Best Customer Support Software for Coworking Spaces

Best Customer Support Software for Coworking Spaces

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

Coworking business is about hospitality and members' happiness. That's why it's natural to use a customer support system to be sure that you address all queries on time and that they don't have a repeated nature.

The main functions of customer support software at a coworking space is managing customer service requests and interacting with members to resolve their support tickets. Having an awesome help desk software, you will add one more item to the list of advantages of your coworking space.

When you are running a coworking business you have many expenses and lots of things to take care about. It's wise to consider whether you really need the technology before investing in it.

While white label coworking space management software offering handy mobile apps for members is an absolute must, the benefits of customer support app may seem not so obvious. I hope after reading this article you will decide on that easily.

Customer Support Software — When to Implement It in a Coworking Space

support manager sitting behind the monitors talking over the phone at a coworking space

The answer is the sooner the better. Of course, I am not speaking about small family-size workplaces with 30-50 members, where people got used to communicate openly and directly.

If you are running a middle-size and large-scale coworking network, customer support software should be one of the top priority platforms to implement right from the start. This is important because the way you handle members' issues makes a great impact on their happiness with your service.

Besides, automating everything is a trend to follow if you want your coworking center to grow and thrive in the future. Additionally, it's a legitimate way to improve your coworking space economy without hiring new managers.

By the way, if you are looking for cost-efficient customer support solutions, there are plenty of them in the market. Some are available for free. After you pick out the best customer support software for your coworking space, your investments will return quickly making members happier and employees more productive.

There are four types of customer support service software — live answering, interactive voice response representatives, live chat, and email. When you implement customers support software, you get a unified platform to monitor and communicate with customers across multiple channels.

Do You Really Need a Customer Support System

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In this section, I will list some signals telling that your coworking space needs a customer support system.

  1. Where do you store your customer requests? If they are stored on the email system of each manager's computer, sooner or later this will lead to poor member experience. Imagine that a member requests support for the second time and it's another manager's shift. The employee doesn't see the history and has nothing else to do than ask the member to fill in the gaps, which looks unprofessional and even irritating. A member starts to think that nobody cares about their issue at all.

    It's easy to avoid a disappointing experience with customer support software. It includes native email integration, which means your customers can still email you for support, but all those messages are added to your ticket database and all managers will see it.

  2. Do you track support issues in Excel? It's better than nothing, yet can hardly be called the most time-efficient way. Finding patterns and commonalities requires time and effort. A customer support service platform organizes all requests enabling you to prioritize and focus on addressing the most urgent issues.

  3. What does it take to understand if your team is efficient? How do you know statistics on amenities and perks requests? How many tickets do you receive on average? What are your customer service metrics?

    Of course, a good customer support software includes built-in reports that help to manage staff and members. If you don't have a customer support system, it takes forever to search through customers' issues in Excel and manually look through the emails to fish out the data you need.

  4. It's really bad if you don't have a helicopter view on what's happening with your members. I don't mean those separate emails and phone calls. I am talking about general visibility and customer relationship management to keep an eye on patterns and common issues so that you could provide the best member service.

  5. Do your managers look stressed and overworked? Handling members' issues manually causes nothing but productivity decrease. Arm your managers with a tool for making members happier — automated tickets system, self-service to minimize the number of requests members can actually cope with themselves, and easy access to the history of members' requests. Only happy managers can make members happy.

  6. Are you sure your customers are happy? Do you see negative reviews or bad publicity on social media from time to time? Do you experience a decline in customer retention? The problem is that when your members are unhappy, they will sooner write a post on Facebook than come to you directly and explain why.

    A coworking business can't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Members will have issues, you can do nothing about it, yet, when those issues are fixed quickly with almost no effort from their part you earn customers' trust. An awesome help desk software will inform you when customers are showing signs of distress, and help your managers to better serve members.

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Top Customer Support Software Tools for Your Coworking Space

two men with a smartphone - support coworking space members with mobile app

I guess you are ready to consider some of the best customer support systems for your coworking space.

Useful tip:

If you are already using some coworking space management application, ask your vendor for the possibility of integration with the system of your choice. Though, choosing best-of-breed apps for integration with main coworking software is hardly possible if you are using an all-in-one solution. In this case, you probably have some built-in customer service feature whether you like it or not.

If you want more flexibility, you can always migrate to better coworking software where only you decide what supplementary technology you need. For instance, andcards has integrations with Zendesk and Intercom to cover your customer support needs the best possible way.


