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Top Coworking Spaces in Ukraine

Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan
Top Coworking Spaces in Ukraine

According to Forbes, Ukraine is one of the best-kept secrets of Silicon Valley. Why not go and check Ukraine out for yourself? It's conveniently located in Europe, offers a breathtaking diversity of cultures, people, nature, and is super light on your pocket.

Best of all, Ukraine has many great coworking spaces, so you don't have to sacrifice your work. Whether you're a freelancer, digital nomad, entrepreneur, or maybe coworking space operator thirsty for new experience, you need a quiet and comfortable workspace. To help you with that, I have selected the best coworking spaces in Ukraine's every major city.

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Creative States, Kyiv

Creative States Kyiv flexible workspace

Photo by Creative States

Having decided to visit Ukraine, you'll most likely start with Kyiv, a beating heart of the country. One of the largest cities in Europe, Kyiv offers a massive choice of coworking spaces all around. Although the megalopolis is famous for its 1000-year old architecture marvels, you'll want something a bit more modern for your workspace.

Enter one of the Creative States coworking space beautiful locations serving to boost up your business starting from hiring, accounting, legal support to payroll. You will like their friendly English-speaking managers and member-first coworking space app that literally puts the entire workplace with its numerous perks and services at your fingertips.

You can choose from:

Find the first location having Art Deco interior and a capacity of 300 workplaces on the 14th floor of ‘Senator’ business center.

The second location is on the 29th floor of 'Gulliver' business center — right in the heart of Kyiv, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, stores, and activity hubs, near the metro stations. It represents the style of the legendary rock clubs of Los Angeles in the 80s. There are almost 300 workplaces that will go way beyond your expectations.

The third location can be found inside the giant hangar at old Arsenal Factory — right in the city center, 100 steps from Arsenalna metro station. The location can accommodate 700 residents.

The newest Creative State of Arsenal is a three-floor building with an amazing lounge on the ground, live tree in the middle, a spacious deck with hot desks area, glass ceiling, frescoes, a terrace, a large kitchen, sleep-capsules area, shower cabins and creative business suites on the third floor. Please note that my description is far from being exhaustive.

Details matter in this coworking. So, each conference room in the Creative States is equipped with intelligent software such as Logitech conference cams and the Meeting Owl, 360° all-in-one audio and video conferencing device. Every location has a big and beautiful lounge with a bar and a spectacular view.

On Fridays, the coworking has ‘Happy hours’ after 6 p.m. during which residents enjoy free drinks and relax listening to ambient music.

If you like luxury interiors and breathtaking views, guaranteed, you'll love to work and hang out at the Creative States!

Kooperativ, Kyiv

Kooperativ coworking and community workspace

Photo by Kooperativ

If you are ready for new age working experience, visit Kooperativ in Kyiv. Kooperativ is located in a revitalized old industrial building, that used to be the premise of Kyiv book factory Zhovten. Surrounded by vibrant upper-city flow, it lets you enjoy the old city vibes by walk.

Golden Gate district, which is now a cluster for creatives and international communities, Reitarska street, full of hip bars, cafes, and galleries, and an amazing view of Peizazhna Alley are just a few steps from the coworking.

Innovation is in the air of Kooperativ, creativity is natural and has no obstacle and everything is designed to boost your company's success. The hub features a modern minimalist design with plenty of natural light and minimum distractions.

They host a community of like-minded and forward-thinking creators and through the range of events create the most progressive & coolest platform for them to communicate, elaborate, and improve.

The Space

The Space coworking center

Photo by The Space

The Space is a new coworking center with a total area of 5500 m². This is one of the largest coworking in Ukraine, uniting more than 750 residents of different industries and fields of activity under one roof. The hub is located within a 3 minute-walk from Darnytsia metro station.

Your comfort is a priority for The Space coworking, so you may access it round-the-clock.

All needs of residents are implemented on 3 floors with lounge areas, two open spaces, and private offices from 2 people. Depending on the chosen location, you can work in lounge areas without a fixed seat, book a private space in open space, or rent a separate office for a team of 2 to 70 people. Residents get fully equipped workplaces with all-inclusive service and the necessary infrastructure.

In addition to the productive and business atmosphere, the Space offers a wide choice of arcades, such as Xbox, ping pong, air hockey, and a lot of other fun things where you can hang out with your colleagues and meet new people that could become your future clients or partners.

