andcards and Salto KS Present “Winning Solutions for Coworking Spaces in Nordic Countries”

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards and Salto KS Present “Winning Solutions for Coworking Spaces in Nordic Countries”
  • On November 26, 11:00 AM (Oslo) andcards joins the Nordic team of Salto KS for a webinar introducing modern integrated solutions for coworking spaces in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Baltic countries.
  • The webinar will introduce the benefits of the leading coworking space platform and wireless access control system, which offer multiple opportunities for coworking spaces.

These days, flexible workspace automation is a must. Coworking space operators strive to replace manual workflows with technology wherever possible and access control is one of the most essential places to do this.

However, the secret of success is not only in choosing the best platforms in the market but in integrating the solutions to streamline and simplify the user experience.

This Friday, Franck Weibel Rasmussen from Salto KS and Igor Dzhebyan from andcards are coming together to introduce the synergy that the companies can bring to coworking spaces operating in the Nordic countries.

"andcards is one of the best performing coworking platforms in Europe right now that works with Salto KS products, which results in a totally winning solution for coworking projects."

 —Franck Weibel Rasmussen

andcards and Salto KS representatives will be drawing upon years of successful cooperation as well the experience of dozens of happy customers across entire Europe.

During the webinar, Igor Dzhebyan will uncover the details of andcards-Salto KS integration: how it works and what it does. He will also feature a few real-life examples of how coworking spaces use the integration and what benefits it brings to all stakeholders.

“The experience of accessing a coworking space must be flawless as it’s one of the first touches customers have with your business. andcards integrates with Salto KS to achieve the high level of quality people come to expect of a modern and reliable solution.“

—Igor Dzhebyan

During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions to both Franck and Igor and get immediate answers. Besides, you will get access to all presentation materials for further reference.

If you are running a coworking business in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, or any other country of the Nordic region, join us on November 26, 11:00 AM (Oslo) and get comprehensive information on how to make your coworking space automated and accessible for members 24/7.

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