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Coworking Spaces for Parents: Tips for Child-friendly Environments
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Coworking Spaces for Parents: Tips for Child-friendly Environments

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

Being a working mom myself, I have experienced all the happy moments as well as the challenges of building a career while raising a kid. I am sure most parents will agree that family growth moves professional ambitions to the background.

But not all moms can afford or choose to quit their jobs.

According to theU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 69.1% of families with children under the age of 18 had a working mother, with 4.7% of those mothers the breadwinner in 2019. By 2020, a mother’s participation in the workforce had dropped just slightly to 65.9%. However, 6.1% of mothers were breadwinners.

However, working in a traditional office with a rigid schedule can hardly be called the best solution for parents who don't want to miss a thing of their offspring's growth. Taking a kid to the office is not allowed. Daycare facilities are rather expensive, what's more, some toddlers suffer from stress when they have to part with their mom.

Family coworking spaces let caring parents balance their work and life, keep strong bonds with their youngsters, and build a career. So, if you are thinking about opening a child-friendly coworking location as the next milestone in the development of your business, read on to get some guidance and inspiration.

Coworking Spaces with Childcare

Kids-friendly coworking spaces are taking the flexible workspace culture to the next level. They preserve the best components of a conventional coworking hub supplementing it with a childcare aspect. Childcare may vary in different coworking spaces. Some may offer traditional daycare model, babysitting, and so on.

Anyway, child-friendly coworking spaces give freelancers and entrepreneurs a great opportunity to achieve their dream work-life balance.

The main child-friendly coworking spaces' benefits are

  • The community of like-minded members sharing similar interests and issues and the possibility to engage in work while kids are taken care of by professional babysitters and teachers.
  • Safe environment for parents where they can work productively while their kids are happy playing and learning nearby.

Special Amenities at Child-friendly Coworking Spaces

kids in superhero costumes at a child-friendly coworking space

It goes without saying that a child-friendly coworking space should have some specific facilities that differentiate it from a traditional coworking space. Here is a brief recap of them:

  • fresh and tasty meals,
  • varied healthy beverages,
  • unique design appealing to both kids and parents,
  • skillful nannies,
  • well-equipped playgrounds,
  • special software to watch the kids,
  • access control system,
  • professional business development courses,
  • fitness and yoga classes,
  • treadmill desks,
  • ping-pong tables,
  • climbing walls,
  • dog parks,
  • wellness rooms where members can relax and take a nap during the day,
  • lactation rooms.

Tips for Family-friendly Coworking Space Owners

If you are thinking of making your existing coworking space kid-friendly, or opening a brand-new location offering babysitting, here are some essentials to consider.

  • Create a detailed business plan. Research the competition, local pricing policy for the same services, and of course the demand. You need to have solid documentation, specification, and marketing strategy to show your bank/investors and get financial support.
  • Coworking with children may have many forms. Choose the one you want to stick to. Are you going to let kids into the workroom? Maybe it's better to separate playgrounds and hire babysitters? Some thriving coworking spaces for parents provide areas where parents and children can spend some time together during the day. Please note that each room in a child-friendly coworking space should have its rules.
  • Running a child-friendly coworking space involves lots of legal and insurance liabilities. There is no one-size-fits-all advice here as those requirements vary even within municipalities. Depending on the kids' ages, you must hire staff with different qualifications and design your rooms taking into account very specific features. Some locations require additional licenses. One thing that is common for all coworking spaces with daycare is that it must comply with the highest hygiene standards.

The operators of family coworking spaces name the safety of kids as the highest priority. You must restrict access to unauthorized people. Code-secure doors, safeguards, and cameras allow spotting a stranger as soon as they try to enter the space. You should also think about how to enable parents to watch their kids from their smartphones or computer monitors.

In app door unlock on andcards coworking space software

In-app door unlock on andcards coworking space software

  • A key to the success of any coworking space with daycare is parents' confidence that their kids are happy and secure. Only then moms and dads can relax, concentrate on their work and be productive. In other words, you must meet all major parents' requirements to get decent revenue. Be ready for the dialogues with members and constant service adaptation.
  • While parents value coworking spaces for their flexibility, irregular hours are not suitable for their kids. The nursery at your facility should maintain certain routines for children — fixed hours for meals, gaming, and educational activities (as a bare minimum). Scheduled rituals help kids better orient themselves in their daily lifecycles. Not all children feel comfortable in the coworking space at once, adaptation takes some time. Sometimes parents' proximity even prolongs this period. Though, as a rule, having parents under the same roof is a benefit that takes away most of the worries, especially when adults trust caregivers and don't panic if they hear their baby crying.
  • This point is obvious, actually, it flows out of the previous one — all your staff must be well-trained, reliable, and highly skilled.
  • One more essential point is setting the proper pricing. You can offer pay-as-you-go pricing and monthly rates, give discounts to members using coworking and child facilities regularly, price kindergarten and coworking space separately and altogether to work out an irresistible package for each member.
  • Mompreneurs (mothers taking care of children and starting small businesses) are growing in numbers, so I advise you to study the needs of this part of the business community. If you decide to target this demographic, you will have to combine your coworking space with childcare facilities.
  • Beware of the pitfall when one side of your family coworking business overtakes the other. You should keep the balance between coworking and nursery to succeed. Try to establish an active exchange between coworking and daycare. Encourage parents to participate in children's events, carry out workshops on education topics, celebrate kids' birthdays and holidays together.

