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Coworking Benefits Management—Apply in a Click (Customer Story)

Coworking Benefits Management—Apply in a Click (Customer Story)

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno


Creative States is the fastest-growing network of premium flexible workspaces with a full range of operational services.


Right in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Founded in:


Nr of Branches/Members/Managers:

2 branches (2 are opening soon) / 700 members (1350 are joining soon) / 3 managers per location (plus finance/operational/marketing teams)

Our goal is to deliver real values to our members through amazing infrastructure, best-in-class technologies, high-quality services, and cultural & community programming.

Managing Coworking Membership Benefits Before the Catalog

The Creative States is an innovative coworking network focused on customer care, support, and comfort. They offer a wide range of additional services & benefits that help members take care of themselves, their employees, and their businesses. These perks are related to healthcare, legal help, sport, traveling, and more.

reception at Creative States coworking space

For instance:

  • Creative States helps residents with HR & recruiting.
  • Purchasing equipment for teams.
  • Travel arrangements for business trips and vacations — airline tickets, hotel reservations, and more can be booked via community managers.
  • Accounting & legal support — payroll, accounting, registration of legal entity, PE registration.
  • Day-to-day needs — special deals with sports clubs, insurance companies, educational services.
  • Partner programs with real estate agencies and car rental dealers.

We thoroughly pick out additional services and benefits to offer only the best products to our members. Residents really value that selective approach.

In the very beginning, an extensive list of members' perks was available in the form of presentations. However, Creative States quickly understood that this is not the most efficient way to showcase space benefits.

The essence of membership perks is that they should be easily accessible and frequently used by residents. Only then, those benefits add value to coworking space membership. So, Creative States decided to pack all additional discounted services and other goodies into a nice catalog accessible right from the member's smartphone.

Coworking Benefits Management After andcards Implementation

No sooner said than done. Today, Creative States' citizens can discover and apply for discounts, promo codes, and special offers through andcards mobile apps. It's much easier for a member to use a service they need when the entire assortment is available at the fingertips.

benefits catalog at Creative States: andcards coworking space membership software

The benefits catalog is very helpful. We remind members about this feature every now and again. They apply for the service of interest in a click. At present we are working on push notifications for the services to automate the process even more.

Besides, coworking space benefits enhance coworking brand and make residents happier with community life and business success. They literally feel support and care. They enjoy a special atmosphere of the coworking space facilitating faster growth of their businesses.

Benefits give us more opportunities to show members how much we care about their businesses. The creative States not only designs beautiful workspaces at the coolest locations that offer a vast choice of coffee, tea, alcohol, and whatnot; we provide all sorts of benefits that help businesses increase their customers' stream.

At the moment, the Creative States' team works on crafting their additional services to sell them more efficiently via the benefits catalog. They want to optimize the function for getting additional revenue along with promotional purposes.

Here is what Creative States' residents say about benefits management at the coworking space.

There are plenty of resources/aggregators offering discount coupons online. However, hunting for those time-sensitive offers is not the best occupation for a busy entrepreneur. Benefits catalog compiles only awesome services that are available at the moment at maximum discounts.

The benefits catalog is very dynamic. Managers constantly modify it and add new services/benefits as they establish partnerships with local agencies and vendors. Sometimes they update services on members' requests. Residents are not shy to say what kind of offers they lack. Such interaction enhances the tight-knot community even more, members actively participate in creating an ideal eco-system for living and being productive.

Issues Resolved

meeeting room at Creative States flexible workspace

Here is a brief list of issues addressed through andcards benefits management system:

  • All membership perks are organized in a simple visual catalog.
  • Members can apply for services in seconds via the app in their smartphones.
  • Increased value of coworking membership thanks to membership benefits.
  • Boosted coworking brand strength by providing a robust service catalog.
  • More frequent interactions with members and embraced coworking community.

Check out Yourself

Would you like to have this comfy benefits management solution for your members? Schedule a demo call with us and get to know how to implement it in your coworking space.

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