andcards Is an Easy-To-Use and Modern Alternative to Cobot

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Is an Easy-To-Use and Modern Alternative to Cobot

Cobot is a website for coworking space admins to automate billing and booking. It’s complicated and doesn’t offer much for your customers.

andcards is an easy-to-use suite of branded web, Android, and iOS apps. It makes your customers more self-reliant and independent, so you can get more time for scaling your business.

Discover why hundreds of coworking spaces around the globe choose andcards software to streamline their processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Table of Contents

  1. Mobile Apps
  2. More Functions
  3. Multi-location
  4. Easier to Use, Better Design and UX
  5. What Are Customers Saying

andcards Gets You Branded Mobile Apps

Cobot is a website. Although it’s got a flexible layout, Cobot doesn’t support push notifications and can’t be effectively used to engage customers.

andcards takes a modern approach with a full suite of apps:

  • Mobile app for iPhones, iPads and macOS with M1/2 chips
  • Mobile app for Androids and Chromebooks
  • Progressive web app with push notifications

andcards apps are a generation ahead for a number of reasons:

  • White-labeling with your own logo and colors
  • Intuitive interface due to native code and design
  • Full admin access through mobile apps, unlocking a new degree of productivity for your team
  • Accessibility features for people with visual impairments to build an inclusive community

“We wanted our members to feel like they open up the app and it's like a candy shop. When members open their apps for the first time, a lot of them have the same reaction, which is “Oh, WOW, so modern, so endless, WOW.” They love it.” — Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

Search for “Cobot” on App Store yields no results. andcards maintains over 50 apps on App Store and Google Play.

Search for “Cobot” on App Store yields no results. In contrast, andcards maintains over 50 apps on App Store and as many on Google Play.

andcards Is More Functional: Visitors, 1:1 Chats, Events

Cobot is barebones—it doesn’t have much to offer other than billing and booking.

andcards is a powerhouse. Of course, andcards has powerful auto-invoice and auto-pay features that get your invoices paid in under 8 seconds. But on top of that, andcards offers a full suite of tools empowering you to:

"Upgrading to andcards from Cobot felt like switching from a bicycle to a racing car — it's fast, powerful, intuitive and fully automated. andcards team surprises us with development speed, attention to detail, and customer-centric mind." — Ann Yoo, Head of Community & Sales at SPARKPLUS

andcards vs Cobot: andcards offers more value by packing room display, visitor management, external room booking, and hundreds of other features Cobot doesn’t have

andcards offers more value by packing room display, visitor management, external room booking, and hundreds of other features Cobot doesn’t have.

andcards Is Great for Growth: Multi-location Support in One App

If you grow to multiple locations, Cobot requires a separate website for each location. That’s confusing and not user-friendly.

andcards offers full multi-location support built into a single app:

  • For members, it’s easy to discover and access all the resources available across your entire network.
  • For admins, managing a large coworking space network is just as straightforward as running a small coworking hub. 

andcards’ multi-location support is powerful: each location can have its own currency, time zone, access control, and payment integrations. For users, however, everything is the same simple all around.

"A cross-location booking solution works very well. Thus, the real impact of the andcards platform on our business is far greater than the number of bookings alone would indicate. andcards was, and still is, a catalyst for CitySpace’s growth, and we are very happy with our choice." — Jakub Bawoł, Marketing Manager at CitySpace

andcards Is Easier to Use, Better Designed, and Offers Better UX

Cobot’s admin dashboard and member portal are confusing and not well designed. Take it from Cobot’s own customer: “The lack of customization on the client view or member page, booking interface, and inability to create 1 off charge "plans" without the cost defaulting to $0 recurring when viewed on the member login page.... It's confusing.” — G2 review of Cobot

andcards is easy-to-use and intuitive. For example, over 95% of users book meeting rooms by themselves without requiring any assistance, which is a testament to user-friendliness.

“We failed to save time as operating Cobot was confusing, and we had to help members with routines that were supposed to be automated. andcards’ simple user interface and intuitive design really make a difference. The app is easy to use both for members and admin staff.” — Justin Lee, General Manager at Path Cowork

Cobot vs andcards booking systems compared

Cobot’s booking system (left) is so confusing that spaces write guidelines on how to book rooms (source: Medium). In contrast, andcards’ booking system is intuitive with over 95% bookings made by members themselves.

What Are Customers Saying?

andcards is the #1 top-rated coworking space platform:

trustpilotcapterrasoftware advicegetapp
g2 badgeg2 badgeg2 badge

Customers rate andcards as the #1 top-rated coworking space platform

andcards Is Trusted by Over 300 Coworking Spaces in More Than 40 Countries

Map: andcards is trusted by over 300 coworking spaces in more than 40 countries

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