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Best Coworking Spaces in Mexico Focused on Members' Business Growth
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Best Coworking Spaces in Mexico Focused on Members' Business Growth

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

Mexico or the United Mexican States has a population of

126,577,691 people, which is one-third of the United States population. It would be natural to suppose that there should be quite a number ofcoworking spaces in Mexico. However, the coworking business in Mexico is not as developed as one of its southern neighbor. In recent years, coworking entrepreneurship in Mexico experiences rapid growth and I am going to prove this by featuring some amazing coworking spaces in Mexico right after this brief introduction.

Historical Background

Here are some of the reasons why the coworking business in Mexico is still young.

  • Long years Mexican companies preferred to see their workers in the offices, see their eyes, and talk to them directly.
  • The next reason is bureaucracy. Freelancers in Mexico must register themselves as businesses with the tax authority, which is a burdensome process. Mexican people are reluctant to register with the tax authority due to the concerns about incurring penalties in case of an accident with paperwork.
  • Most of the Mexican people didn't know much about the coworking concept and freelance way of work.

Anyway, notwithstanding the above objections, new coworking spaces opened, and the first workspace in Mexico (Colectivo Labs), was launched in Monterrey.

Coworking Market, Mexico — Present Day

Today coworking industry in Mexico looks drastically different. Mexico City has turned into a bustling hub for coworking, with over 600 spaces in the city alone and more opening every week.

Obviously, Mexico’s coworking industry is still young and growing and niche giants like WeWork catalyze this development. Modern coworking business in Mexico can be characterized as dynamic, and fast-growing, rapidly becoming mature. Compared to Europe and the US, coworking culture is slowly adopted in Mexico. But this fact can hardly be called a disadvantage because current coworking spaces in Mexico, like Ayni Holistic Business Center, for instance, already use progressive coworking software, have well-thought-out business plans, amazing designs, and ambitious sizing.

Best Coworking Spaces in Mexico

This showcase of top coworking spaces in Mexico will draw a colorful picture of the matter.

Coworking space interior


Ayni Coworking is a Holistic Business Center located in Mexico City. Ayni is a Quechua word that means

reciprocity. Coworking space owners seek to turn this concept into a lifestyle of their community of entrepreneurs.

They foster a collaborative environment through spaces and activities where the relationships between members lead to the development of a thriving community.

Ayni provides:

  • offices,
  • coworking,
  • terrace,
  • auditoriums,
  • and boardrooms.

All at super affordable prices, for people like you who need to balance their work and private life harmoniously.


The POOL coworking has three locations in Mexico City ⁠— The Pool Polanco, The Pool Toledo, and The Pool San Ángel. This expanding network includes large coworking spaces that house different projects, companies, and professionals. The workplace aims to facilitate business growth of every member. They foster innovation with continuous events, which strengthen the community. The POOL offers open unlimited membership options, fixed spaces, private offices, and so much more.

Aldea Networking

Aldea coworking has two spaces — in León and Aguascalientes. Aldea provides all the amenities, services and networking required for business growth. They offer custom spaces based on your business needs and flexible contracts. In addition to business facilities, members can attend all events for free — conferences, workshops, courses, training, etc. Teams can spend good time together at the roof garden and alleviate stress if needed playing ping-pong, football, and x-box games.


Groundwork (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) coworking hub operates more than 5,000 m2 of space in Lemancore buildings and facilitates the operation to more than 150 companies, entrepreneurs, businesses, and international firms. Their spaces provide an atmosphere of familiarity and trust and have all the necessary amenities to run a business including regular events and networking possibilities. Members can join Leman Club to get exclusive benefits. Groundwork is flexible in terms of membership contracts, which means you can increase space when you grow bigger.

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Brücken coworking space is located in Chiapas. The hub offers spaces designed for independents and companies. You can focus on growing your business while Brücken takes care of security, cleanliness, and amenities. Communication is a top priority at Brücken, so they provide spaces for meetings and corporate events to let it happen.


PÚBLICO is a public coworking running seven branches in strategic locations of Mexico City. Thanks to the PÚBLICO alliance with Global CPÚBLICOollective, its members can use different coworking spaces in different countries. A well-trained team will help you organize your agenda, such as booking hotels, restaurants, and concerts.

From conferences to workshops, PÚBLICO events are planned for the community to generate fruitful networking. Their boardrooms are equipped with all the tools you need.

There are even professional areas to shoot photos equipped with cyclorama, blackout curtains, and makeup stand.

They also have restaurant in house, so members can enjoy high-quality coffee and home-cooked food.

MIA Co-Growing

MIA Co-Growing is a coworking space for women in Mexico City, designed to create connections and to reconcile personal and professional life. With a nice view of the Revolution Monument, MIA Co-Growing offers modern workspaces for freelancers and small businesses. Their facilities provide multiple services that help business ladies make the time they spend at work more efficient. They can enjoy their beauty bar, functional exercise classes, special events focused on your growth and more.


