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Halloween 2022: How to Create a Spooky Mood at Your Coworking Space

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Halloween 2022: How to Create a Spooky Mood at Your Coworking Space

It doesn't matter how old are you, most of us love Halloween. Traditionally All Hallows Eve is associated with orange and black, pumpkin grins, dreadful costumes, fests, carnivals, parties, frightful treats, sweet candies, in a word—lots of fun.

I love that in celebrating Halloween, we can get lost in the magic of make-believe and fantasy no matter what age we are!Natalya Neidhart

Are you going to miss all this cheer in your coworking space? No way! Let your members enjoy one of the greatest perks of remote work, freedom, and the informal atmosphere of your flexible workspace. If you are struggling to build community and friendship, and encourage collaboration within your space, Halloween 2022 is your chance.

Let your members feel themselves a part of something bigger than just freelancers coming for a desk and maintain relationships. This way you will increase retention and loyalty, and grow the coworking community along the way.

Continue reading and you will find a lot of winning ideas for organizing a terrific Halloween party at your coworking space.

Why Celebrating Halloween at a Coworking Space

While you are trying to figure out whether to organize a happy Halloween party at your coworking space and how your business and members can benefit from it, I'll give you some reasons for turning the building into a haunted house for a few days.

  • You can impart the event a bigger sense. Some coworking spaces do efficient fundraising during such holidays and donate those funds to charity organizations later. I am sure your members will be happy to support this initiative. In the end, all of you will feel great because you help those who are in need altogether.
  • It's difficult for grown-up people to make friends. Yet, the coworking experience becomes really cool when you can just turn to a person sitting at the next desk and tell them a joke, laugh together, etc. Coworking Halloween will help members to know each other better and feel at ease when they meet next time.
  • Show members the other side of your brand. This is the time when you don't need to be serious. Be creative and give members topics to discuss on socials. Refer to murder, gore, and evil spirits creating your holiday emails, press releases, social media posts, whatever. This is the only day when you can get away with this.

Halloween After-Life Party🎃👻

Until Death Do Us Party

Malicious Disco

Past the Grave Rave

Apparition Prom

Apparition’s Aperitif

Dracula Spectacula🦇

Zombie Twist

Goblin’s Spirit in a Bottle

Monsters with Margarita🕷️

Wicked Witches Wing-ding

Vampires and Campfires

Killer Thriller

Voodoo Vibes! 😈

Bloodbath and Barbecue

  • Ask your members to contribute ideas for your coworking Halloween party 2022 or even help with preparations. Group planning makes people more committed to the event. Involve members in the process. Even a simple poll maker where you ask them how they want to celebrate coworking Halloween will help to establish connections and meet community expectations.

It's not necessary to invent something totally new to amaze your members. You can use time-tested approaches.

Here is a brief list of events you can host at your coworking space

  1. Transform one of your meeting rooms into a movie theatre and invite members for a horror movie. Animated movies that include famous voice actors are a great option for a movie night. Don't forget about popcorn, drinks, and candy.
  2. Coworking members are usually geeks loving computer games. There is no lack of bloody zombie shooters, isn't it? You can recruit your local desperados for a night fight mission aimed to clear the city from rotten.
  3. Carry out a competition of villain costumes. Make your members internet celebs featuring their pics on your resource and letting the community vote for the most ghastly ones.
  4. Organize a pumpkin carving contest to fill the workspace with a sweet pumpkin smell and ensure that everyone feels involved and connected together.
  5. Run a contest for the most Halloween-friendly workstation. Let members unleash their creativity, get acquainted with people they still don’t know, and win a prize. 
  6. Set up a photo booth with Halloween-themed accessories inside. This is an awesome interactive activity for a coworking party. When people come together with neon wigs and vampire's teeth, that puts it over the top.
  7. Encourage members to bring treats—or have goodies like chocolate cake or soft pretzels catered. Everyone can go around the space from desk to desk trick-or-treating. This takes people all over the workspace and lets them interact.
  8. Involve members in solving a murder mystery. Once everyone starts using their brainpower to solve a murder mystery, you’ll discover that a fun coworking Halloween party can truly bring people together. Your residents will enjoy the thrill of playing Sherlock Holmes.

Tips on Organizing a Coworking Halloween Party

Here I included some guides to follow if you want to make your coworking party memorable for members.

