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Top 5 Coworking Technologies to Scale Your Coworking Business

Top 5 Coworking Technologies to Scale Your Coworking Business


Kristin Pater

What happens when you scale? You expand, branch up, open multiple locations. As your business is growing bigger, you are more likely to feel lost and find it hard to find your overview. There are more suppliers to manage and more demand from potential and current members.

When you scale it becomes a necessity to alter and

automate your processes in order for you to work more agile, giving you more room to grow. These processes touch multiple areas of your coworking business such as lead generation(marketing), HR, and finance.

For some space owners keeping their cool becomes harder when their business grows. Setting up a roadmap that determines a long-term vision can be daunting. But not with the right coworking technology!

The following tool-tips brought to you by SALTO KS are going to help you scale your flexible workspace like a breeze.

1. Keep Your Financial Records Ordered with Xero

Xero is a great solution for coworking businesses that are growing and need a more sophisticated accounting system.

For example, Xero's invoicing feature allows you to create and send invoices directly from your account, which can save you time and help you get paid faster.

Additionally, Xero's reporting feature provides in-depth insights into your business's financial health, so you can make better decisions about where to allocate your resources.

Here are some other key features that Xero includes:

  • Cloud-based software so you can access your data from anywhere.
  • Automatic bank feeds so you can easily import transactions into your account.
  • Multiple currency support so you can keep track of your finances in multiple currencies.

All of these features are extremely helpful for coworking spaces that are expanding and need to keep track of their finances accurately. Thanks to Xero, you'll be able to monitor your growth and make smart financial decisions for your business.

2. Engage with Customers Using Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing service that offers a wide range of features to help growing coworking businesses reach and engage customers. Some of these features include newsletters, automated emails, A/B testing, and powerful reporting tools.

All of these features can be very beneficial to a scaling coworking space. For example, newsletters can help promote upcoming events or new membership packages, automated emails can welcome new members and provide them with information about the space, and A/B testing can help determine which email content is most effective at reaching customers.

Additionally, the powerful reporting tools offered by Mailchimp can help you track the success of email marketing campaigns and see how they are impacting overall workspace growth.

3. Touchless 24/7 Access for Members with SALTO KS

By purchasing SALTO KS electronic locks and activating relevant integration on your coworking platform, you are setting yourself up for good luck. This integration of coworking space management software with an access control system will resolve a lot of extra work. It synchronizes members and their membership information with Salto KS solution, so managers don't need to manually copy-paste member data and maintain two separate member databases.

andcards coworking software integration with access control systems: Kisi, SALTO KS - access control at a coworking space

By activating your Salto KS integration you are able to manage and access different coworking sites with a smartphone and have 24/7 activity data, enabling you to understand your customers' behavior and patterns. This will leave you with some extra time to do what you like doing such as scaling your business.

4. Enable Cross-location Bookings with andcards

When you are turning your coworking space into a multi-national corporation, you need to think about consistency and members’ comfort even more than before. A booking system by andcards offering a cross-location feature is exactly what you need to manage all your desks and meeting rooms more efficiently and provide members (or just ad-hoc customers) with a seamless booking experience.

andcards allows customers to search for, easily book, and pay for meeting rooms and desks across all your locations in a tap. While customers use this convenient self-service platform, workspace administrators just supervise the process from one central dashboard.

Discover why hundreds of coworking spaces choose andcards

5. Automate Wi-Fi Management with IronWiFi

You surely experienced that deja vu feeling when members that left your coworking space some time ago appeared in your network again? If your Wi-Fi passwords are hanging on the walls or you don’t have the correct access revoke procedure, everyone can steal your internet and threaten the cyber safety of the authorized users. This is absolutely unacceptable for a scaling business that opens new locations and welcomes businesses from different cities or even countries.

The issue is easy to fix by automating your Wi-Fi management with the help of IronWiFi technology. No more access for unauthorized people, no more passwords glued to the walls... The system easily grants access to your networks and revokes it. As soon as a membership plan/visit/booking/event finishes, the customer loses temporary access to your Wi-Fi.

Final Thoughts

Coworking is a new way of getting work done. Establish yourself as a coworking entity by implementing the above technology solutions and wait for your business to scale.

These coworking technology tools together could create a platform that brings you some peace of mind while building your legacy. Within time you will grow to be the resource of knowledge and solid member experience for a lot of entrepreneurs. Scaling your business should be fun. It means you and your team are doing a great job conquering the world one branch at a time.

Do you want to know how to integrate all the above-mentioned tools to manage your coworking space from a single place? Read how to choose the main workspace app that will make things so much easier for you.

This article is written by Kristin Pater from SALTO KS, a SALTO GROUP COMPANY

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