What’s New on andcards: August 2022

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
What’s New on andcards: August 2022

This month our product team rolled their sleeves to make invoicing and payments even more effortless for our customers. We added yearly plans, discounts on credits, membership-based access through SALTO KS, accepting Bacs direct debit payments for the UK, accepting payments through Mercado Pago for Latin America, and a handful of other useful features that are already making andcards customers really happy.

Let’s take a closer look at the new exciting stuff!

1. Improvements to Payments

ACH, SEPA, Bacs, Becs payment methods + Mercado Pago integration on andcards coworking space software

Here go a few latest updates to help you manage payments easily.

  • Accept Bacs Direct Debit in the UK via Stripe. Low-cost bank debit payments have already been available to andcards customers in the US (ACH), EU (SEPA), and Australia (Becs). This month we added Bacs Direct Debit payment method to ensure that coworking spaces in the UK enjoy the same benefits.  Bank debits allow you to take money directly from tenants' bank accounts. andcards does not charge any fees on top of Stripe’s commission. What’s more, you can switch direct debit payment method (ACH, SEPA, Bacs, or Becs) for your coworking space at any time without any help in your app settings.
  • Accept payments through Mercado Pago. Mercado Pago is the most popular online payment platform in Latin America. Thanks to the newly-released andcards-Mercado Pago integration, coworking spaces in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Perú, and Uruguay can receive payments from customers through this familiar and secure gateway directly on their apps. Members can pay for invoices, bookings, credits, event tickets, and shop items with credit and debit cards.  
  • Track payment details. We've overhauled the look and descriptions of payment transactions. Added more details on who initiated, completed, or abandoned a payment. If you need to discover payment details, just go to Transactions of a member or a company and select the payment in question.
  • Get a better overview of Shop orders and Event tickets. You can easily find out which orders in Shop or tickets to Events have been successful, canceled, or pending, with a more detailed and appealing interface.

2. Improvements to Invoicing

Improvements to Invoicing on andcards coworking space software

Several updates improved the invoicing experience.

  • ‘Bills’ are renamed to ‘Invoices.’ All related terms were also updated for better clarity and consistency.
  • Deliver invoices conveniently. Your app now automatically sends invoice PDFs in attachments. Members can view them at their convenience without the need to open the app.
  • Direct charge invoices. Administrators can now direct charge invoices to speed up payment collection. For example, if a previous payment attempt failed, administrators open the invoice, press "Charge," and have the invoice paid.
  • Discern upcoming and previous invoices at a glance. We've added extra descriptions and labels to the Invoices page to help you better distinguish the upcoming invoice from previous invoices.

3. Annual Plans

Annual plans on andcards coworking space software

In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly plans, we introduce yearly plans, which give more flexibility for setting up recurring subscriptions at your space.

Now you can create a plan with a "Yearly" period on the app and assign it to a member. You can also automate credits renewal for your yearly memberships by giving expiring credits.

What’s more, membership plans have become easier to manage. Now you can change the plan's start date if it hasn't started yet.

4. Improvements to Credit System

Discounts on prices in credits on andcards coworking space software and access based on membership plans

The credit system on andcards is super flexible, which turns credits into real virtual ‘currency’ at a coworking space. Members can purchase everything they wish (Shop products, event tickets, etc.) with credits. Now they can do it with discounts! You got me right, you can enable discounts on prices set in credits, and instead of paying one credit, a member can pay half credit.

You can apply plan discounts to credit prices. For this, you just need to go to Settings and enable the ‘Discount’ property.

5. Enhanced SALTO KS Integration

Integration with SALTO KS, a popular access control system, is getting more powerful. The integration now lets you grant and revoke access to the workspace based on a membership plan. No need to open the SALTO KS dashboard and manually assign access, you do it all from inside andcards when assigning a plan. Then, the platform starts to act automatically.

As long as the plan is active, a member has access to the coworking center and its amenities. As soon as the plan expires, the access is automatically revoked.

6. Other Notable Updates

August 2022 product updates on andcards

  • Seats on Rooms and members on Community now use a new compact icon.
  • See who canceled an event ticket in Transactions.
  • View an event location, date, and time in the event list.
  • Edit, pin, report, or delete Stream posts using a quick (…) menu next to each post.
  • Set who can see your location guides. Make public guides available for everyone and hide what's intended for members' eyes only.

So much in just a single month! More exciting releases are coming soon. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in order not to miss cool things planned for the next month.

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