Top 7 Event Management Tools for Coworking Spaces

Helga Moreno

If you are running a coworking brand you are probably obsessed with the idea of nurturing an active community. A healthy community is the main attraction of a modern coworking hub, so wise entrepreneurs invest lots of resources into building it.

The most actionable way to strengthen a communal vibe is carrying out various events that bring members together. It's really challenging to preserve a special coworking spirit when your business grows bigger and you open more and more locations. To prevent the disunity, you should connect members from day one. The easiest way to do it is via community feed integrated with your coworking space management software. This way you will keep all your members informed and updated on all events carried out at the coworking center.

The next step to improve member experience is to automate events management at your coworking space. To be more accurate, implementing specialized software will not only make your members happier but save community managers bags of efforts they usually spend on organizing events. When promotion, registration, payment, and all other activities associated with running an event go smoothly, it positively impacts your coworking brand image.

Indeed, planning a community event at a coworking space is a monstrous task especially when you need to do it regularly. You must think about everything — venue, agenda, sponsors, seats, meals, tickets, etc.

The whole process starting from preparation to analyzing results causes less headache if you are using a good event management platform. You can completely change the rules of the game to your favor if you pick out an awesome event management tool and integrate it with your main workspace management system.

Side note: Custom and all-inclusive coworking space management technologies are not always integration-friendly, so you'd better choose the best-of-breed coworking app to enjoy the utmost flexibility of software choice.

Modern event planning and management applications do everything or almost everything to free community manager's hands and please members. They engage the attendees, digitally render floor plans, and lots of other things. Events management apps offer different sets of features, however, all of them have one thing in common. They completely eliminate the amateur DIY approach to arranging events at your coworking space and streamline the management process.

How to Choose a Great Event Management App for Your Coworking Space

Applications for managing events at your coworking space come in all shapes and sizes promising all sorts of successes. This showcase features the most usable systems to save you time and energy required for managing logistics, deadlines, and attendee engagement. These event management solutions can be used either in combination or solely to ultimately boost productivity.

Depending on the type of event, you will need different functionality, so the app of your choice must meet the following characteristics:

  • Keep all related info in one place.
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication with key audiences (vendors, attendees, whoever.)
  • Offer a dashboard to track and measure success.

Depending on the scale/size of events carried out at your space and your biggest pain points in planning and arranging them, you'll want to select different event management software. The list below will help you make the right choice.

Best Event Management Apps to Use at a Coworking Space

#1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a comprehensive solution to transform any event you are going to host at your coworking space into an unforgettable experience for members. From music festivals and conventions to pop-up dinners and photography classes, Eventbrite is a perfect assistant to run all your community-building activities smoothly.

The tool allows you to start in minutes by creating a beautiful event listing page with built-in payment processing, analytics, and support.

What's important, you can extend your reach and find your audiences where they discover experiences on partner sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. This is your chance not only to retain existing members but to attract new residents.

#2. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is a professional solution for operators and managers who are serious about community events at their coworking centers. This event management tool supports you all the way, from creating an event to analyzing the results.

At first, you create a modern, on-brand, mobile-friendly event website to deliver an easy to use registration experience to your members. Don't worry, no coding skills are required.

The app provides tailored solutions for all sorts of events, from tech conferences to fundraisers, training, and classes.

Then Eventzilla continues to assist you at every step of the event's life cycle (Before - landing page, invitations, registration, etc., During - check-in, attendee mobile app, name badges, etc., After - reporting, surveys, integrations.)

#3. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a holistic platform that provides your coworking space team with all the tools they need to create rewarding events. This event management app also surfaces insights to help your events grow in ways you never thought were possible.

Here's how Bizzabo is different from other event management tools:

  • It lets you tailor-make event flows per persona. Customize all attendee-facing touch-points to showcase only the most relevant and converting content.

  • Bizzabo provides you with an in-depth analysis of your targeted audience's main interests so you can design an informed marketing strategy that is in line with your expected business outcomes.

#4. Localist

Localist is an event management tool that helps to automate your event content and connect your community.

In other words, Localist centralizes your event content so your team can focus on making events great.

The app enables to craft a perfect message that will attract the right audience without touching a single line of code.

If you are already using tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, and others, including your workspace management system, Localist will work seamlessly with all of them.

Here are some cool Localist features you will love:

  • White-label event registration. It offers compliant, secure and customizable event registration directly on the event landing page.

  • Admin tools including powerful permissions, drag and drop editors, event centralization tools and intuitive classifications that allow coworkings plan, run and optimize event marketing campaigns with speed and precision.

#5. Whova

Whova is an event management application you can use at your coworking space. Here are some features that differentiate the tool:

  • You can make your event look modern and trendy and impress your attendees, sponsors, and management team with cutting-edge technology.
  • Engage events attendees effectively, inspire their loyalty by creating immersive event experiences easily.
  • Save time managing event logistics. Complete tedious event management tasks with a few clicks and focus on more important things.

#6. idloom -events

idloom-events is a reliable and professional tool that helps you tackle all of the key tasks that make a coworking event successful, such as the creation of a dedicated website, registrations, reservations, payments, badges, check-in, etc.

Using the app, you can be assured that guest registrations are correctly recorded and that your participants are given a polished and professional image of your workspace. Additionally, idloom-events automates plenty of mundane tasks and frees you from all the hassles related to event organization regardless of its type or size.

idloom-events supports integrations with most of the apps you already use, including Zapier, which lets you connect your event guest list to CRM, send emails to your guest registrants via emailing software or generate invoices with specific invoicing software in a few clicks.

#7. Raklet

Raklet is a plug and play solution offering a better way to manage contacts, messages, and payments when planning events at your coworking space. The platform gives you access to contact storing, automated messaging, and online payment tools.

Here they are:

  • CRM: Flexible database with unlimited custom fields.
  • Portal: Let contacts login to manage their profile and payments.
  • Forms: Build forms, collect data, instant reports in your CRM.
  • Email: Know who opens your emails, when, how many times, and from where.
  • SMS: Always be within reach with smart text messages.
  • Push: Customize mobile app and send timely messages via push notifications.
  • Membership: Collect dues online, automate recurring payments, schedule reminders.
  • Ticketing: Create, promote, and host successful events. Boost reservations & check-ins.
  • Donations: Launch fundraising campaigns, collect recurring donations.


I hope my list of top event management tools was useful and you are ready to automate one more process at your coworking space. If you have your own favorites to share with the community, please drop me a line in the comments. I promise to consider adding them to the list.

In case you agree that software integration is the key to saving resources and making members happier, schedule a demo call with us to know what andcards can do for your coworking space in terms of integration and management.

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