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Communication via Stream is more Exclusive — Customer Story

Communication via Stream is more Exclusive — Customer Story

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno


Casa W is a coworking space focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. They not only create inspiring workspaces but offer consulting, training and mentoring services.


Concepción, Biobío Region, Chile

Founded in:


Nr of Branches/Members/Managers

2 (the third branch is coming soon), 200+, 1 manager per each location

Our mission is to accompany entrepreneurs at different stages of their journeys and grow together!

Communication with the Community Before Stream

Before andcards adoption, Casa W managers used email along with various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp to communicate with their members.

We still use them, but now we are trying to redirect members to the app.

WhatsApp on the phone - one of the communication channels of coworking space members

There is no lack of chats and messengers today and many coworking spaces just start using them as the platforms are already popular among members. However, neither Twitter nor Facebook or Telegram will replace a solid community feed.

There are several big issues with social media.

  • They don't promote your coworking brand,
  • don't support your corporate style,
  • don't reflect your ideas,
  • your messages don't stand out among other incoming members' correspondence.

Normally, members have a few messengers that they actively use for communication with friends, family, partners, whoever. So, when a community manager sends them one more message to inform about some coworking news, events, or schedule updates, it doesn't look like information that is worth immediate attention or any attention at all. It's just another message on WhatsApp.

Besides, messengers are not intended to promote your brand. If you care about brand image, you must be consistent. That is, everything your members see and interact with, everything associated with your coworking brand must reflect your unique style and positioning.

So, as soon as Casa W adopted andcards coworking software, they activated Stream integration available inside the package to let members use a branded newsfeed tool for internal communication.

Current Newsfeed & Communication Solution at Casa W

Casa W is using andcards Stream integration for nearly six months. The functionality enabled a community feed just for members where they can:

  • Share status updates in real-time.
  • Attach photos to posts.
  • React to posts.
  • Receive push notifications for new posts.

Casa W post in Stream newsfeed and communication tool: andcards coworking space management app

Members are not redirected to another page, they don't need to install any other app to read community news and participate in community chat. They just tap the "Stream" button inside the coworking app on their smartphone and they are ready to go.

Here is what Mauricio Munoz (Publicist and National Coordinator of ChileCowork) says about how Stream is different from other communication platforms.

We see the value in cooperation. Stream helps us to communicate internally with our customers and deliver information that we don't deliver to external people. It's more *exclusive.*

Stream perfectly addresses communication issues and makes community messages more visible and noticeable. Members know that Stream is one of the official community communication channels, so they are more likely to read the post when they get a notification.

Each message is notified to clients when it's published and the information is relevant to each coworker, so they are all day seeing what we post.

Furthermore, Stream helps to clarify the information that is then visible in Casa W workspaces (activities, regulations, etc.)

Casa W post in Stream newsfeed and communication tool: andcards coworking space management software

It helps to build a community as each coworker has the freedom to publish relevant content. Stream also helps to redirect members' attention to other sections like Benefits.

Actually, Stream use cases are not limited to those mentioned above and Casa W discovers new applications all the time:

  • Share schedule changes or updates when a workplace is under construction/maintenance/upgrade.
  • Share ad-hoc events when a member brings cookies or other tasty stuff to share with peers.
  • Share photos of the forgotten items to help the owner find them.
  • Survey members to improve their experience at Casa W.
  • Ask members a burning question to spark a conversation.
  • Ask members to leave a review on their hospitality experience.
  • Stir emotions and share the love.

Members of Casa W love Stream because the sense of belonging to the community is an essential part of the experience they expect to get from their memberships.

Feeling part of a united and collaborative group is very valuable for every coworker.

Issues Resolved by the Corporate Newsfeed & Communication Channel

Here is a bunch of improvements triggered by the usage of Stream newsfeed and communication tool pointed out by Casa W coworking center.

community event at Casa W coworking space

  • Improved messages visibility. (The info became easier to notice as it comes from official coworking communication platform.)
  • Increased technology adoption. Having a community chat tool integrated with workspace management app gives members one more reason to download and open the app on their smartphones more often.
  • More chances to discover other offered services: membership benefits, meeting rooms.
  • More opportunities for communication, networking, and collaboration between members.
  • Enhanced member experience as managers can easily survey and monitor customers' wishes and promptly address them.

Check out Yourself

Would you like to have an exclusive white-label newsfeed and communication channel at your workspace? Schedule a demo call with us and get to know how to implement the platform.

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