamline their processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Actually, the dark UI theme originated from developer environments. They prefer writing white text code on a dark screen. It somehow helps to stay concentrated for a long time without that feeling of sand in the eyes. A surprising fact is that dark UI mode helps developers be more productive. They even catch a kind of hacker vibe.

It is counted that over *70% of software engineers coding on a Dark Theme IDE’s, if you take a look on popular coding environment theme downloads you will find always that top 10 themes are dark.*


You can try to experiment yourself and use only dark UI modes for the apps you are working with to really feel the difference. Please tell us the results, what works better for you — white text over the dark background or classical combination of black text over the white screen.

My personal choice is dark UI mode because it matches my aesthetic preferences, saves the battery charge, and gives a break to my eyes.

andcards stream newsfeed and communication tool for coworking spaces - page dark mode

Well, everything said above is great but how exactly your coworking space can benefit if your coworking space management software offers a dark theme interface?

  • WOW effect. Just imagine the new member onboarding. You are showing them around and explain how easy and convenient it is to book a meeting room at your coworking space. All they need to do is open your coworking software from any place they are at the moment and do it with a tap. Then you say: "Are you used to dark UI layouts? You can switch your coworking space app to the back mode." Do you think it will impress the member? No doubt!
  • Member-first approach. andcards dark mode is good proof that you give your members only the best. Your mobile apps are updated frequently. What's more, they follow the latest UI trends. andcards is the only coworking space software that supports black mode for more than a year. We implemented it right after Apple and Google.
  • Credible brand image. We have already discussed the associations called in customers' subconscious by black UI. I bet that nobody will ask you for a discount or question your price. The price is justified as long as you render premium services.
  • Sleek design. Black UI is simply beautiful. It makes your text legible and enhances color harmony on the page.

    andcards services catalog for coworking spaces - dark mode

  • Dark UI theme is more energy-efficient. Sometimes community manager leaves andcards running on their monitor or iPad, and it consumes less battery in the dark mode.
  • Eye-friendly. Also, dark UI theme is causing less eye strain in darker environments. It removes a psychological barrier for people to open the app — they will not be blinded by the all-white screen in the dark.
  • Additional customization options. The possibility to switch between the modes gives more choice to members to customize their app interface. And the choice is always great!

Wind up

That's it about andcards dark UI. Hope you and your members love dark interface design. Just imagine the reaction of a new member when you show them a black theme option.

Not an andcards user yet but dying to have a premium experience for your workspace members with amazing black UI and many other solutions? Schedule a demo call with us to learn about all andcards features aimed to wow your members!

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