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andcards VS Cobot: Fair Comparison of Coworking Management Systems

andcards VS Cobot: Fair Comparison of Coworking Management Systems

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

If you are looking for the best Cobot software alternative to manage your coworking space, you are at the right place. Both Cobot and andcards are tackling a similar issue, which is the efficient management of a shared workspace. However, the platforms have very different approaches to what it means to administer a workspace in the best possible way.

Let’s figure out why operators choose

andcards coworking space software instead of Cobot.

What’s the Main Difference Between Coworking Software: andcards VS Cobot 

The short answer is

member experience.

The main thing that differentiates andcards coworking management system is our obsession with the experience of your members. The app was built from the ground up with the coworking community in mind as namely community is a secret ingredient of a flexible space success that sets it apart from a traditional office.

“Coworking spaces live or die on the strength of their community. It’s not a choice, it’s a necessity.” ⁠— Neil Usher, the author of 'The Elemental Workplace,' 'Elemental Change' and 'Unf*cking Work.'

On the other hand, andcards is a complete solution that not only takes good care of your customers as your most valuable assets but also turns your daily routines into a walk in the part.

“The thing that I appreciate about andcards is that is what I think a lot of other coworking software is doing wrong. They build their apps for the coworking operator. And what I really adore about andcards is that you guys built your app from the member's perspective. It's not filled with a bunch of stuff that you don't need. It's only filled with essential features. So it's really easy to navigate. It's really easy to find what you need.”Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

Cobot focuses mostly around paperwork automation without giving too much thought to improving the administrator’s experience in the process. The system uses in-house design instead of Google and Apple guidelines. So, the users have to get used to navigation patterns they are not familiar with. Such a steep learning curve takes a lot of the manager’s time and becomes the boiling point for the customers.

This was the case at Path Cowork. Since their previous management software (Cobot) was not intuitive enough, it was challenging for managers to fully automate the workflows.

“We failed to save time as operating the system was confusing, and we had to help members with routines that were supposed to be automated.”Justin Lee, General Manager at Path Cowork

andcards and Cobot coworking space systems ratings on various review sites

Now, let’s bring some more reasons why coworking spaces use andcards management system vs Cobot into the spotlight.

"Upgrading to andcards from Cobot felt like switching from a bicycle to a racing car — it's fast, powerful, intuitive and fully automated. andcards team surprises us with development speed, attention to detail, and customer-centric mind. Thanks to andcards, our community managers can operate SPARKPLUS community more effectively by saving 3+ hours / week. Our members are also very satisfied with our app service for they finally be able to book meeting rooms across 10 branches with just one simple click."Ann Yoo, Head of Community & Sales at SPARKPLUS

andcards vs Cobot Coworking Space Software at a Glance

Table comparing andcards vs Cobot coworking space software features

7 Reasons Why andcards Coworking Management System Is the Best Cobot Alternative

1. Mobile Apps for Members, Non-Members, and Administrators

If your coworking space doesn’t offer mobile apps to members, you miss out on so many opportunities to reach customers and offer a more ad-hoc personalized service. People want to book desks and meeting rooms on the go, right from the comfort of their phones.

With the andcards coworking software, you get exactly what your members expect: fully native, highly customizable smartphone apps that make all your services immediately available at any time they need. Members can book rooms and desks, join events, pay membership fees, engage with other coworkers, report issues, and so much more from any place, be it a subway car or a tropical island beach.

“We wanted to make it really easy to book, really easy to unbook, really easy to see the variety. We wanted our members to feel like they open up the app and it's like a candy shop. When members open their apps for the first time, a lot of them have the same reaction, which is “Oh, WOW, so modern, so endless, WOW.” They love it.”Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

What’s more, with mobile apps, you can provide the same level of convenience to external customers who haven’t signed up for your membership yet. All they need to book a desk for a day or attend a workshop at your space is your app available for download at Google Play or App Store. They even don’t have to log in to see your offers. Just think how many marketing and sales opportunities appear in front of you.

“CitySpace was able to open up to outside customers through the app. The ability to book and pay instantly allowed us to shorten the distance with people who use office space ad hoc.”Jakub Bawoł, Marketing Manager at CitySpace

Undoubtedly, mobile apps make the customer experience with your brand much more enjoyable. But what about admins? Do they get their portion of advantages as well? The answer is “of course they do!” Along with members’ apps andcards provides mobile apps for admins that include all tools they need for efficient facility management. Actually, you set your staff free from desktop computers by enabling them to manage members and their plans, send invoices, overview bookings, organize events, resolve issues, and more while moving in the rhythm of your community.

Build strong online presence for your coworking space with andcards' mobile apps - banner

2. Collaborative Community Feed

Keeping members happy and connected is the ultimate task for every space manager, which can be really challenging without special tools such as community newsfeed, Stream on andcards.

