Best Coworking Spaces in Moscow (Russia)
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Best Coworking Spaces in Moscow (Russia)

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

The business model of shared economy workspaces is well established around the world and in Russia in particular. The days when coworking spaces have been started as non-profit initiatives are gone. Modern workspaces become profitable in 2 years after launch on average.

Basically, coworking operators get profit from the tenants' payments, various events, as well as additional services such as meals for residents, accounting, legal, and other services.

The first Russian coworking "Tower" was opened in Yekaterinburg in 2008. Soon more coworking spaces appeared in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kirov, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Tolyatti, and other big cities. At the moment, there are more than 100 coworking spaces in Moscow.

According to the research curated by Cushman & Wakefield, in the first quarter of 2019, there were more than 100 coworking spaces in Moscow. BTW, 90% of all flexible spaces in Russia are located in Moscow.

According to the survey conducted by JLL, in the next few years, the annual growth of the coworking segment in Moscow is expected to equal 30-40%.

~ Forbes

Moscow's flexible spaces surprise tenants and residents with their futuristic designs, special atmosphere, innovative technologies, and a wide range of additional services. You can see it for yourself right now. This showcase includes 19 best Moscow workplaces with photos and short descriptions.

Top 19 Workspaces in Moscow


MANUFAQTURY coworking space Moscow

Office spaces MANUFAQTURY are designed to meet the needs with the needs of millennials, which are the main workforce of today. The spaces are designed to combine a creative and working environment, take into account all everyday needs, promote corporate culture, develop employees' skills, and support corporate brand values.

MANUFAQTURY workspace is equipped with the intelligent facial recognition security system FACE RECOGNITION, which helps to enhance the security of spaces, control visitors, and provide access to the premises 24/7.

#2. Collider

Collider coworking space Moscow

Collider is a 2700 m2 workspace where new products and companies are created. It is a very spacious coworking, 10 m2 for each resident. In addition to the usual meeting rooms, there is also a dark room and mini-meeting rooms.

Collider has a lot of cozy sofas and a whole amphitheater if you want to change the work environment. Lots of parking spaces in the parking lot. You can order a tasty cocktail in the bar, celebrate the deal, and arrange a conference for your product in the event-hall.


CEO ROOMS flexible workspace Moscow

CEO Rooms is a network of smart offices and business class coworking spaces for small and medium businesses located in the best office centers of Moscow.

A variety of work areas facilitates productivity. The favorable locations of the coworking spaces allow you to focus on current projects without distracting to settling logistical issues.

The CEO Rooms are designed so that residents can easily get to know each other and cooperate, while at the same time allowing them to work in peace and privacy in cubes and meeting rooms.

Smart offices give the possibility to separate departments or executive staff within a company.

#4. Sreda

Sreda coworking space Moscow

Coworking SREDA is located in the prestigious "Moscow City" area on the 19th floor of the Federation-East Tower. It provides 2500 sq.m. area, 200 workplaces. If you need a separate office, you can rent it on the 20th floor of the Federation-East Tower.

SREDA is one of the market leaders by the amount of space per person. Sspace is conveniently zoned and includes the most diverse set of functions: rooms with different layouts, Skype-rooms, meeting rooms, lounge areas, event halls, coffee-points, and others.

#5. Work’n’Soda

Work’n’Soda flexible workspace Moscow

Work'n'Soda is a workspace of 1700 sq.m/285 workplaces located in the center of Moscow (Sukharevskaya m.). Ideal for freelancers and small teams. The peculiarity of coworking is that you can craft a personal pricing plan and not pay extra money for services that are not required at the moment. You can add them as your business develops, which will save you some funds.

Work’n’Soda amenities:

  • 5 meeting rooms
  • 3 skype rooms
  • 26 offices for 4-40 workstations
  • 3 event spaces
  • 76 separate workstations
  • spacious lounges, kitchens, sleep-boxes, and other services

#6. UpShifter

UpShifter flexible workspace Moscow

UpShifter is more than 1300m2 of ready-for-work workspace located on 5 floors. Coworking is designed for entrepreneurs who have sacrificed standard office hours and place to increase their income and work on more complex and interesting projects.

UpShifter is equipped with modern technics, provides high-speed Wi-Fi (5hhz ) and Ethernet, color printers with auto-feed scanning, and more. During short breaks, you can organize a ping-pong championship, play X-Box, Playstation, table football, and hockey, drink freshly ground coffee in the kitchenette, and share a couple of new ideas with other residents.

#7. Coworking NIK

Coworking NIK flexible workspace Moscow

Coworking NIK is a platform for young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups where they can work and communicate. At the moment, 2 locations are opened in Moscow: in BC "Park Legends", Avtozavodskaya metro station and BC "Gallery 76", Kaluzhskaya.

Every Friday residents of the Coworking NIK play Mafia, communicate and share their ideas and successes. Every month community managers invite experts for masterclasses and training, so you can not only work in the coworking but also learn something new and even relax.

