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Simplify and Automate Your Billing with andcards

Simplify and Automate Your Billing with andcards

Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan
  • andcards now allows to issue bills, include all due fees (recurring, one-off, usage-based), and collect payments effortlessly.
  • Coworking space administrators save hours of time with automated billing and forget about the hassle of manual billing or chasing customers for payments.

There’s nothing better than being among friendly coworking community members, and nothing worse than having to chase them for overdue fees. Today we’re making it easier for coworking space administrators to bill and collect payments through andcards, thanks to a brand-new automated billing.

With this new capability, coworking space administrators collect recurring membership, usage-based, and one-off fees, more efficiently, without leaving andcards. The system notifies customers with push notifications about new bills to pay in your coworking space app, so customers never miss out on their monthly payments.

So, what is automated billing?

andcards offers a pack of tools created to simplify billing and payments. The system includes three key components: membership plans, billing, and payments. Here’s how these components work together to make the entire process easier.

Assign a plan to keep a track of membership

Let’s say a company moves into your coworking space, or you just want to organize the existing members. All you have to do is assign a plan to a company, indicate a price, and enable the “Add to Bill” option. Getting started with billing is easier than you think.

andcards automated billing system for coworking spaces - workspace membership plan

Make a bill ready for payment

The system will automatically create the bill item for recurring membership fees and include various usage-based fees (bookings, services, events) into an upcoming bill. Once it’s time to pay, you make a bill ready for payment in a single click. Customers get an email and a push notification with a prompt to pay, so they never miss a payment.

Collect payments momentarily

If you connect a payment gateway, the payment collection becomes a breeze. Once customers complete a payment, the system marks the bill as paid on andcards. Forget about chasing your customers or manual transaction reconciliation — the whole process is automatic.

andcards coworking space app: push notification to pay for coworking space membership

What possibilities does the auto-billing unlock for coworking businesses?  

  • Effortless billing. Administrators save hours of time with automatic bill creation, fee consolidation, and one-click payments. A bird’s eye view of all bills helps to spot unpaid fees.  
  • Simple payments collection. Customers get notifications to pay by bills. An integrated payment system collects payments instantly, freeing you from chasing delinquent bills.
  • One bill for all services. Your customers enjoy an option to include booking, event, and service payments into a single bill payable in a click.

Our ongoing goal is to make it easier to pay for coworking space services in andcards, no matter the type of service or payment method. The auto-billing is a big step towards a truly hands-off coworking space operation, and you can expect to see more of these kinds of updates coming in the near future. If you haven’t tried andcards yet book a demo call with product experts to learn more about its benefits.

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