Zendesk CRM software has been developed for support, sales, and customer engagement. It makes it easy for coworking space members to talk to you. Support products by Zendesk allow customer conversations to flow seamlessly across all channels. This helps community managers to be more productive and get satisfied customers easier.

Zendesk also helps to build healthy relationships with employees. You will have an internal helpdesk to create consumer-like experiences for managers that are easy, reliable, and more productive.

Thanks to andcards and Zendesk integration, you will be able to organize customer support at your coworking space even more effectively. Connect Zendesk to:

  • Add "Help" button to your web and mobile apps.
  • Allow members to find support articles and coworking community guidelines.
  • Let customers report issues and create support tickets.
  • Enable real-time chat to your web and mobile app members.

members support at a coworking space: andcards integration with Zendesk & Intercom

If you already have Zendesk account, contact andcards support to enable Zendesk integration for your coworking software.


Intercom is the right customer support tool to drive loyalty and growth through real-time business messaging.

Key features of the software include:

  • Business messenger enabling you to support members quickly and easily with both chat and self-service on your corporate coworking website and mobile app.
  • Intercom provides you with the following management tools: multi-channel team inbox, workflow and reporting tools, and an integrated knowledge base.
  • The system provides you with a uniform customer data platform. You will have the right context for every conversation with past support interactions and customer behavior data at your fingertips.
  • You can connect Intercom to Jira, Stripe, and more tools you use to make your support even more efficient.

As to the integration of andcards coworking software with Intercom, the system adds a “Helpdesk” button to My Workspaces page. Members use it to find help articles and chat with you. After enabling Intercom to organize communication with your workspace space customers you will be able to:

  • Sync member information to Intercom platform.
  • See when members are online.
  • Chat to your web and mobile app members.
  • Chat to your workspace website visitors.
  • Automate in-app messages and email communications.
  • Organize community guidelines and help.

Decided to install Intercom? First, obtain API keys from Settings > Installation.

Want to know more use cases of Intercom at a coworking space? Check out this article: Intercom for Coworking Business: How to Increase Conversions & Customers' Happiness.


Freshdesk is a powerful helpdesk ticketing system that you can use for free for an unlimited number of coworking space managers.

This customer support software makes your communication with members streamline. You can track, prioritize and categorize incoming support requests and resolve issues a lot faster than you would with email.

Here is what a free plan allows you to do:

  • Handle queries from multiple communication channels like email, phone, and social media from a single unified database.
  • Route tickets to the right people, set up preset responses for frequently asked questions, and more.
  • Get ticket volume reports to control managers' performance. Draw insights from the metrics and use them to drive future decisions and increase managers' accountability.
  • Use the knowledge base feature in Freshdesk to provide members detailed solution articles and other resources so that they can troubleshoot and resolve issues on their own.
  • Answer customer tickets on the fly with Freshdesk's mobile apps for iOS and Android.


osTicket is a free customer support software to scale and streamline customer service at your space and improve members' experience.

Some of the osTicket customer support software features include:

  • Dashboard reports that keep you up-to-date on your help desk statistics.
  • Configurable Help topics. You can add, edit, and delete your help desk topics whenever you wish.
  • The customer support portal for maintaining happy customer relationships.
  • Service level agreements, where you set your business hours and the system handles the rest.
  • Ticket filters that make sure the right tickets goes to the right person.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a free beginner-friendly customer support software that is scalable for experts as well.

Here are some of the main Zoho Desk features:

  • It automatically sorts tickets into queues based on time due, priority, and CRM status.
  • Shows the history of interactions right beside the current ticket with the two-way Zoho CRM integration.
  • Automatically pulls articles from the Knowledge base based on the keywords in the ticket.
  • Managers can collaborate and work with multiple people and teams on tickets without leaving Zoho Desk via the Team Chat and Team Feed.

Coworking space managers can get a quick view of all vital stats, and get into the finer details with customizable reports and dashboards.

Members can get instant answers from the help articles in the KB, and interact with other customers in Communities.

Over to You

Do you agree that customer support is essential for your coworking business? How do you handle members' requests? Maybe you are already using some customer support software. If not, are you going to implement the one? Which of the above customer support systems do you consider the most suitable for your coworking space?

If you want to know more about how andcards member-friendly coworking space management software works, how can it help you enhance your brand, automate routines, and make members happier with your service, schedule a demo call with us. You can also ask all your questions about integrations with customer support and many other systems during this friendly communication.

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