What's New on andcards: Q1 2023

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
What's New on andcards: Q1 2023

andcards continues to thrive. In this roundup, we'll explore the new features and enhancements added to the platform in Q1 2023, including PayPal integration, sign-up for plans, an office occupancy view, drag-and-drop for images and videos, and much more.

These updates simplify day-to-day operations, increase productivity, and enhance user experience. Join us as we look at these features and discover how they can benefit your business.

1. PayPal Integration

We are excited to offer a new payment method to our customers — PayPal, providing added convenience and flexibility for members and tenants.

andcards - PayPal integration

  • With this integration, customers can pay with credit/debit cards or any other payment method associated with their PayPal account. Even those without a PayPal account can make payments quickly and easily.
  • By adding PayPal as a second payment option, coworking spaces can give customers more flexibility to pay online
  • Furthermore, the advanced fraud protection measures provided by PayPal enhance the security of all transactions, which ensures that operators can conduct financial transactions with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Another great perk of using PayPal is its global reach. Available in over 200 countries and supporting 25 currencies, PayPal can be an ideal solution for flex spaces operating internationally, especially in countries where popular payment gateways like Stripe are not available.

Getting started with PayPal integration is easy and free. Simply go to Locations > Settings > PayPal to connect it.

2. Sign-Up for Membership Plans

Make it easier than ever for individual members and companies to subscribe to your membership plans online. Here's how it works:

Plans sign up on andcards coworking space management software

  • Configure plans for sign-up: You can select what people subscribe to, allowing you to tailor your offerings to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Easy sign-up process: Individuals and companies can sign up for plans without your assistance. After successful payment, the new member will have their subscription assigned and plan benefits applied in your app.
  • Stay informed: You'll be notified of all new subscriptions on the Notifications page, so you can track who's signing up for your plans.
  • Share sign-up links: You can share direct sign-up links on your social media and marketing site to attract potential customers and convert them into paying subscribers.

Our commitment at andcards is to empower your customers to become self-reliant. The new sign-up process is just another example of how we are fulfilling that promise.

3. More Powerful Subscriptions and Plans 

Our ongoing efforts focus on improving the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of your app while also expanding the flexibility and possibilities for the admin team. To make your app more intuitive, we have clarified the terms "Subscription" vs. "Plan" and introduced multiple improvements to assist you in efficiently managing your workspace:

Subscriptions and plans on andcards coworking space software

  • Plans with 3-month and 6-month periods provide even more flexibility in running your memberships.
  • People can now control their subscription's auto-renewal by utilizing the "Renew" option when signing up for a plan. The option gives your members more control over their billing preferences and can help reduce confusion and support requests.

With all these enhancements to plans and subscriptions, signing up new members got easier!

4. Custom Tax Rates

Sometimes local laws require different tax rates for some product categories, so we introduced the ability to add custom tax rates to your offerings. You can now:

Custom tax rates on andcards billing system for coworking space management software

  • Define separate tax rates for custom invoice items. For example, you can collect a deposit with zero tax or charge a foreign company tax-free.
  • Sell products in your Shop with different tax rates. The option is helpful if items like alcohol or food are taxed differently from your other products.

The custom tax rates will make it easier to comply with local tax laws and improve your overall selling experience.

5. Desk & Seat Occupancy View

andcards’ desk booking system has been complemented by a convenient tool to track occupancy. Not only this enables a complete solution to meet the needs of hybrid work teams but also gives you a handy overview of your workspace traffic. The new Occupancy page view for desks and offices to better track and lease workspace:

Desk and seat occupance view on andcards coworking space software

  • The heatmap of seat bookings allows you to visualize which seat is taken and when.
  • Intuitively see which companies occupy offices in a visual diagram and (coming soon) know when the office is available for new customers. This tool is invaluable to sales teams for a quick and easy overview of office availability.
  • Optimization of office space usage by making empty offices available for day office booking.

Want to view the availability of your desks and offices on a monthly timeline? Simply go to Locations > Desks > Occupancy to track the allocation of office space and get valuable insights into seat availability for daily booking.

