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Introducing In-app Payments for Coworking Space Services

Introducing In-app Payments for Coworking Space Services

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

andcards now allows coworking spaces to boost customer service and gain new revenue by selling additional services right through their apps.

The feature integrates on-demand services offered by coworking spaces with popular payment gateways, which enables workspace customers to easily pay for desired services right from their smartphones.

andcards coworking space software is introducing in-app payments for additional services. This gives andcards customers additional opportunities to grow revenue by enabling their customers to easily pay for the services.

in-app payments for coworking space services - andcards coworking space management software

Now, additional services (lockers, parking, food, beverages, cleaning, etc.) at a flexible workspace are not only easy to discover and apply for members. They are easy to pay for.

The benefit of in-app payments on andcards is stunning simplicity. A drop-down with service options and a prominent “Buy” button is intuitive and familiar. A customer picks out the service option and chooses one of the preferred payment methods (credits, bank cards, Company Bill). An order confirmation is delivered by email immediately upon a successful payment. Familiar and simple approach is manifested by andcards vision that coworking spaces should focus on members.

The new ability unlocks new opportunities for coworking space businesses:

  • Improved customer service. Customers get access to a comprehensive self-service marketplace that fulfills their needs. The service purchase is fully automated and doesn’t require direct contact with staff members, ensuring safety in the post-pandemic environment.
  • New revenue streams. Flexible workspace businesses can upsell customers through their apps by offering useful on-demand services with an instant payment acquisition.
  • Differentiates brand from competitors. Building a unique in-app marketplace allows coworking spaces to offer exciting products and services that competitors lack.

Find out more about payments for services benefits on

andcards website, How to Sell Additional Services to Coworking Space Members blog article, or book a demo call with product experts to learn more about andcards.

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