You can arrange a meeting with a partner or interview a new employee in stylish meeting rooms equipped with a flip chart, a large screen TV with Internet access, multi-functional equipment, and a stock of tea and coffee.

The open-space area offers a large work desk, comfortable chair, uninterruptible power supply for devices, MFPs, document storage boxes, recreation area, and dining area for each resident.

#8. The Key Space

the Key coworking space Moscow

The Key is the largest operator of flexible office spaces in Russia (36 300 m2). It offers ready-made solutions for business: service offices, coworkings, and headquarters in business areas, historical buildings, and famous Moscow mansions.

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The Key can boast multiple nominations and awards:

  • Award in the "Best Design and Architectural Solution" category (The Key Kuznetsky Bridge) and others.

    The Key also handles spaces and buildings revitalization tasks.

    The main products of The Key Space are ready-made offices, turnkey offices, coworkings, meeting rooms, events, and shooting sites.

    The first tech hub and bar called "The Key" was opened in St. Petersburg. Since then, the brand has done a serious job developing into a mega network of coworkings and flexible offices.

#9. CheckPoint

CheckPoint flexible workspace Moscow

CheckPoint anti-café and coworking space has 2 locations in Moscow (Myasnitskaya and Lubyanka) within 3 minutes walk from the subway. Both branches offer 5 halls that can be used as meeting rooms. There are no fixed places in the coworking, so some residents change their location during the day. For example, in the morning, they work in one hall and in the afternoon in the other. Perhaps, members like to move because of the atmosphere in different halls. For example, there are 16 halls on Myasnitskaya.

Distinctive features of CheckPoint coworkings are less formal atmosphere and extremely flexible prices. You can come and take your seat for only one hour and pay 179r. and then 2r./minute. You can buy a daytime subscription for 550r. or unlimited monthly subscription for 8000r. and work round the clock.

#10. RED Factory

RED Factory flexible workspace Moscow

Red Factory is located next to the metro station Shabolovskaya in the old district of Moscow which is not only prestigious because of its proximity to the center but also convenient as you can easily get to the coworking, park your car right in front of the entrance, and even jog in the park nearby.

The coworking center definitely meets the requirements of its residents. Here are some of its advantages: free use of meeting rooms by residents, magnificent view on the Don monastery from the windows. And a standard set of services — high-speed Internet, coffee-point, kitchen-dining room, reception.

Coworking specializes in running various events using the great possibilities of the multimedia hall with professional lighting and acoustic equipment and several adjoining conference rooms. Separate quiet offices are located in a neighboring building, which is a definite plus in terms of soundproofing.

#11. Delovoy

Delovoy office center Moscow

Delovoy provides 4 locations in Moscow. Each of them offers isolated closed offices for 1-13 employees for companies.

All offices are equipped with furniture and unlimited internet. Daily cleaning, security, access control system, use of the cooler, legal address, and secretary services (guests meeting, correspondence receiving) are included in the price. Also, you can order the services of a courier, IT, lawyer, HR, receiving calls, rent a meeting room.

In addition to renting offices, the office centers offer meeting rooms/training rooms and a "Virtual Office" service.


START HUB flexible workspace Moscow

Coworking START HUB is a workspace in Moscow that combines ready-made offices, comfortable workstations, and meeting rooms. It is located in the design quarter Vial in Moscow, in 5 minutes from m. Dmitrovskaya.

The office center also offers a range of additional financial and legal services for businesses. Here you can not only work in comfort but also visit a beauty salon, work out in a fitness club, and have lunch in a restaurant.

START HUB uses advanced technologies such as workspace application. This makes tenants' lives even easier and more comfortable. After all, with this mobile app, you can book meeting rooms and order all available services directly from your smartphone.

#13. Bely List

Bely list coworking space Moscow

Bely List workspace is located 300 meters from Dobryninskaya metro and offers 11 rooms and 2 large halls for events and meetings.

Residents of the coworking space enjoy a friendly and creative atmosphere. It is a place where you can relax and work productively, as well as learn something new or find your own club of interest.

There is a coffee and tea bar in Bely List where the barista will serve various coffee drinks, as well as help to choose among a variety of leaf tea.

Online "Bely List" coworking was recently launched. It is a smart telegram-bot that sets the time structure (50 work minutes + 10 rest minutes), and also allows to work close to other residents.

#14. Architectural Coworking

Arch coworking space Moscow

Architectural Coworking is a platform for the youth association of Moscow Architects Union. Space is located in the historical center of Moscow (CDA, Granatny Lane). Architects, designers, and engineers will find all necessary technical and informational resources for development, including the community of professionals here.

Coworking is equipped with everything you need for a successful start of the office or studio. There are spaces for negotiations and a spacious conference room. Free tea and coffee.

The workspace is one of the most promising places for young architects in Moscow. A huge number of issues can be solved here. Young architects can get not only professional help but also curation in communication with customers or colleagues based on the Code of Professional Ethics.

Masterclasses and lectures are held at Architectural Coworking every week.