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The Best Child-friendly Coworking Spaces from All Over the Globe

You already know a lot of details on running a family coworking business. It's time to get some inspiration from others' success stories. In this section, I am going to feature some of the coworking spaces with daycare located all over the globe.

1. Big and Tiny

This child-friendly coworking space has two studios — Santa Monica and Silver Lake (Los Angeles.)

Big and Tiny is a unique space for families that caters community’s entire way of living: social, educational, professional and wellness. It's a place to create, learn, meet, play, work, unwind and interact. The spaces are mindfully designed so you can work in the front with easy access to the play area or head to the quiet area at the back when you need more focus.

Big and Tiny child-friendly coworking space

2. Fandory Factory

Fandory Factory is a family-friendly workspace with full business services located in San Diego. It offers the ultimate workspace for working parents and a play space for their kids.

Office space is available just for a few hours or a few months. They offer different packages to satisfy different business needs, for those with and without kids from a desk space and mailing address for a business to fully-equipped offices.

Workspace's kid-size town offers visitors of all ages the chance to play like a kid and use their imagination. Parents can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching their kids enjoy a shopping trip at the market house, cook a meal in the kitchen, or play on the slides of the treehouse.

Fandory Factory is a women-owned business who understands the struggles of balancing home and work. They help to balance the two creating a networking community for Freelancers - Part-timers - Work from Homers - Moms & Dads & their Kids.

Fandory Factory child-friendly coworking space

3. The Workaround

This parent-friendly workspace is located in Toronto, Canada. Workaround aims to provide a friction-free experience that takes the struggle out of parents' working days. They provide same-day, hourly high-quality childcare along with part-time and full-day options while parents work onsite. Their early education program is built and managed by Registered Early Childhood Educators whose goal is to expand early childhood education to more families without the high cost.

The Workaround child-friendly coworking space

4. Third Door Coworking & Nursery

This coworking with daycare is located in London, UK. The Third Door coworking space is a fully equipped, modern and bright workspace for parents and non-parents alike. They bring together a collaborative community of working parents and passionate childcare professionals, who believe that work and family can grow together.

Third Door Coworking & Nursery child-friendly coworking space

5. Two Birds

Two Birds is a coworking space in Washington, DC. It was founded by two working parents. Their mission is to serve a community of parents who need quality childcare that aligns with their professional schedules. In addition to regular coworking space amenities, Two Birds provide a nursing lounge to bond with your baby and chat with other moms, a pump room for privacy when desired, infant, toddler, and pre-k childcare, as well as parent workshops and baby enrichment classes.

Two Birds child-friendly coworking space

6. Second Home

Second Home is a coworking network with six branches (Lisbon, London, and Los Angeles.) Lisbon and London Fields locations are family-friendly and offer an onsite nursery for members with kids. The workspaces are full of plants and natural light, which creates a special atmosphere of coworking with the soul.

Second Home child-friendly coworking space

7. Brella

Brella daycare and coworking center is located in Los Angeles, California. Parents don’t have to stay at Brella, but if they do, they can enjoy their supportive amenities and offerings, including workspace and curated wellness, education, and family classes. If you feel like taking a breather, catching up with a friend, or even changing the world, make a booking via the Brella app, drop off your kid (3 months old to 6 years old) and go ahead.

Brella child-friendly coworking space

8. HackerMoms

HackerMoms is the first-ever women’s creative life lab for mothers located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California. HackerMoms is founded on the idea that mothers need a creative outlet and a safe environment of encouragement, stimulation, support, and permission to explore new ideas. HackerMoms is like a mythical village that raises the child and the mother together. This is a moms' rescue for lost creative lives and selves put on hold, a place where moms come to have fun.

HackerMoms child-friendly coworking space

9. Nido

Nido is a coworking center with childcare in Durham, NC, United States. This is a workspace where parents are accepted for who they are while their children receive quality care. Their preschool program is intentionally small serving ages from 6 months to 6 years. Nido maintains optimal teacher:child ratios to ensure a truly personalized program for every child.

Nido child-friendly coworking space

10. The Inc.

The Inc. is a coworking community and playschool located in Seattle, Washington. The workspace's mission is to achieve gender equity in entrepreneurship, in the workplace and at home. They provide community-driven, neighborhood-centric workspaces that meet the needs for more affordable, flexible childcare options and welcoming, child-friendly spaces where parents can work and children can play.

The Inc. child-friendly coworking space

11. Coggeshall Club

Coggeshall Club includes workspace, childcare, and fitness. The coworking center is located in Middletown, Connecticut. Coggeshall Club has been designed to be more cost-effective than separate childcare, fitness, and coworking memberships. They put them under one roof, to combine life’s missions in one beautiful location.

Coggeshall Club child-friendly coworking space

Your Turn

I guess it's time to roll up my narration. Hope the info was useful. Then, don't forget to tell your friends on socials about the blog post you have just read!

Do you know any child-friendly coworking space that should be on the list? Get in touch with our editorial team at blog@andcards.com!

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