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Top 7 Apps for Coworking Space Managers to Choose in 2022

Top 7 Apps for Coworking Space Managers to Choose in 2022

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

coworking business is a kind of fun to run. You meet new interesting people every day and help them find their work-life balance. What’s more, flexible workspaces are predicted to have a bright future as the number of remote workers will only grow in the post-pandemic world.

According to Upwork, and other sources for work from home statistics

41.8% of the American workforce continues to work remotely. Although an estimated 26.7% will still be working from home through 2021, 36.2 million Americans (22% of the workforce) will be working remotely by 2025. This is a staggering 87% increase from the number of remote workers prior to the pandemic! - flexjobs.com

However, managing a shared workspace is not completely free of challenges. You have so many responsibilities... You need to attract new customers, handle conference rooms, meeting rooms, and desk bookings, keep your billing in order, maintain all facilities across locations, and of course, keep community members happy.

Some of those tasks require the personal attention of coworking professionals, but most of them can be automated with the help of coworking space apps. You can find a brief list of those helpers below. See what they do, start to apply them, and free managers' time for community-building activities.

Coworking Space Apps That Make Manager’s Life Easier

coworking space manager performing workspace administration from smartphone

We live in a technology world where new revolutionary software products appear every day. It’s not easy to choose a solution that will fit your flexible workspace. Skim through the coworking apps on the list. Your peers, coworking space owners, have already tested them, so the chances are that these carefully handpicked tools will meet your requirements as well.

1. HubSpot CRM System

Let's start at the very beginning. Before a prospective customer becomes a member, you see them as a lead in your CRM or Customer Relationship Management software. The technology helps you manage relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers of your flexible workspace.

HubSpot is one of the favorite CRM solutions chosen by many coworking operators. It helps to get deeper insights into prospects, automate the tasks you are not inspired by, and close more membership deals faster. The CRM has both paid and free plans.

Here are some points to benefit from:

  • Review sales pipeline via a clean visual dashboard.
  • Get detailed reports on sales activity, productivity, and individual performance.
  • Enrich contact records with data from over 20 million businesses automatically.
  • Get notifications when a prospect opens your email or visits your coworking website.
  • See the context for follow-ups with the right leads at the right time.
  • Schedule meetings, use live chat, email templates, click-to-call functionality, and more to connect the prospects easily.   

2. Stripe Online Payment Processing Platform

The key essence of any business including flexible workplaces is making money. How many hours a week do your managers spend on collecting payments from members? Whatever this number is, you can reduce it by automating payments.

Here's what you can do with Stripe:

  • Use Stripe to accept payments online just the way members got used to paying for all other products and services they consume (credit card).
  • You can charge members for private offices, desks, meeting rooms, and all sorts of additional services you offer.
  • Create invoices online, auto-send them to members, or charge member credit cards directly.
  • You don't need a physical POS terminal for that.
  • Stripe also allows creating subscriptions to charge members regularly which saves a lot of time and smoothens the payment process.

3. Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform

Intercom is a trusted solution many coworking businesses use to support their customers. Coworking is all about communication and connection. That’s why it’s so important for community managers to stay in touch with members, resolve their issues quickly and make sure they are happy with the service.

Here are some great ways to use Intercom at flexible workspaces:

  • Start proactive conversations with people who land on your online platform. Ask them questions with live chat to help sign up for a membership at your workspace.
  • Set up automated campaigns or one-off email, push, and in-app messages based on time or customer behavior to onboard and retain new users, make announcements, drive technology adoption, upsell and cross-sell services.
  • Create an integrated knowledge base for members where they can find answers to all frequently asked questions themselves and enable conversations with a team member for those who got stuck with help articles.

Intercom use cases are not limited to the above items. Read How to Increase Conversions & Customers' Happiness with this coworking space app.

4. FreshBooks Accounting Software

Every coworking space operator faces such not-so-fun tasks as invoicing, expanse management, time tracking, and payments. FreshBooks is user-friendly accounting software that can automate those routines for you.

Here are some of the app's benefits you will like:

  • Automate tasks like organizing expenses, tracking time, and following up with clients.
  • Wow clients with sleek estimates and invoices that show off your brand.
  • Have a complete picture of the financial status of your coworking business at a glance with double-entry FreshBooks features such as Cost of Goods Sold, General Ledger, Chart of Accounts, Bank Reconciliation, and more.

5. Mailchimp Online Marketing Platform

Your workspace/office space business surely requires promotion through email campaigns and Mailchimp with its integrated capabilities can help a lot here. It brings your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster, and what’s even more important, you do it from a single platform.

Here is what Mailchimp can do for your workspace promotion:

  • Send automated welcome emails and onboarding sequences to new members.
  • Personalize emails with unique addressee details (full name, company, role.)
  • Simplify email marketing. Email monthly newsletters to all members/customers at once.
  • Segment members and send only relevant targeted messages.
  • Trigger messages based on real-time user behavior, i.e.: remind company managers to pay by invoice, track sales and campaign performance in simple visual reports, run A/B tests, and customer satisfaction surveys.

6. Zapier Automation & Integration Service

We talk about automation and efficiency so much these days. Automation is really important for coworking spaces as location managers have lots of responsibilities. You can use Zapier automation tool to connect applications and services you are using and do more with fewer efforts by automating tedious repeated tasks.

Here are some ways to benefit from Zapier:

  • Decide which apps you would like to connect (Hubspot, Slack, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Then automatically notify the team about new leads.
  • Sync new leads with CRM or spreadsheet.
  • Send new leads personal messages.
  • Share content across social media, and so on. 

You can create as many Zaps as you wish/need. Read more about Common Use Cases for Workspace Automation.

One more no-code automation tool to consider is Integrately. Its ease of use is highly appreciated among customers. It allows to literally connect your favorite and essential apps with just one click.

7. andcards Coworking Space Management Software

Managing a coworking space involves dozens of challenges. You need to

  • manage community,
  • assign membership plans,
  • invoice customers and collect payments on time, track room and desk bookings
  • track room and desk bookings,
  • promote and sell your products and services…

At the same time, you need to build community and keep everyone happy as this is the only way to retain your members.

andcards coworking software helps flexible workspaces save time and automate administration - banner

A friendly piece of advice here is—don’t try to manage everything manually. Implement coworking space software platform such as andcards from day one. It will not only free you from numerous administrative tasks but put all perks of your flexible workspace in the palm of a member’s hand helping them get maximum value from membership.

Here what andcards can do for you:

To Take Away

These were some of the best apps covering many basic needs of coworking space managers. All of them save managers from extra work and improve members' experience. However, juggling multiple technologies is not the best way to manage a flexible workspace. That's why I recommend you to unite all your solutions in a single platform.

Not sure how to choose the best platform to manage your coworking space? Check out these tips and comparisons: andcards VS Cobotandcards VS Optix.

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