Best Coworking Events to Build Community at Your Workspace
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Best Coworking Events to Build Community at Your Workspace

Helga Moreno

Coworking space events give us great opportunities for building a community which a farsighted operator will never miss as entrepreneurs come for space but stay for people.

Investing in a positive brand image, the emotional component, creation of an atmosphere of collaboration and support is the most efficient tactic of growing your coworking business.

We know that sometimes it may be challenging to engage the community members in relationships strengthening networking events at the coworking space. Some people are too shy by nature, some are busy or maybe not interested in the things you offer.

Good news, we are here to help and supply you with bags of coworking events ideas, a real-life example of a coworking space-themed event, and an interactive quiz that will identify which workspace events resonate with your unique community.

Types of Coworking Events

For your convenience, we can break events at coworking spaces by type. Looking at those types it will be easier for you to pick out the ones that match you the most at a given moment.

  • Coworking space community events for existing members. Examples: happy hours, lunch-and-learns, day trips, purposeful networking & breaks, family events, member wall, invited speaker, book club, bike to work.
  • Coworking space events for prospective members. Examples: shadowing, training, yoga classes, meetups, happy hours, lunch parties.
  • Coworking community events. Examples: networking with other spaces, gift exchange, sharing ideas for workplace improvement, blood drive & charity events, wellness activities like yoga, pilates or stretching, co-cooking, after-work & night events, contests.

Coworking App & Secret Santa (Technology Backed up Event)

Some coworking community events have a seasonal nature. Our short Christmas story is about one of our customers' experience demonstrating an innovative approach to building a community with the help of coworking software.

Traditionally, Christmas is about gifts, joy, Santa Claus, funny elves, and miracles. Do you think your members consider all this stuff old-school? Then you just need to be creative and implement modern techniques like these guys.

A Rebranded Workspace Benefit

We at andcards believe that success comes only to those coworking spaces that have the right focus and values. They are a superb member experience and an irreproachable brand image. We tried our best to come up with a coworking software solution that facilitates achieving both.

To cut a long story short, flexible workspace managers used our member benefits feature for their "Secret Santa" holiday activity.

Benefits catalog  andcards coworking app

  1. They added a new perk to the "Celebrations" category in their benefits catalog.
  2. Wrote a festive text encouraging secret Santas, and posted a beautiful image.
  3. Then they spread the word about a new Christmas benefit via Stream, which is a communication tool for members inside the coworking app, and invited residents to apply for the benefit.

After filling the application form, a newly recruited secret Santa gets a message to their email box notifying about successful registration and informing that soon they will know the name of the person to give a present to.

Here comes the community manager's turn again. To get the info about secret Santas and match them, they use The resource handles the info and sends matches to secret Santas' emails. When Santa gets their match, they bring their gift and leave it at the reception waiting for delivery.

Cute, isn't it? Just think how many happy moments will be associated with your coworking brand if you do something similar. Yet, this is not the only profit for your business.

  1. There is no other way to apply for "Secret Santa benefit", a member can do it only via coworking software, which adds value to the membership and allows to collect residents' emails.
  2. Only residents of the coworking space can apply for the benefit, which makes them feel special and involved.
  3. There will be no duplicates as each member can apply only once (for this particular benefit.)

More Ideas for Coworking Events 2021

Man & woman launching paper light

Want more ideas for coworking space community events? Take a look at the list below, I am sure there are enough items to fill your calendar for the next year. Please note that almost every coworking community event featured below can be carried out both online and in the physical environment.

