Free Webinar: How to Automate and Streamline Management in Coworking Spaces

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Free Webinar: How to Automate and Streamline Management in Coworking Spaces
  • On February 23rd, andcards and ezeep will host a webinar to discuss innovative printing automation solutions for flexible workspaces.
  • The event will be especially useful for coworking space operators, flexible workspace owners, and managers.
  • During the webinar, you will get to know how to make printing easy for members and managers and how to set up everything in a single platform.

We live in the digital world where most of the documents are electronic. However, paper copies are still required and each coworking center must be equipped with printers to cover residents’ needs.

But due to a certain complexity of printing infrastructure for multi-company and multi-user access, it ends up being a hassle. Installation of countless drivers and connecting to printers is challenging for members. Accounting for pages printed by members is difficult for administrators.

Attend this webinar to get innovative. Figure out how to implement a modern cloud printing solution at your flexible workspace, integrate it with your main coworking space management software and make printing easy for everyone involved. Members will get instant access to printing, while administrators can easily see how many pages every member printed.

andcards coworking space software integration with ezeep cloud printing solution

Members get instant access to printing thanks to native andcards-ezeep integration.

Carlos Rangel with ezeep cloud printing management solution and Igor Dzhebyan with andcards coworking space management platform will walk you through the whole process.

In just under an hour, you will get exhaustive answers to the burning questions:

  • How to automate printing using ezeep’s cloud printing solution?
  • How does andcards coworking space software work and how does it integrate with ezeep?
  • How can andcards - ezeep integration improve member experience and automate administration?

Besides, Carlos and Igor will answer some of the most commonly asked audience questions related to printing automation at a coworking space.

Follow this link to learn more details and register for the free webinar.

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