Of course, you can use social media, such as Facebook groups or WhatsApp chats, to share your updates and communicate with members. But, firstly, these channels don’t support your brand; secondly, the deliverability of your messages will be rather poor. Just think how many messages customers get on socials. Chances are that your essential information will get buried among them.

What the andcards coworking space platform offers is your exclusive branded communication channel with members. Stream lets you share news and announcements with push notifications that can be delivered even on mobile phones to make sure that members are aware of your updates.

“The Hatcham House designed by andcards allows members not only to book and pay for their booking straight from their mobile phone in real-time but stay connected and informed. We have set up a Stream community feed that keeps them updated on the events we are running, changes to opening hours, or new offers.”Stephen Carrick-Davies, the founder of Hatcham House

Members interact with your content using emojis or posting comments. Besides, they can publish their own posts with hashtags, photos, videos, and rich links in your feed to engage with the community. Such interplay that happens naturally incredibly boosts your community-building efforts.

3. Online Shop to Sell Additional Products and Services

Members need so many things apart from workspace to grow their businesses. From healthy food to office supplies, you surely cover these requirements with additional products and services. But how do customers learn what exactly is in stock, and how do they purchase the items they need?

Featuring additional products on your website is a possible option, but how often do members visit it? And how will they know that you added something new and cool recently?

The best way to put your a la carte products in front of members is feature them in the app they use for bookings, which you can easily do with andcards’ Shop feature. You just showcase your merch, food, souvenirs, whatever with beautiful photos, descriptions, and buying options in the Shop, where customers easily discover and buy them with a preferred payment method, such as a banking card, invoice, or credits. You give customers an exciting online shopping experience they love and got used to with clothing brands and restaurants.

4. Events Management System 

Unlike Cobot, which offers an events calendar as an add-on, andcards provides a fully-functional events management system built into your main app.

“The thing about the events is that it is such a powerful way for us to send our message without saying it out. Our event schedule says so much about who we are and what we do without having to say anything. By offering the Events feature inside the main app, andcards helped us paint that picture.”Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

Both members and non-members easily see and join the fun, networking, and educational events hosted at your space and pay with saved cards or credits. Guests can even automatically connect to your Wi-Fi for the duration of the event.

“You guys launched the best feature ever! Now we can have people from the public come in and book events without having to provide their email addresses right away. We get to say, here's all the wonderful stuff we've planned for you to book. Here's your follow-up email, here's the thing to add it to your calendar, here's the way to cancel it, and here's your event ticket. Everything is right there, and it's so easy.”Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

With the Events management system organizing gatherings becomes a piece of cake for managers. Since new events are published on the coworking space app, they don’t need extensive promotion. Members never miss a thing as they pop into the app every now and again. The system sends automated emails with event info and ticket information for paid events, easy RSVPs for free events, and reminds members about upcoming events with widgets and push notifications.

Managers set credit or money prices for paid events and effortlessly accept payments. They can easily check who is coming by peeping into the guest list. Administrators limit the number of event attendees to comply with sanitary norms and quickly verify attendance information by scanning QR code tickets in members’ apps.

Discover why hundreds of coworking spaces choose andcards platform - banner

5. Universal Credit System

Credits are virtual ‘currency’ frequently used at coworking spaces to replace free meeting room usage hours that come with a pre-paid membership plan. Implementing credits saves operators from many troubles by putting free bookings into order. Members love credits as well because they are shown as fun emojis bringing a bit of gamification into the checkout process.

"Members love their credits. They will Slack our community manager, and it's like, “When is my credit account refill date? There are all these events I want to go to."Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

If credits work so well for bookings, why not let members pay for everything they purchase with them? This is actually what andcards’ super flexible credit system does. Unlike Cobot, where members can use credits only to pay for meeting room bookings, on andcards, members can purchase everything they wish, including event tickets or products in Shop, and pay with credits.

Here are just a few benefits of a universal credit system:

  • A quick and fun way to pay for consumed products and services. Members buy services they need in two taps. No banking card number input. They just choose ‘Credits’ as a payment method and tap ‘Buy.’ The info about credit usage is transparent. Individual members and company managers can review the current credit balance and full usage history on the profile page at any moment. 
  • Upsell members efficiently. By introducing credits, you eliminate the barrier between the customer and their desired goods. In contrast to paying with money, paying with credits is a stress-free method encouraging to purchase more. Members don’t feel like they are spending. For instance, instead of paying $20 for a workshop, they just spend 2 credits, which looks like a much more reasonable price.

Note: Credits on andcards can be split, which means if something costs less than one credit, you can set the price as 0.5!

"Members purchase services through the app using their pre-paid credits instead of real money because this is stress-free and exciting, almost like the thrill of an online shopping type of experience."Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

  • Improve member experience. Since credits are pre-paid, must be spent during one month, and can’t be spent anywhere else, members have no other choice than enjoy their memberships to the fullest. They purchase tasty food, take yoga classes, listen to guest speakers, etc., which makes their workdays at your space so much brighter.

