What's New on andcards: Sep 2022

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
What's New on andcards: Sep 2022

September was a busy month for our product and customer happiness teams. Driven by our mission of building a “coworking in a smartphone,” we rolled out new tools and enhancements such as the Notifications center for coworking space administrators, revamped navigation on mobile, improved room and desk booking systems, and overhauled the Subscription page.

Let’s learn more details about these exciting product updates!

1. Introducing the Notification Center

Administrators of coworking spaces can breathe out with relief—no need to worry about missing opportunities, unpaid invoices, or external customers appearing unexpectedly. Our brand new Notifications center gives you an easy-to-use, customizable, and detailed overview of all essential activities in your coworking app. Now you’ll know what happens… before it happens!

Notification center on andcards coworking space management software

All critical alerts, such as paid and failed invoices, room and desk bookings, event tickets, benefit applications, and more, are consolidated for you on a single page. Now you can help customers in real-time as events unfold. For example, if a customer cannot pay by invoice, you can contact them proactively to help resolve the issue.

Naturally, you decide what to be notified about. Choose the type of activity (bookings, credits, invoices, shop, events, or benefits) and audience (admins, members, nonmembers) to get straight to the recent activity's details and avoid missing a thing.

2. Revamped Navigation on Mobile 

With every release, your mobile apps developed by andcards become more polished and intuitive. This time we added a new bottom menu bar with a few shortcuts.

New mobile navigation bar on andcards coworking space management platform

Now you can enter Locations, Notifications, and Account immediately by tapping a relevant icon at the bottom of your screen.

Yet, the yummiest part is still to be delivered… Chances are that we will add one more tab to your new slick navigation bar by the end of the year. What is it going to be? Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know.

3. Improvements to Rooms and Desks

andcards is known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. However, there is always space for perfection. This month we simplified how to edit, view, and manage rooms and desks.

Improved Room and Desk systems on andcards coworking space management app

Now, to edit, delete, or view room information, you can use the new (···) menu on a room calendar page.

The Desks page has been simplified. Now it shows all your desks and allows viewing desk information by tapping ⓘ on a “Desk” button. The icon works as a shortcut to edit desks for you. For non-members, it's an easy way to view desk details without logging in.

4. Public Room Schedule

andcards makes your resources readily available to external customers. This month we added more flexibility to the solution by introducing a public booking schedule.

Public visibility on andcards coworking space management system

In other words, you can set up different room booking schedules for members and nonmembers to make the self-serve experience seamless and enjoyable for all your customers.

5. Overhauled Subscription Page

Your andcards subscription details become even more transparent and comprehensive. We added several essential points, and now your Subscription page includes many more details on your next invoice.

Subscription page on andcards coworking space management software

– Subscription status.

– Pricing, which shows your rate.

– Included and current active users.

– Detailed breakdown of the upcoming invoice to prepare for the next payment.

Want to check out the updated page right away? Open Product Settings, then go to Subscription.

This was our product updates roundup for September. Many remarkable features have been introduced, but the most fantastic stuff is still waiting for you around the corner! Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is the best way to be up-to-date with the latest developments of the system you run at your coworking space.

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