#15. Kalibr

Kalibr coworking space Moscow

Kalibr follows the technopark business model. Such kind of space can function only if it provides services that have no material equivalent. For instance, assistance in project teams placement, co-organization of professional seminars, workshops, conferences and forums, consulting services helping to access state support programs, and so on.

Technopark is one of the drivers of innovative economic development in the city where startups, manufacturing companies, and specialists engaged in the creative industries sector are united.

Residents of coworking who work 24 hours a day on business projects in the field of additive technologies, autonomous vehicles, IT, media technologies, etc., have the opportunity to scale up businesses by participating in partner programs of the enterprise and become full-fledged residents of the technopark.

#16. Coworking OAK Botanika24

Coworking space ОАК Botanika24 Moscow

Coworking OAK Botanika24 is a unique modern business space that occupies more than 2600 m2. There are more than 400 equipped workplaces (offices, open-space, hot-desk), 6 meeting rooms, a spacious conference hall — everything for productive work and successful business.

There are 15 lounge zones with sofas, poufs, swings, 2 dining areas, billiards, air hockey, table tennis for recovery, and coffee breaks at the coworking space.

Each location at OAK Botanika24 coworking has its own interior style. As a rule, residents note stylish designer meeting rooms, where they can carry out internal meetings as well as image meetings with clients and partners. For example, one day you can gather on the terrace overlooking the "Alps", and another day you can find yourself in the "Jungle" among the lianas.

The business center has a well-developed infrastructure:

  • secure parking for 150 cars,
  • the shops,
  • 2 dining rooms,
  • a beauty salon,
  • a coffee point.

Residents of the coworking OAK Botanika24 also have access to the services of United Outsourcing Company (UOC): accounting and legal support, call-center, recruitment, web-development, advertising and PR, etc. Professionals that maintain these areas are OAK employees, which means they are available almost immediately. Accordingly, many business tasks can be solved very quickly.

#17. Coworking on Rizhskaya

Coworking space on Rizhskaya Moscow

Coworking on Rizhskaya offers visitors comfortable accommodations for individual visitors and teams. Coworking has all the necessary equipment for presentations and working with documents.

The coworking premises are equipped with independent climatic units. This allows to individually adjust the temperature in each room according to visitors' preferences.

There is a kitchen equipped with appliances for storing, warming food, and making tea and coffee. The administration of the coworking carefully selects the varieties of tea and coffee to make the coffee break more enjoyable and memorable. There is a separate parking lot near the entrance of the workspace.

There are 33 workplaces in Coworking on Rizhskaya which can be freely accessed or fixed, 2 aquarium type meeting rooms, and 2 separate offices.

Distinctive features of the coworking space are:

  1. Universal "subscriptions" and classic "subscription plans". This allows each client to choose a set of services individually.
  2. Parking in front of the entrance.
  3. Possibility of logging staff's working time with the provision of a unified form N-12T.
  4. Seasonal and individual offers.

#18. Rumary

Coworking space on Rizhskaya Moscow

Rumary is an ergonomic mid-century business space for women and real men. The space of 420 m2 has been thought out in detail: flexible open space workstations, mini-offices, a variety of coworking membership subscription plans, unusual meeting rooms and cozy rooms for personal consultations, and rent subscriptions.

In Rumary you can hold your own event or take part in the workspace's event, such as networking sessions, psychological games, bachelorette parties, lectures and seminars, training sessions, business camp, and many more. Everyone will find a format to suit their taste. The space is suitable for holding any event from 2x to 100 people.

And if you want to rest and fresh up, Rumary offers: training with certified fitness and fitboxing coaches, showers, a kitchen with fine coffee, tea and detox drinks, as well as beauty salon services - manicure and pedicure, haircuts, styling, dyeing and hair care, make-up, eyebrow correction and coloring.

  • Rumary provides various services:

    • administrator services,
    • legal address,
    • the possibility of registering a legal entity without leaving a workspace,
    • accounting and legal support,
    • startup consulting
    • and even taking apart the wardrobe.

#19. Smartrum

Smart Offices Smartrum - shared workspace

SmartRum company offers comfortable offices in BE "Rumyantsevo", in a walking distance from metro Rumyantsevo and 700 meters from MCA Dapo Kiev highway. At the business park territory, there is a large number of cultural institutions, shops, restaurants, and food courts, beauty salons, banks, etc.

SmartRum offers furnished offices for the required number of workplaces, with internet access and utilities already included in the rental price. There are offices both for one person - from 5 sq.m., and for large companies, as well as back offices of up to 200 sq.m.

  • Well thought out cozy common areas: kitchen with appliances, tea and coffee beans.
  • Meeting rooms as well as a lounge area for communication and exchange of experience.

In addition, you will have 24-hour access with permanent pass, free parking next to the building, 24-hour security and video surveillance.

SmartRum offers not just offices for rent, but space to come back to. It will be comfortable not only for established businessmen, but also for freelancers, creators and beginners. SmartRum is your comfortable office, which will help you focus on business and not on everyday tasks.

I hope you're impressed with what you've seen. Of course, our list of Moscow flexible spaces is far from being comprehensive and there is probably something left behind.

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