  1. Hackathon/hack day/hackfest/codefest — a trendy activity for geek communities. Gather your programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and domain experts and let them collaborate on fun software projects.
  2. Music band/chorus — for many businessmen music is a perfect antistress. Be it a rock band or jazz band, the main thing is that the musicians will work together to perform music.
  3. Mentors catalog — a reference guide for regular experts at your coworking space is an elegant way to add prestige to your space. Add all mentors' certificates to interest members in attending classes given by mentors even more.
  4. Cooking workshop — members will appreciate your contribution to their healthy nutrition. Learning to cook together is a great way to discover new recipes and culinary concepts, eat delicious food, and share good moments.
  5. Thematic meals/weekly morning breakfasts/happy hours — a perfect time for relaxed talks, sharing stories, ideas, and projects. Invite members for a new member breakfast, beer Friday, or entrepreneur lunch.
  6. Demo days — meetings or calls to communicate changes or developments to members. Introduce a new workspace technology during the demo day, let startups showcase their businesses or engineers tell about the newly discovered libraries and tools. Whatever you demonstrate, it helps to know each other better.
  7. Afterwork activities — friendly conversations with a beer in hand, that's where collaborative projects arise. You can also offer body balance after work sessions, language, calligraphy lessons, boat cruises, or even kitesurfing if the location of your workspace is favorable for such activities.
  8. Wine & work — those who don't like beer and football will probably enjoy attending more serious events, like formal presentations, where they can have a glass of wine instead. Besides, a glass of wine once a week is good for heart health, especially if your members exercise regularly.
  9. Training & classes — educational events allow to acquire new knowledge and strengthen members' relationships. Turn some of your facilities into classrooms of the future where members can master new skills while developing the collaborative mindset.
  10. Nonprofit — invite a non-profit organization to tell about their project. Such initiatives usually result in collaborative synergies. Let your members participate in charity projects and acquire a higher mission.
  11. Associations with local business communities — the spaces that manage to make joint associations with their neighbors end up forging relationships that span entire neighborhoods.
  12. Guest speakers — hosting conferences and inviting niche influencers is an effective way to keep everyone up to date without even leaving your workspace.
  13. Fuck up nights — inviting entrepreneurs to share their failures let startups learn from other's mistakes, which is not so painful and expensive.
  14. Free days — open days and guided tours for new coworkers, prospectives, or suppliers. Grow your community and increase noob engagement with the activity.
  15. PechaKucha night — a fun and informal gathering where speakers are sharing 20 images, and given 20 seconds to present each slide. As audiences get a large number of inspiring ideas in a very short amount of time, your coworking space will be the first stop for people who would like to discover new ideas and innovations.
  16. Pitch practice — an awesome meetup to help entrepreneurs practice their short pitches and diminish the fear of public failure.
  17. Launch parties — throw a launch party when your members launch new products, which is a good chance for members to celebrate one another’s success and increase their exposure in the local community.
  18. Group runs/workout sessions/yoga — invite a coach to organize weekly sports activities for members. Exercising together facilitates networking and breaks the ice between members.
  19. Game nights — invite workspace members with families and friends for a board game night, say once a month. Coworkers will get a good chance to know one another better, and you will earn some money collecting small fees from non-members and attract some prospects.
  20. Fun breaks — every coworking space has fun zones where members can play ping pong, Foosball, and video games. They gather crowds as a rule. You can arrange tournaments to make members' breaks even more exciting.
  21. Day trips — a flexible workspace offers much more comfort and variety to members than a traditional office. Nevertheless, businessmen still need a change of scenery. Arrange a day trip at group rates for your members. Plan lots of activities that will make people interact with one another.
  22. Speed business dating — just like with romantic speed dating, members have only a few minutes to exchange business details. This is a great opportunity to network with multiple coworkers at a limited time. Besides, you can make the event open and attract prospective customers to your workspace.
  23. DIY workshops — doing something with your own hands can be very relaxing, especially if we are talking about skills that are new to members. It's much easier to start a conversation when there is no pressure, and you are here just for fun, not to network or socialize.

Which Coworking Event Is Best for Your Space? — Fun Interactive Quiz

You are probably a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of coworking space events for consideration. Start small, let's sort it out with the help of the interactive quiz below. Get to know which event to schedule at your coworking space next.

Which Coworking Event Is Best for Your Space? — Fun Interactive Quiz

Wind up

Being a wise coworking space operator, you surely constantly work on improving all the essential success metrics. By hosting a variety of live and online networking events at the coworking space you will gradually enhance the community behind it. Keep a balance of coworking events targeted at the existing and prospective members and you will observe the constant audience and business growth.

Tailor your coworking space community events to fit your members' interests and notify them about the upcoming gatherings via the branded coworking software.

Liked our list of activities? Feel free to let your friends know about it on socials!

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