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Coworking Software Integrations: a Helpful Checklist of Must-Have Tools

Coworking Software Integrations: a Helpful Checklist of Must-Have Tools

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

Choosing a coworking space management system is not an easy task. You probably have dozens of questions that require answers. In this article, I will try to cover essential points related to coworking software integrations.

Why Do You Need to Bother About Coworking Software Integrations?

Ideally, when a coworking professional is choosing a workspace management platform, they want to get an all-in-one tool that would cover all their needs. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and your team is probably already using some professional solutions like Quickbooks for accounting, Hubspot for CRM, Slack for communication, etc.

Chances are that they won’t feel enthusiastic about changing the apps they already got used to. Besides, as your business is growing, you want to adopt more and more technological marvels like access control and visitor management systems, which coworking management software does not include.

So, if you don’t want to spend your days switching between multiple apps, you need to make sure that the main workspace management platform of your choice is able to seamlessly integrate all tools you are already using and all tools you are planning to use.

This way you will efficiently track, monitor, and coordinate all workspace activities without stressing yourself, your managers, and members as every single bit of information is available from a unified platform.

Now, when we know why coworking software integrations are important, let’s figure out which of them does your flexible space really need to run flawlessly.

A Checklist of Integrations You Want to Have at Hand

When you consider different options of coworking space software available in the market, a good thing is to ask vendors about integrations they already have or take a look at their integrations page to check all boxes critical for your coworking business.

Taking care of required integrations availability will save you from many troubles in the future:

  • you will actually continue to use all apps you already love,
  • you won’t have to master new technologies as you already know them,
  • you will apply only top-notch up-to-date applications and extensions,
  • you won’t overpay for the features inside your main coworking space app you don't use.

It might be difficult for you to build up a list of all possible integrations in your mind and you don’t have to do it. Just read on and you will get a cheat sheet of all popular integrations other coworking operators use. Feel free to save it for your own needs.

why coworking spaces choose andcards workspace management software - banner

Types of Integrations

All integrations a coworking operator might need fall under seven groups or categories according to the issues they address:

  • Bookings

This type of integration allows synchronizing all bookings made through coworking software into your personal or Workspace calendar. Once a booking appears on your coworking app, its detailed record automatically shows up on the Google calendar or any other calendar you use.

  • Automation

This type of integration helps you be more productive by automatically moving information between the main coworking space software and the other apps you use. For instance, by integrating your main coworking software with Zapier you can automatically invite members with your own sign up form, cross-post between a corporate community feed and Slack, register members as hosts in your visitor management app, and more.

  • Printing

This type of integration enables a seamless printing experience for your coworking space members. Through integration with a cloud printing solution like Ezeep, workspace app users get instant access to the printing infrastructure from any device without the need to install any drivers. The integration also automates user management for administrators and counts members' printing activity.

  • Communication

This type of integration empowers customer support services at your coworking space. All apps for 1:1 chats, automated targeted messages with push notifications (Intercom, Zendesk), and sending the right messages on the right channels (email, social media — Mailchimp) fall under the category.

  • Payments

This type of integration enables online payments at your coworking space. By connecting your main coworking software to a payment system like Stripe, Kakaopay, Flow, or WayforPay, you free your managers from chasing members just to remind them about membership fees, bookings, and bills. Customers easily pay for your coworking space services through your apps.

  • CRM

By connecting your main coworking software to customer relationship management tools like HubSpot or Pipedrive, you will easily build a seamless customer journey and keep member data in sync. This powerful integration allows creating a successful handoff from sales to community management by automating customer invitation into your coworking space app. It speeds up onboarding, saves time and reduces manual work.

  • Access Control

Integration with an access control system like SALTO KS, or Kisi will let you grant access to your coworking space automatically and in real-time. For instance, you can grant members 24/7 access to your workspace, let them open doors with a smartphone, track who goes where and when, and get notifications for specific events.

Still find it difficult to match your needs, apps, and integrations? No worries, I have compiled an example checklist of current andcards integrations to make this process easier for you. You are welcome to grab it for yourself and share it with friends.

Must-have coworking software integrations checklist - andcards

To Take Away

Hope the information above was helpful and now you understand why it is important to integrate all apps you use with the main coworking management platform. You also have a basic understanding of integrations types and can create your own desired list of apps to integrate with main coworking software using our template.

Please note that the list of integrations is never final (in the case of andcards). Our developers add more awesome stuff regularly. So, when talking about integrations with a vendor, it’s always good to ask what’s next to make sure that they develop and update their product regularly and that it will meet your growing business needs for years to come.

Do you have questions on how your coworking space can benefit from andcards solutions and integrations? Schedule a demo call with us!

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