Smart Solutions to Transform Your Coworking Experience

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
Smart Solutions to Transform Your Coworking Experience

Join Caterina Maiolini over lunch in conversation with Igor Dzhebyan and Christian Schmitz

  • On the *19th of May, andcards is going to join Instagram Live event organized by SALTO Systems to discuss smart futuristic solutions that transform members’ experience at a flexible workspace.*  
  • During the live interview, you will get an overview of the biggest changes in the coworking industry in the last decade and their impact on the automation of tasks and the use of smart solutions.  
  • The event will be particularly interesting to coworking space owners, flexible workspace operators, and location managers.  

There is a huge difference between modern flexible workspaces and coworking hubs 10 years ago. It’s not only the interior design that became ergonomic, it’s member experience that aims to be streamlined, frictionless, contactless...

Join SALTO Systems’ Caterina Maiolini (Community & Partnership Manager), Christian Schmitz (Sales & Business Development Manager), and andcards’ Igor Dzhebyan (co-founder and CEO) to talk about major coworking space trends, workspace management automation, and the introduction of smart solutions.

In just half an hour, while eating your lunch in a good company, you will get to know about innovative solutions that transform traditional workspaces into futuristic, high-tech ecosystems where both members and managers feel happy and productive without putting extra effort into the work process.

Discover why hundreds of coworking spaces around the globe choose andcards software to streamline their processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Here is a brief list of topics Cate, Christian, and Igor are going to discuss:

  1. The biggest changes in the coworking industry in the last decade and their impact on the automation of tasks and the use of smart solutions.
  2. The huge role of technology in the evolution of flexible workspace and the real estate industry. Are we going to see more of this evolution in the nearer future? 
  3. andcards and SALTO KS as SaaS applications that serve customer needs. How important is access control as a solution for coworking space members? 
  4. The future of the SALTO KS and andcards integration partnership. What’s there for coworking business owners?

Besides, everyone who joins this Instagram Live session will have a wonderful possibility to ask their questions to Caterina, Christian and Igor personally and get immediate answers.

How to Join:

The event will be hosted at @saltosystems Instagram account. So, you just need to follow it now and then pop up on May 19th at 12:00 CEST.

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