COW is a dynamic startup hub with three branches located in Mexico City. It is a place where the best technology companies converge and work on innovation programs. They create work ecosystems for industry verticals where startups, government, investment funds, corporate innovation areas, banks, accelerators, and incubators coexist. COW gives companies and startups an opportunity to start at a desk and grow to an office, half-floor or full floor, and finally get their own space.


Mutuo coworking space (Guadalajara, Jalisco) has two locations at the moment and one more launching soon. They focus on capturing the needs of companies and turn them into a unique workspace and work style. Their flexible terms offer freedom to grow and evolve in an environment where teams can focus on developing. Their services include brokers, vendors, architects, lawyers, designers, contractors, and IT professionals' support.


Nest is a coworking space (Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo) that brings together entrepreneurs, independent professionals, start-ups, and creatives in a comfortable and well-equipped space to work, develop projects, form a community and share ideas.

Nest offers optimal environments to work productively, calmly and professionally. They promote mobility within spaces, which fosters creativity, collaboration and learning while creating a sense of belonging and community. They provide boardrooms for presentations, courses, and workshops to keep members updated and constantly learning. Nest offers different plans according to your needs and without ties.


Homework has three locations in Mexico City. Here you can not only cowork but join the connected community. All spaces are fully equipped, so you only need to gather your team and your customers to start making progress. Membership at Homework is designed to always be active. You can use any of their common spaces and work in a place that best suits you.

The Homework team wants you to live your life as it should be, work on projects that make a difference, meet people and build relationships, learn, find freedom in your workday and enjoy every second of it.


Startpoint Coworking with its four branches is the best network in Queretaro. Startpoint is a coworking space providing private offices where they host a community of entrepreneurs from different business spheres. They give them the opportunity to formalize, create, and watch their projects grow.

Startpoint claims to be the happiest place to work. Their goal is to strengthen companies, offering them all the support they may require during the process they are in, in the best working environment.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is a coworking center with four branches located in Mexico City and Santa Fe. A workplace privileges flexibility and values the productivity of companies. They can generate private offices of the size and for the number of people, members require at any time.

In other words, if you need a desk, private office or a space tailored to your needs, Terminal 1 is the solution. All members can use boardrooms and common areas as an extension of their office as well as use special membership benefits.

Technology HUB

Tech HUB is a business accelerator and startup incubator with offices in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Tech HUB is certified by Mexico’s National Institute for Entrepreneurship (INADEM), so they have programs to guide business success no matter what stage a project is at.

The hub offers financial, legal, and marketing mentorship. Their programs are designed to help companies and entrepreneurs stay ahead of industry challenges, trends and technologies. Technology HUB is working to assist the regional industry as it makes the transition into Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.


THINK coworking with locations in Monterrey and Nuevo Leon offers different types of premises for members — work suites, work station, work space, room together, and virtual office. The hub provides equipped professional spaces that include all the necessary services to be able to work without worrying about service management or solving any setbacks.

THINK is a space where members can meet their clients and make presentations in an environment that generates innovation. Freelancers also have the possibility to meet and network with other people there.


Centraal coworking is an innovative space in Mexico City where you can work, attend events, conduct meetings and meet people like you. Attending courses, workshops, and conferences allow members to keep up to date and continue their professional development.

Centraal has an active community of entrepreneurs and professionals, so members can increase their network of contacts and enjoy a new and fun way to work.

If a businessman wants to present a project, have a creative session with their team, launch a new brand or perform another type of dynamics, central suits all those purposes.


You can find IOS OFFICES centers all over Mexico including Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Puebla, Cancun, and many other cities. Those hubs offer a wide variety of workspaces that meet different needs. From services for mobile executives and private offices to custom-designed floors including all the amenities that a company requires.

With offices in 12 cities, it’s easy to travel or to organize remote meetings. 35 centers and 9 terraces with capacity up to 500 people are available for all types of events entrepreneurs would like to run.


Co-Madre is a female-centric coworking space for mompreneurs and women having two branches in Montes Urales and Condesa. Co-Madre is a place to rent shared workspaces, private offices and meet the community focused on women developing professionally and personally in a balanced way, providing different tools to achieve it.

Belonging to their community will give business ladies exposure to their service helping to grow professionally and personally, and access to courses and workshops with exclusive discounts.

Proyecto 7

Proyecto 7 is a big operator with 10 branches in Mexico City. The centers offer functional workplaces (private offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, etc.) for professionals who like to work in the open space.

Their different membership plans and services adapt to the needs of members. The working platform enables entrepreneurs to increase productivity. Proyecto 7 aims to consolidate the business community that contributes to the rapid growth and success of business projects. Proyecto 7 believes in innovative projects of its members and wants to be a part of their success.

Wind up

You have just read about the best coworking spaces in Mexico. Hope the info was inspiring. Are you also running a coworking space in Mexico? Do you see your coworking brand name above? I guess it's a great motive to share this article with your friends on socials to let them know about it.

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