While working at the coworking space, residents know who their neighbors are, and are able to find like-minded people. Everyone can attend community events, the Space entertainment, and educational events, parties free of charge, as well as hold their own events in lecture halls for 450 and 150 people.

Coworking HUB 4.0, Kyiv

Coworking HUB 4.0 flexible workspace

Photo by Coworking HUB 4.0

One more workspace in Kyiv that is worth mentioning is Innovation Space HUB 4.0 situated in the historical district of Ukrainian capital — Podil. This is one of the most stylish and creative locations for remote work, freelancing, or building one’s own business in Kyiv.

Coworking HUB 4.0 is two floors of open space, where creativeness is closely connected to networking, new projects are born from different skills of residents and newly created startup can find the investor while being in coffee-point.

Here you can sit at the traditional table or lay in a bean bag, work on the sunny terrace or in the amphitheater, choose a new workplace daily, or rent a fixed one for any amount of time needed.

What you get:

  • Fixed or not fixed workplace with broadband internet connection in class “A” coworking.
  • Access to coffee points with tea, coffee, water, and sugar on every floor, a food court with drinks and snacks.
  • Access to the kitchen with all the technique needed, mini-gym and shower, parking for cars and bicycles.
  • Special price for renting additional locations - Skype-room and meeting rooms (Premium-class and Business-class.)
  • Access to terrace with open-door view on Podil district and Andriivska church.

Bonus (on demand):

  • rent conference halls with 15% discount;
  • special offers for attendance of partners’ events;
  • networking events for residents;
  • special offers for attendance of HUB 4.0 events;
  • support desk: HR, events organization, promotional support.

Coworking Platforma, Lviv

Platforma coworking space

Photo by Coworking Platforma

Your second best destination in Ukraine is Lviv, commonly referred to as the "pearl of Europe." The city is located in Western Ukraine near the border with Poland, connected to Kyiv by a high-speed train. Lviv's architecture, selection of restaurants, and, most importantly, prices do not disappoint a traveler.

Coworking Platforma is a big network with branches in Kyiv and Lviv. Its total area makes 11000 m2. 1500 teams have become residents of Platforma.

Enjoy the ease of use and management of your coworking or flex space with the andcards app.

Platforma Futura (Lviv) is a space for work, ideas, and creativity. Coworking center is a space where the combination of comfort and design turns into an ideal working atmosphere. They offer a variety of services that help businesses grow faster and nurture a community of successful people.

Platforma Fortuna (Kyiv) includes 700 workplaces with lounge zones, open space, private offices, and 7 floors of a stylish and ergonomic workspace with the possibility to plan the office according to your needs.

Platforma Art-Zavod (Kyiv) lives up to its name. Three spacious floors gather creative teams, developers, and free artists. The whole territory of Art-Zavod is open for entrepreneurs, so planning briefs on the lawns in summer is quite common. And there is also a Zen-room.

Platforma Leonardo is 2300 square meters of workspace in the very heart of Kyiv. Everyone and everything works here in the rhythm of new business. Meet a partner, do a presentation, find like-minded people — that's what this place is meant for.

Business Hub, Lviv

Business Hub Lviv coworking space

Photo by Business Hub

When visiting Lviv, you're most likely to stay in the center of the city, where you'll find Business Hub coworking space. It offers a variety of services to support small and medium-sized enterprises. The hub has a mission — to facilitate business growth gathering like-minded people under one roof, where they can get the necessary education and professional consulting.

Here are some of the amenities Business Hub offers:

  • Coworking and private offices.
  • Environment for starting and developing business, experience sharing, and networking.
  • Unique training and events.
  • Expert advice for your business.
  • Accounting services.
  • Space for your own and corporate events.

Business Hub has friendly staff and many foreign residents, so you'll always have a company to enjoy their free coffee. If you want to expand your local business network, do check out Business Hub events, which are entirely free for residents.

Kontora, Lviv

Kontora flexible workspace

Photo by Kontora

Kontora Lviv occupies the entire new modern office center built in 2019 located at the heart of the city of Lviv. Coworking center provides individual residents, enterprises, and organizations with all facilities they need for work.

Kontora takes care of:

  • Convenient furniture: large desks, ergonomic office chairs
  • High-speed internet
  • Temperature control system
  • Administration, cleaning, security
  • Concierge
  • Printers and office equipment
  • Coffee, tea, and more...

