Perfect Software Combo for Coworking Business (Pipedrive + andcards + Intercom)

Helga Moreno

This article is aimed to throw some light at the global delusion. A lot of workspace business owners believe that coworking space software is a kind of sales instrument featuring CRM functionality. But it is not! A workspace app has nothing to do with lead generation and direct membership sales, however, it does come into play as soon as a prospect becomes a member, which is not less important.

Let's discuss coworking sales process in detail and identify a perfect software combo that works like a spell helping you not only close the deals but retain customers and make them spend more money.

Deep Roots of Fallacy

If so many people expect coworking space software to perform the functions of a CRM (customer relationship management) system, they should have some ground behind their requirements. Well, it seems like the roots of this common misbelief lie in brand positioning of some all-in-one/all-inclusive workspace management technologies. They claim to provide all possible tools for running a coworking business including CRM.

I won't get into details why the all-inclusive approach does not work and what is the difference between all-in-one vs best-of-breed workspace software. You can read all pros and cons of both philosophies in this article: IT Integrations VS All-in-One Coworking Software — Which Is Best for Your Business.

Anyway, even if a coworking space platform includes some sort of built in CRM or integrates with a popular system, it doesn't mean it can replace it or perform its functions. CRM system and coworking app are two separate technologies developed for different purposes, different audiences, and different levels of operation.

I.e.: CRM is used by sales managers to capture leads while coworking space software is used for customer service. In the case of andcards, it is used by converted consumers (signed up members), not prospective leads or sales managers.

Your Secret Software Combo (Sales + Customer Service + Support)

Now, when you know that you need specialized software for every stage of interaction with workspace customers, you probably want to see a usable example of apps combination. I would love to share a popular trio that proved to be efficient for many coworking brands.

  1. Pipedrive — for sales
  2. andcards — for all customers' needs at your coworking center
  3. Intercom — for customers support

Now let's take a quick look at what each tool can do for your workspace starting from the first stage — dealing with leads.

Pipedrive CRM & Pipeline Management Software

Pipedrive is developed to let you focus on the right deals. This is an awesome tool to work with leads and prospects. It is packed with features that help to prioritize deals, track performance, and predict revenue.

Pipedrive offers an array of lead capture tools such as:

  • webforms,
  • lead booster bot,
  • and website chat module for leads.

The user interface (UI) of Pipedrive CRM is simple and does not require any special skills or preliminary training. It can be customized for small sales teams that are typical for coworking spaces.

You can set automation to make lead processing even more streamlined. Once a deal is closed on Pipedrive, the system automatically marks contacts as "Customers" and invites them to your workspace membership apps — andcards, which is the next point of your customer's path.

You can measure your sales stage efficiency with different KPIs such as deal conversion rates and MRR.

andcards Member Focused Coworking Space Software

andcards technology is designed for customers' service. As soon as a lead becomes a member, their story with andcards begins. The app puts the entire workspace with all its services and community right into the new member's pocket.

From the first moments of membership, they can:

  • book meeting rooms remotely,
  • discover perks/services and apply for them,
  • read workspace news and communicate with peers,
  • contact support if needed, and do many other things.

In other words, a coworking space app helps customers get the most out of your services, it increases customer engagement and directly impacts LTV (customer lifetime value)😊.

It's safe to say that coworking space software works at the customer service stage and can be measured by such KPIs as user activation rate and member engagement.

Intercom Conversational Relationship Platform

Everybody knows Intercom as an awesome platform helping to build friendly customer relationships through conversational, messenger-based experiences. Its conversational bots, interactive apps, and self-service tools free your managers' hands wherever possible.

We even have an article on our blog dedicated to Intercom's functionality for coworking business purposes: Intercom for Coworking Business: How to Increase Conversions & Customers' Happiness.

andcards has integration with Intercom. This makes the module addition to andcards membership apps that offers customer support functionality. The most amazing thing about it is the fact that Intercom integrates with both Pipedrive and andcards, linking this perfect trio.

It works like this: when members need support, they use andcards apps to chat with the manager. All those chats are recorded on the Pipedrive timeline of the right contact.


This article was aimed to clearly show you the difference between coworking space management and customer relationship management software. The main takeaways from everything said above are:

  • Coworking space software and CRM system are separate technologies.
  • They serve different purposes (CRM — lead generation, coworking app — customer service).
  • They work at different stages (CRM — pre-purchase & conversion, coworking app — after membership purchase).
  • They are intended for different audiences (CRM — for sales managers, coworking app — for members).
  • They have different KPI metrics (CRM — conversions and MRR, coworking app — user activation rate, and member engagement).

However, there is a great way to make your essential software sales-customers' service-support work as a uniform mechanism and give maximum output. Just choose premium solutions and integrate them.

Have another opinion on the perfect coworking software combo? Share it in the comments!

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