andcards Is an Easy-To-Use and High-Quality Alternative to Archie

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Is an Easy-To-Use and High-Quality Alternative to Archie

Archie is a hybrid office management software with a limited portfolio of six published apps that aims to cater to traditional office needs. That results in a feature burden for coworking spaces, where simplicity and efficiency are essential.

andcards is a seasoned comprehensive software suite for coworking and flex spaces with 50+ apps published and 100K people actively using them. It prioritizes user-friendliness and ease of use while providing a robust set of features for an extraordinary user experience.

Discover why hundreds of coworking spaces around the globe choose andcards software to streamline their processes and improve customer satisfaction.

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  2. Easy to Use
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  4. Exceptional Support
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andcards Is Designed Exclusively for Coworking Spaces

Archie's preference of traditional offices is evident from the logos of their customers, such as Adobe, Danone, and Pampers, displayed on their website. The features old school offices need are irrelevant to coworking spaces, creating a more confusing coworking customer experience. Traditional offices prioritize space utilization over monetization and don’t need invoicing or community features. They typically do not sell memberships, credit packages, or event tickets, and use Slack or Teams for communication.

Archie app is designed for two totally different use cases. Andcards is designed for coworking and flex spaces.

Archie: one app for two totally different use cases. Andcards: designed just for you.

andcards has been purpose-built to cater specifically to the needs of coworking spaces. This focus ensures that every feature offered by andcards is potentially useful to you. For instance, andcards' auto-invoice and auto-pay features enable you to receive payment for invoices in under 8 seconds. The platform also enables coworking spaces to sell event tickets and credits, while its integrated chat and newsfeed features facilitate community development.

“The thing that I appreciate about andcards is that is what I think a lot of other coworking software is doing wrong. It's not filled with a bunch of stuff that you don't need. It's only filled with essential features. So it's really easy to navigate. It's really easy to find what you need.” — Lindsay Hedenskog, LAMB

andcards Is Easier to Use

Archie's feature oxymoron causes confusion and hinders productivity in coworking spaces. Users may find it challenging to navigate and utilize the platform effectively, leading to frustration and difficulties in day-to-day operations.

andcards stands out for its intuitive and effortless design. The platform's ease of use is evident in the fact that over 95% of members can book rooms independently without requiring any assistance from administrators. This speaks to the platform's exceptional user-friendliness and highlights how it streamlines operations in coworking spaces.

“andcards solution is so intuitive that most people just get into it immediately. Self-service members’ apps didn't create any extra need for support. After a week we noticed that we had fewer support errands. — Anders Nilsson, Embassy House

andcards Enables a Complete Mobile Experience

The mobile apps developed by Archie are restricted to members only. Administrators are forced to the website dashboard, lacking the convenience of mobile management. Nonmembers are out of luck too.

andcards VS Archie coworking space apps

Archie: restricted mobile apps and missed opportunities. Andcards: seamless experience for members, nonmembers, and even administrators.

andcards' mobile apps cater to all stakeholders, including nonmembers who can easily sign up, book, shop, and enjoy a seamless and convenient experience. Furthermore, the admin team can leverage the mobile apps to manage the coworking space while on-the-go, improving productivity and enhancing customer service.

“You can't get more user-friendly than andcards for both administrators and members. We love that as an administrator you can run everything from your app on your phone, you don't have to have your laptop making it super easy to run the business on the go, respond or do administrative tasks anytime anywhere.” — Meisha on Capterra

andcards Offers Exceptional Support

Archie claims to offer customer support through email, but there’s no public help center and one major drawback is that support is only available out of Canada hours. This limitation means that customers outside of Canada may struggle to receive timely assistance outside their support hours.

Archie claims to offer customer support through email, but there’s no public help center, documentation, or video guides. One major drawback is that support is only available during Canadian hours. This limitation means that customers outside of Canada may struggle to receive timely assistance outside their support hours. The lack of resources leaves customers in the dark about how to effectively use the product and troubleshoot problems on their own. Archie fails to offer any way for clients to understand the onboarding process, leading to potential frustration and confusion. This lack of transparency and support ultimately undermines the overall customer experience, making it difficult for users to fully grasp how to maximize the benefits of the product.

andcards' support is unparalleled in the industry. We provide 24/7 chat support with lightning-fast response time, a robust help center, regular check-in calls, and an app implementation guide to help users get started quickly and efficiently. These support services are available without having to purchase a separate support package, demonstrating andcards' commitment to providing exceptional service to its users.

“My overall experience, from initial onboarding and setup, daily use and support has been exceptional. The customer support they provide is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I cannot rate them highly enough in this regard.” — Kate on Capterra

What Are Customers Saying?

andcards is the #1 top-rated coworking space platform:

What customers say about andcards coworking software

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andcards Is Trusted by Over 300 Coworking Spaces in More Than 40 Countries

andcards coworking space software is used in more than 40 countries.

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