Passage Interdit, Lutsk

Passage Interdit Lutsk coworking space

Photo by Passage Interdit

Lutsk is a famous Ukrainian city for tourists, thanks to its cozy historic old town and Lubart's Castle that looks like straight out of the Witcher game series. Apparently, it's not all about history in Lutsk.

Prepare to be amazed by a newly opened Passage Interdit coworking space. Space has an impressive mid-century modern interior design, full of light, air, and shine. There are many zones for work, conference room and phone booth, and a kitchen zone. If you need to wake up with a burst of adrenaline, lie down in a fun hammock right above the lounge zone.

Terminal 42, Odesa

Terminal 42, Odessa coworking space

Photo by Terminal 42

Odesa (also known as Odessa) is widely known for its beautiful downtown, a giant stairway, warm-water beaches, and parties. Odesa is also called the "pearl of the Black Sea."

In summer you can enjoy the city to the fullest, and when you take a break from enjoying the city, check out Terminal 42 coworking space. Located in downtown, space has a spacious hall covered by a slanted roof. Inside you will find a comfortable work environment, friendly community, freshly barista-brewed coffee, and somewhat reasonable prices.

Creative States, Dnipro

Creative States, Dnipro coworking space branch

Photo by Creative States

Dnipro (until 2016 called Dnipropetrovsk) city is Ukraine's fourth largest city and a business hub. Only 6 hours away from Kyiv by high-speed train, the city is one of the critical centers of Ukraine's various industries, especially IT. The skyline of the city is very modern, with many high rise buildings dominated by the twin towers. Dnipro recently made headlines with its ambitious plans to contract world-class Zaha Hadeed and Foster architects for its new landmark buildings.

Speaking about coworking spaces in the city, I can't help mentioning the Creative State of Dnipro, offering premium, flexible workspaces with a full range of operational services and unique community.

This branch is an absolute technological masterpiece, which is going to become the center of the entire creative community of Dnipro. The workspace is huge, it occupies 3500 square meters and includes many meeting rooms, skype-rooms, bedrooms, the bar, and a flexible event hall.

It pursues the goal to deliver real values to members through amazing infrastructure, best-in-class technologies, high-quality services, and cultural & community programming.

Here, at the Creative States, you will be surrounded by like-minded people, who want to achieve their goals and become a part of something bigger. Besides, you will be able to join regular high-level events, including Tech Breakfasts, Product demos, Member panels, guest speakers, and Happy Hours every Friday night.

I Cultural Business Hub, Dnipro

I Cultural Business Hub, Dnipro coworking space

Photo by I Cultural Business Hub

If you don't want to miss out on the rebirth of the city, I got an excellent recommendation for you — I Cultural Business Hub. It's centrally located next to a multitude of restaurants and shopping places, walking distance from Europe's most extended river bank.

According to its founder Demyan Om, I Cultural Business Hub is not a mere coworking space, but a hub of design, education, culture, and home to a powerful community of local creative minds.

The space is perfect for hosting or attending an event, interview or recording, or just dropping by for getting some work done. The workspace is dubbed as the "coworking for kindred souls" emphasizing the importance of a powerful I Cultural Business Hub community., Kharkiv coworking space Kharkiv

Photo by

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine. The city was founded in 1654 and after a humble beginning as a small fortress grew to be a major center of the Ukrainian industry, trade, and culture. Kharkiv was the first capital of Ukraine in Soviet times (from December 1919 to January 1934), then, the capital relocated to Kyiv.

Presently, Kharkiv is a major cultural, scientific, educational, transport, and industrial center of Ukraine, with numerous museums, theatres, libraries, and coworking centers.

Cozy coworking is located on the fourth floor and enwraps you with an atmosphere of comfort and a fully working environment.

Here you will get everything you need:

  • office equipment,
  • free strong Wi-Fi connection,
  • comfortable sitting, and standing desks and chairs.

Between work sessions, you can treat yourself with cookies, toasts, tea, and delicious coffee at their rest zone.

Residents of can work for free in one of the coworking spaces of their partner network: in Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa, and Dnipro.

Over to You

This was our list of top coworking spaces all over Ukraine. Hope it was inspiring. As to business based on the shared economy in general, it's on the rise in Ukraine, just as in any other part of the world.

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