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How to Effectively Decentralize Your Coworking Space in 6 Easy Steps

How to Effectively Decentralize Your Coworking Space in 6 Easy Steps


Hanson Cheng

Decentralizing your coworking space is a challenging task. It requires careful planning and attention to detail along with the right tools.

If you want to decentralize your office, you will need to consider many different aspects of it including its technology, accessibility, security measures, and more.

Benefits of Decentralizing Your Flexible Workspace 

The benefits of a decentralized office far outweigh those of a centralized one. Let's have a look at the major ones to consider before settling on a final decision.

Reduced Staff Numbers 

By having a decentralized coworking space, you will be able to operate with less staff mainly by automating specific processes. In the current climate, this is good because more people can work remotely.

Since staff numbers are reduced, this means that there will be fewer people to pay a salary to as well. This makes it more affordable for startups and small businesses with limited budgets.

In addition to this, it means that staff who are on-site can be better utilized, which is to say they will have a workload that’s more in line with their abilities.

Ease of Access for Users 

Decentralized processes such as using booking apps reduce friction points for customers and members.  For example, members will need to log in less often because the coworking space is not a centralized one.

This means that access will be more convenient for users since there are fewer steps and it’s easier to track down staff or get information on how they can make use of the space.

For those who want to have an overview of everything going on at once, this could also potentially allow them to keep tabs from afar if they so choose.

It also makes it easier for members to book office spaces, flexi-desks, office hiring and everything in between can be done by using apps or websites as opposed to talking to staff.  This means that your employees' turnover rates will be a lot lower as you will not have to spend time training new staff on how to handle customers or members.

More Space for Coworkers

A decentralized management team means less space on-site taken up by staff offices etc. This frees up more desk space for paying customers, which has the potential to improve your bottom line and gives you financial freedom. In addition,  it can allow you to open up more desk space, which means that your company will become less cramped and a lot more comfortable for all the employees.

Reduce Redundancies and Inefficiencies

Decentralized processes also reduce redundancies and inefficiencies by having less overhead costs associated with management of inventory, space allocation, etc.

This can be another way to help save money for your company and balance things even further.

You need to consider these points before making your decision about decentralizing your coworking space. Consider all of the benefits before deciding what would work best for your company at this time.

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Tips for Effectively Decentralizing Your Coworking Space 

Let's now discuss the main tips that you need to consider when it comes to effectively decentralizing your coworking space.

1. Prepare the Team for Remote Work 

Make everything needed available remotely. Allowing people access to cloud-based management software ensures they will have access to the same information they would have if they were physically in an office.

Create a chatbox for all involved so that you can communicate with them at any time (while automating commonly asked questions) and discuss tasks on hand without having everyone’s attention focused solely on one person.

Establishing these guidelines at the beginning of company decentralization efforts will not only make it easier but also create an environment where both traditional work habits and remote working is accepted by staff members

Schedule regular meetings with individuals who have moved out of a normal office to establish bonds of trust and ensure that everything is going well.

2. Automate Member Processes 

Ensuring that the membership process is automated is important for a variety of reasons—with the most important one being that it streamlines the member experience.

This means that you can take care of things more quickly and efficiently.

In addition to providing a good experience for your members, it also means that you will not have to get involved every time that a new member joins your coworking space. As a result, your space will be able to scale faster and with less effort than if you were relying on in-person or phone interactions for every single one of these processes.

If done correctly, automating can also save you, the owner, a significant amount of time since it means that there is no need to spend hours training someone else how to do something when the process can just be programmed into the system from the start.

Automation saves members money because they have more options as far as payment goes (if you choose to include this feature) which gives them greater control over their experience.

For example, if you offer your decentralized coworking space members the option to use crypto-currencies for payments, they will not have any fees deducted from their earnings which can sometimes be significant cost savings.

This will not save you time that you can focus on other things such as marketing your coworking space and getting more members to know about what you offer.

3. Use a Self-service App for Visitor Management

When members book, pay, buy and apply through such an app, managers don't have to administer all those processes. Having a unified solution for visitor management is great because it saves managers’ time, and members, as well as their guests, get a more wholesome experience.

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One important thing to note is that with such self-service apps, there comes the need for some guidance on how to best make use of them.

Coworking space owners should be ready to answer any questions before they arise so as not to frustrate or confuse anyone who may feel uncomfortable using new technologies.

4. Reduce Additional Services 

Additional services at traditional coworking spaces are great, but it’s easier to decentralize when there are fewer things to manage.

By installing self-service coffee machines (instead of offering table service cafes and food options), there will be fewer things to manage and will mean fewer staff members in the coworking space at any one time. People are there to work at the end of the day, so minimal but useful services are better than all the bells and whistles you might find in a traditional space.

While these additional services would be nice to have, they are not necessary, and most space will work just fine without them.

5. Run Member Webinars and Online Communities Instead of in-Person Events

Webinars and virtual communities are great for those who do not have the time or funds necessary to get out of their homes regularly. It’s also easier for people with disabilities or other restrictions that might make it hard to attend in-person events.

By using video conferencing software, you’ll be able to run live training and ensure that everyone is doing as well as you’d hoped for.

It also allows people to build a sense of community, even though members are not in the same location.

6. Create Online Training Resources 

As you go ahead and build a community of people that form part of your coworking space, you will find that it is important to have online training resources on fast-loading video hosting sites.

This will help your members find out more about what they can get from your coworking spaces, and how to make the most out of them.

One option for such materials would be a newsletter that you send periodically or as needed to all your members.

You can use it to give information about upcoming events, speak about new services being offered, or any other updates relevant to your decentralized coworking space.

Ensure that these newsletters are informative but not too frequent so people don't unsubscribe because they got too much information.

Another option is to have your members create the content for you, and then post it online on a website or blog. This has numerous benefits associated with boosting your brand using user-generated content.

First of all, it will give your members a sense of belonging as they see that you are publishing their own, personal work.

Secondly, with a good amount of content being generated, search engines and social media will love you and will increase your visibility when people are searching for information related to coworking spaces.

This will result in your content showing up higher in search results pages which can lead to your space getting more exposure and members interested in what you offer.

Finally, this allows potential new members to ask questions about how best to use your coworking space, which can be answered by a dedicated person on your team, ultimately leading to more members signing up for such a decentralized coworking space.

Final Thoughts

Having a decentralized coworking space is a great way to make sure you are meeting the current needs of the people that make use of your space.

However, you need to keep in mind that the right elements are present to ensure that the members have the best experience while using your space.

This leads to a win-win situation for everyone involved, which keeps members happy and coming back for more.

The article was written by Hanson Cheng. Hanson is the founder of Freedom to Ascend. He empowers online entrepreneurs and business owners to 10x their business and become financially independent. You can connect with him here.

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