andcards Is an Easy-To-Use and Reliable Alternative to OfficeRnD

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno
andcards Is an Easy-To-Use and Reliable Alternative to OfficeRnD

OfficeRnD was originally designed for coworking spaces but has recently pivoted towards offering free desk booking for single office environments. This transition has resulted in a cumbersome software platform that includes a burden of features that are irrelevant for your coworking space's needs.

andcards is a comprehensive software suite designed exclusively for coworking spaces. It focuses on ease of use without compromising on features and stability.

Discover why hundreds of coworking spaces around the globe choose andcards software to streamline their processes and improve customer satisfaction.

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  2. Reliable
  3. Designed Exclusively for Coworking Spaces
  4. Unlocked Mobile Apps
  5. What Are Customers Saying

andcards Is Easier to Use

OfficeRnD's architecture and navigation are quite complex, and it offers a wide range of features that are irrelevant to coworking spaces. This leads to confusion among its users, who find it difficult to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

“The software is clunky and difficult to navigate. There was never a moment I didn't have an issue with the program. To cancel a paid booking you must go through a 5-step process to remove it from the calendar. First, you must go into the invoice and detach the lines from the invoice, then you can go into the calendar and cancel the booking, then you must go into your payment portal to refund the money, then you need to come back to Office RnD and issue a refund on the invoice.” — Cheryl on Capterra

In contrast, andcards is intuitive and effortless. On andcards, over 95% of members book rooms independently without requiring any assistance from administrators, which speaks to the platform's exceptional ease of use.

“andcards has received a lot of positive feedback from our members. They seem to like it and find it helpful, which is great. In comparison, there have been other bits of software that we've tried in the past and sent out to our members to use for bookings, but nobody ever used them. People still came to the front desk for help instead.” — Oliver Barry, Village Workspaces

andcards vs OfficeRnD: OfficeRnD invoice page is difficult to understand - andcards invoice page is clear and straightforward.

OfficeRnD invoice page (left) is difficult to understand (image source: SaaSworthy). andcards invoice page (right) is clear and straightforward.

andcards Is More Reliable

OfficeRnD's complex system is difficult to maintain, resulting in frequent glitches that lead to a poor member experience. This leaves administrators frustrated as they spend more time troubleshooting the app and its integrations instead of focusing on their daily tasks.

“Even the mobile app encounters errors when customers attempt to make purchases or reservations. When integrating with the KISI door lock system, the OfficeRnD system has been known to grant access to canceled bookings and most recently they granted access to everyone who had an "expired or used" day pass and the only way to stop these customers from receiving access was to go through and delete the day passes. The Iron WiFi integration does not work properly and did not allow members in Office RnD to log into the Wi-Fi. The QuickBooks integration has problems with syncing the transactions and sales tax” — Cheryl on Capterra

andcards offers a nearly 100% uptime and offers world-class security. The platform and integrations are actively developed and maintained.

“andcards is an exceptional product. We have been impressed with the functionality, support, and communication. Every coworking space should be using this product.” — Micah on TrustPilot

andcards Is Designed Exclusively for Coworking Spaces

OfficeRnD is shifting towards traditional office spaces and consequently, adding features that are not relevant to your usage. This not only creates a more complex user experience but also attempts to combine incompatible elements as traditional offices are geared towards space utilization rather than monetization. For example, traditional offices do not sell memberships, credit packages, event tickets, and usually use Slack or Teams for communication.

In contrast, andcards has been specifically created to cater to the needs of coworking spaces. This means that every andcards feature is potentially useful to you. For example, you can get your invoices paid in under 8 seconds with auto-invoice and auto-pay, sell event tickets, credits, and use andcards’ chats and community feed for community development.

“We decided to use andcards because we were looking for a platform that is specialized in a particular area. andcards takes a holistic approach to managing flex spaces, has no redundant tools as opposed to other systems we considered.” — Jakub from CitySpace

“The thing that I appreciate about andcards is that is what I think a lot of other coworking software is doing wrong. It's not filled with a bunch of stuff that you don't need. It's only filled with essential features. So it's really easy to navigate. It's really easy to find what you need.” — Lindsay Hedenskog, LAMB

Besides, unlike OfficeRnD's restricted multi-location role limited to administrators, andcards offers a transformative networking experience for every member. If you are seeking to amplify member networking, with andcards you can make all network locations effortlessly accessible to every member, enabling seamless communication, event participation, and workspace reservations.

andcards Enables a Complete Mobile Experience

OfficeRnD's mobile apps are restricted to members only, limiting opportunities for everyone else. Administrators are locked into a cumbersome website dashboard to manage the space, lacking the flexibility and convenience of managing tasks on the go.

In addition to members, andcards' mobile apps are for all stakeholders:

  • Nonmembers can sign up, book, shop, and enjoy a more flexible and convenient experience.
  • The admin team can also use the mobile apps to manage the coworking space on the go, unlocking a new degree of productivity and better customer service.

“You can't get more user-friendly than andcards for both administrators and members. We love that as an administrator you can run everything from your app on your phone, you don't have to have your laptop making it super easy to run the business on the go, respond or do administrative tasks anytime anywhere.” — Meisha on Capterra

andcards vs OfficeRnD: OfficeRnD’s mobile app is limited to members only and requires a login. In contrast, andcards’ mobile apps allow to explore your products and services, join events, chat, become a member, and even manage the space on the go.

OfficeRnD’s mobile app is limited to members only and requires a login. In contrast, andcards’ mobile apps allow to explore your products and services, join events, chat, become a member, and even manage the space on the go.

What Are Customers Saying?

andcards is the #1 top-rated coworking space platform:

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andcards coworking space software customer success story

andcards Is Trusted by Over 300 Coworking Spaces in More Than 40 Countries

Coworking spaces in more than 40 counties trust andcards management software - map

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