"They've already paid for the credits, the transaction has happened. But the credits give them monopoly money to play with. So automatically, it feels more fun. Those credits are in their account. The only choice is to use them, and it’s an easy choice. Instead of spending 200 kroner to go to an event, they're spending their two credits, and they treat those credits like gold."Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

  • Change members’ behavior. You can use credits as a reward system to help members develop healthy habits or learn new skills. For instance, if a member works out in a gym three times a week a few months in a row, you can reward them with additional credits.

"Now we're talking about using the credits as a gamification-like reward system. If a member goes to the gym three times a week, we are going to reward them with extra permanent credits. Or if they develop a healthy habit that they do for some weeks in a row, we can reward them with credits. We can turn it around in a sort of tool to encourage the healthy habits and routines that we really want to see and do it in a way that doesn't create pressure on people."Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and COO of LAMB

  • New revenue opportunities. Members have a limited number of credits they can spend during the ongoing month. When they run out of credits, they can buy credit bundles in their apps and continue shopping. These purchased credits are permanent and never expire. 
  • Improve member retention. Customers will never leave your space up until they spend all their credits.
  • Offer instead of discount to attract new members. You can negotiate the number of credits instead of making a discount when you are selling membership to the prospective customer. 

6. Full Multi-location Support

This point is really essential for coworking spaces that run several locations or that are planning to branch out. You surely want to enable customers to enjoy the benefits of a large network membership by letting them roam between locations without obstacles. Just remember your last vacation at Four Seasons or Six Senses group when you could sleep in your hotel room but use the territory, eat in restaurants, swim in the pools, watch performances, and use the amenities of all other facilities nearby. Didn’t it make your experience outstanding?

Unlike Cobot, which requires a separate app for a separate location, andcards coworking space software has full multi-location support. This means your users can easily discover and get stuff across all locations of your network using just one app and just one account. They book rooms and desks, join events, buy shop products, and much more and pay with cards. They can even pay with credits for all the cool things ordered in other locations if you allow this.

"A cross-location booking solution works very well. Thus, the real impact of the andcards platform on our business is far greater than the number of bookings alone would indicate. andcards was, and still is, a catalyst for CitySpace’s growth, and we are very happy with our choice."Jakub Bawoł, Marketing Manager at CitySpace

Needless to say that our full multi-location support not only makes the life of your customers more varied (just like your Four Seasons vacation) but also simplifies workflows for your admins. With andcards running a huge coworking space network is the same uncomplicated as running a small coworking hub.

7. Low Learning Curve 

When buying a coworking management system, we expect it to be usable right out of the box. This is the case with andcards. The platform features a simple intuitive interface designed according to Google and Apple guidelines that is the same for members and admins. It takes our customers six hours on average to set up the entire system (with the help of their personal account manager) and start to reap the benefits of automation.

"I'd say in total, it may have taken me about 5-6 hours total tops with pictures and figuring out how to structure the plans. And a lot of it was me because our system was kind of weird. I had to figure out how to customize our plans because we do have some people with different needs. We were able to go live prior to the point where I thought we would."Kenneth Penn, The Lab on Dexter

No special training for members is needed. When they open their apps, they see a familiar interface and immediately understand how to book a room or pay a bill. According to our customers’ feedback, in contrast to Cobot, their members never ask any questions on how to do things on andcards.

"I haven't gotten any calls because it's so simple. Members just log in and go from there. The interface is pretty simple, even for non-tech people. They easily make payments, see the events, and Stream conversations on the screen. They're loving it."Kenneth Penn, The Lab on Dexter

andcards vs Cobot coworking space software reviews on Capterra

andcards and Cobot ratings on Capterra

Fair Play

We strive to be fair in this comparison, so we also list three features that Cobot coworking management system is good at:

  • Self-service subscription management: Cobot allows self-service subscription management while on andcards the feature is still on To Do list. However, we are going to add it in the near future. 
  • Longer trial period: Cobot offers a 30-day free trial while you can run andcards 14 days for free.
  • A wider range of supported payment methods: Cobot supports Paypal payments while andcards doesn’t. 

The decision you make about which platform will be best for your business is difficult. With so much information out there and not enough time, we hope this comparison helps with the process of making up your mind easier!

In case you need more convincing, read How Path Cowork Migrated from Cobot to andcards and Improved Administration & Member Experience.

Ready to discover andcards? Schedule a one-on-one demo with our product expert or take a quick product tour straight away!

Having more coworking management systems on your comparison list? Check out andcards VS Optix: Which Software Is Best to Manage Your Coworking Space.

Note: If Cobot gets an update and any point of this article becomes outdated, feel free to email us at blog@andcards.com, and we will be happy to make amendments.

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