  • Everything starts with a guest list. This is important as not all of your members will come. Some prefer to celebrate at home or need to take kids to trick or treat. Include only members who confirmed their participation and cater snacks and beverages accordingly.
  • Take care of Halloween-themed food. You can call the snacks creatively: Frog skulls, Spider legs, Fingers of the dead, Witchy brew, etc. Remember of those who don't eat meat and don't drink alcohol, serve vegetarian snacks and non-alcohol drinks.

Halloween Bites - snacks for festive treats at a coworking space

Halloween Snacks and Drinks Ideas

  • Decorate your hub properly. Halloween is one of the holidays that are impossible without spooky decorations. Your space must look like a haunted house with spider webs, Jack-o-lanterns, bats, candles, broomsticks, and so on. Horrifying desktop wallpapers and blood-freezing music in the background will add a final touch to your space transformation.

Halloween decorations for coworking space

  • Encourage members to wear killing costumes and makeup as you are building the space especially for vampires, demons, witches, goblins, werewolves, and other undead.
  • Involve members that don't come to the party as well. Your coworking Halloween is for everyone. Some members are shy to come to the party, some simply can't come because of other essential business, however, they can participate in the online competitions. For instance: "The most mysterious story that happened in my life."
  • For members having kids you can arrange a day-time fun "Bring your kid to work on Halloween."
  • Set up good communication. Of course, coordinating events like your Halloween party requires information sharing. The best way to send mass emails, then reminders and notifications is through your coworking management system that provides community newsfeed and is integrated with your favorite email services, like Mailchimp.

Enjoy the ease of use and management of your coworking or flex space with the andcards app.

Shivering Halloween Playlists

I have already mentioned that you need harrowing sounds to create a sinister atmosphere at your coworking crypt. You can use my Halloween music collections listed below and save some time for cutting out the bats.

  1. A Celtic Halloween
  2. Halloween at Disneyland — Fairytale Ambience & Music
  3. HALLOWEEN EDM PARTY MIX 2022 - Best Electro House Remixes of Popular Songs
  4. Medieval Halloween Music – Spooky Villages
  5. Harry Potter Music & Ambience | Rainy Night at Hogwarts
  6. Halloween Music Instrumental Fireplace - Halloween Ambience Background - Spooky Music
  7. Dark Ambience - Horror Background Music 10 Hours

Top 5 Horror Movies That Will Make Your Members Huddle Together

Decided to follow my advice and fright your guests with movies? Here are my top 5 newest horrors that you might want to include in your spine-chilling collection.


During the bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveal mysterious powers. But what starts out innocent soon takes a dark and violent turn in this gripping supernatural thriller.


Set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago, "Prey" is the story of a young woman, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled warrior. She has been raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains, so when danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect her people. The prey she stalks, and ultimately confronts, turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal, resulting in a vicious and terrifying showdown between the two adversaries.


Cecilia and Emma were tween-age BFFs who were going to grow old together and never let anything come between them, until Alex arrived on the scene. Twelve years later, Cecilia is a successful social media influencer living the dream of an independent, modern millennial woman... until she runs into Emma for the first time in over a decade. Emma invites Cecilia away on her bachelorette weekend at a remote cabin in the mountains, where Alex proceeds to make Cecilia's weekend a living hell.


A teen and her mother live simply in a home in the woods, spending their time making metal music. A chance encounter with a fellow teen causes her to uncover a connection between her family and witchcraft, which causes a rift with her mother.


Shot down after fleeing a coup and extracting a drug lord from Guinea-Bissau, the legendary mercenaries known as the Bangui Hyenas — Chaka, Rafa and Midnight — must stash their stolen gold bounty, lay low long enough to repair and refuel their plane and escape back to Dakar, Senegal. When they take refuge at a holiday camp in the coastal region of Sine-Saloum, they do their best to blend in with their fellow guests; including a mute named Awa, with secrets of her own, and a policeman who may be on their tail, but it's Chaka who happens to be hiding the darkest secret of them all. Unbeknownst to the other Hyenas, he's brought them there for a reason and once his past catches up to him, his decisions have devastating consequences, threatening to unleash hell on them all.

Final Boos

Hope this info was useful and you are ready for Hocus Pocus which will bring all your members together. It’s really vital for any coworking community to have avenues for members where they can get together, and learn more about each other beyond the formal or professional level. Such events help your community grow, strengthen bonds, and encourages collaborations. So, you found the right way.

At that, I can only wish you a happy Halloween. Have fun, get creative and make your members happy.

P.S: Trick or share?!

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