6. New Reports in Analytics

Our improved Analytics tool helps you gain deeper insights into your business operations, make data-driven decisions, and improve your business outcomes. This quarter, we’ve introduced several new reporting tools:

New analytic reports on andcards coworking management software

  • Invoice Items: track the revenue generated from individual items, making it easier to calculate your profits accurately. You can also export the data to your accounting application for seamless record-keeping.
  • Shop Orders: get a detailed overview of your customers' purchases during a specific time, giving you insights into buying behavior. Use this information to optimize your product offerings and improve your marketing strategies.
  • Desk Bookings: track desk usage for a comprehensive view of your business operations and provision of visit summaries to your hybrid office clients.
  • Support Tickets: analyze current and past support tickets to understand what aspects of your customer experience could be improved.
  • Event Tickets: check who purchased event tickets and when to analyze the revenue and attendance.

To create new reports, simply navigate to the Analytics page of your web application.

We have also made visual improvements to our Analytics section, giving you access to larger, more user-friendly charts that offer a clear overview of your data.

7. Enhanced Privacy Choices, Blocking, and Reporting

Your coworking space is a safe and inclusive space for members. Sometimes, however, things could spin out of control, so it’s important to put safeguards in place to protect your customers’ well-being. Therefore, we have introduced new tools to give your members more privacy choices:

Enhanced Privacy Choices, Blocking, and Reporting on andcards coworking space app

  • Users can now block and report other users by accessing the "Report" and "Block" options on each other's profile pages.
  • When a user is blocked, they cannot view the name and personal details of the user who blocked them on the Community page, contact them in Chat, or see their booking details.
  • Product administrators are notified on the Notifications page whenever a user was reported.
  • Stronger Privacy Protection: We've made "Company Members" the default value for personal information sharing for names and titles on bookings. This enhanced privacy setting is applied to all new users, giving you and your users greater confidence that your data is protected. You can update these privacy settings on the Account > Privacy and Security > Privacy page.

These features give users more privacy and protection against harassment or offensive behavior.

8. Drag-and-Drop for Images and Videos

With the drag-and-drop feature, you can effortlessly add multiple photos or videos to different sections of your app. You can simply move the files from your drive into andcards, thereby making uploading media to your app more convenient. Here's how it works:

Drag and drop functionality for images and videos on andcards coworking space management software

  • To add media to the Locations > Information page, tap "Edit" at the top right, drag your file onto the cover area, and watch it upload in a jiffy!
  • You can also easily switch up the cover photos for Rooms, Desks, Shop, and Events with a simple drag and drop.

9. Last But Not Least

The latest handy improvements to your Community page simplify member and tenant company management and help you tweak your customer experience even further. Here's all that’s new:

  • You can now open the member profile from a company page. Simply navigate to your companies, select a company member, and quickly access any bookings, invoices, or special notes associated with them.
  • Members' booking history now includes canceled bookings, which will help you to troubleshoot refund requests more effectively.
  • Phone numbers are now available on the profiles of all users requesting to join your location. Simply tap the "Call" button under each requester and dial their number directly.
  • The "Auto-Invoice" switch has moved to your member's and company's settings for greater consistency. You can now manage "Auto-Pay" more easily.
  • We have slightly tweaked the layout of invoice and receipt PDFs to enhance legibility. Additionally, we have added the "Bill to" line to highlight the document recipient.
  • Customizable Email Footer. You can now add your company name and address to all transactional emails. This white-label feature removes "andcards" branding from your email communications, enhancing your brand image.

All these enhancements are available immediately to streamline your app’s intuitiveness and operational efficiency.

New features on andcards coworking space management software Q1 2023

We hope you've found this overview of the latest andcards updates helpful. As always, our team is committed to improving your app and expanding product benefits to make managing and using your coworking space easier than ever before. Sign up members on the web and mobile apps, auto-invoice and auto-pay customers in under 8 seconds, and get the freedom you need to manage your coworking space on the go — this is something only andcards can do.

If you're not on andcards yet, schedule a demo call to learn more about how our app can benefit your business by streamlining operations and making your members self-sufficient.

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