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Intercom for Coworking Business: How to Increase Conversions & Customers' Happiness

Intercom for Coworking Business: How to Increase Conversions & Customers' Happiness

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

Intercom is a popular platform developed to connect companies with their clients. Coworking business is all about communication and connection. Community managers strive to stay in touch with members via all possible channels, that's why I am sure this article will be really helpful. Here I am going to tell you about traditional and not-so-obvious Intercom use cases. They will supply you with more efficient ways of increasing customers' happiness and

conversion rates.

Pro Tip: If your business requires an additional customer support system on top of the one that is already built into your workspace app, the combination of Intercom and coworking space software enables you to use the power of both platforms, which gives impressive results.

For example:

  1. Support tickets are synchronized across all member's devices.
  2. andcards integration with Intercom supports push notifications, which means that even if the chat is closed, a member will know about the new message.
  3. All clients' data is synchronized. You can track members' activities (device, location, visited pages, etc.)
  4. Intercom can be integrated with your CRM.

A great potential of Intercom in terms of sales is that the platform gives you an understanding of who your customers are and what are they looking for on your website in real-time. This knowledge can be used to make your communication more personal and timely, which will surely make your sales much more probable.

paying for coworking space services with a card at a help desk

Here are some general ways to use Intercom at your coworking space:

  • When people land on your online platform, you can start proactive conversations, answer their questions with live chat to help them get started with their membership at your workspace.
  • Intercom allows to set up automated campaigns or one-off email, push, and in-app messages based on time or customer behavior to onboard and retain new users, announce something, drive technology adoption, upsell and cross-sell services.
  • If a prospective member got stuck with your integrated knowledge base or a user can't find what they need, Intercom conversation with your team member will lead a person to the destination point.

However, Intercom use cases are not limited to the items above. Continue reading and you will be surprised how many incredible features are being left under the fold.

Author's Note:

A regular Intercom interface includes six tabs. Coworking spaces can use each tab for different purposes.

  • Platform — contains data (from name to type of device) on people, companies, accounts, and conversations. Users and companies are divided by categories: all, leads, active, new, slipping away.
  • Outbound — a place to craft targeted messages depending on the funnel stage a customer is at (onboarding, sales boost, invite, etc.)
  • Inbox — used to handle members' queries (get, reply, close).
  • Articles — help section for your informational articles.
  • Operator — used for automation of the repeated tasks with the help of bots (like asking to rate the conversation after it is closed.)
  • Reports — a very important section with analytical reports showing all sorts of numbers on your team performance and customers' satisfaction.

using Intercom tabs for communication with customers at a coworking space

How to Get More Benefits for Your Coworking Space Out of Intercom App

If you think about Intercom's functionality, live chat is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. Technology is a must for coworking centers selling their memberships online. Modern customers are very demanding, they expect immediate attention and if they don't get it, your website will be abandoned for a user-friendlier competitor.

Coworking brands are not ready to lose customers, so they have to adopt live chat technologies and learn creative strategies that help to build relationships in the most efficient ways.

Live Chat with Customers

Live chat on your corporate website is most efficient for acquiring new customers and offering them to take a virtual tour over the workspace.

Live chat is also irreplaceable for responding to customers' queries and getting custom requirements for the services. Though, I strongly recommend integrating Intercom with your main coworking software to make your support even more member-focused.

For example, andcards workspace management software is already packed with this serviceable integration. Thanks to the feature, members of the coworking spaces that use our product can access support chat right from the apps on their smartphones.

A Few Examples of Live Chat Use Cases:

  1. Members query management.
  2. Notifying members about guests' arrival.
  3. Notifying members about mail delivery.
  4. Announcements about lost and found things.

Read more about andcards integration with Intercom.

A few tips to make your live chat outstanding:

  • Add humor to your messages. You can post a picture of a smiling community manager with some funny inscription "Ask me a question. I promise not to bite!" Simple humor is always at place.
  • Show support messages in the right language. Supposing you have overseas customers that use your virtual coworking plan. Make a difference, implement geographical segmentation to show how much you care about your customers, and greet them in their native language.
  • Never forget that you are talking to a human. Include nice emojis in your conversation to add friendliness to your professional tone. People love sweet stuff and you will surely notice this in your Intercom conversation ratings.

Add Human Touches Along the Client's Way

A secret of great relationships with members lies in nurturing them. Start building partnerships from the very beginning adding small human touches wherever possible.

For example, when a new member signs up, send them an email with a gif of the community manager smiling and waving. It’s a small touch, which is very personal and going a long way. As the community manager leads members through all the procedures, this is the right moment to begin a relationship.

smiling community manager at a coworking space

When a member sees a community manager before the personal meeting and verbal interaction, it breaks the ice and puts a person at ease. Welcome your members at the very first steps of their coworking path.

save time and deliver premium member experience with andcards coworking software - banner

Members Onboarding

You can set up auto messages on Intercom to onboard your newly registered members. In most coworking spaces customers go through these stages: acquaintance/virtual tour - free trial day - registration - paying customer.

It's super important to engage members immediately, from day one, once they registered. So, you need to create auto messages based both on time and user actions. For instance, as soon as a member finishes filing in the registration form, they get a welcome message and invitation to join the community and get access to all services by downloading the workspace app.

This way you can do precise targeting and send messages via email and then inside the app to encourage members to take certain actions. It works well for coworking spaces and helps to increase conversions.

Mass Messaging & Product Announcements

How do you inform members about changes to the existing services or new perks introduction? You can do it via the corporate newsfeed or a one-time mass email newsletter.

Intercom provides you with four default email template styles. You can use them to inform your members or quickly create your own email newsletter style. This way you will deliver workspace essentials to more members.

Personalized Member Support

Personalized support via live chat is very important during all customer life cycle. Providing it via Intercom integration with main coworking space management software, your support managers will see all conversations with members in one thread. This is an absolute must for big and medium-sized coworking brands having several branches, hundreds of members, and a team of community managers.

With such an integrated support system, members can ask for assistance right from the coworking app on their smartphones, while support managers can review the conversation history to stay in the context and avoid unnecessary irritating questions.

See With Member's Eyes

This Intercom feature is mostly used by tech support managers. However, I am sure you also should know about the possibility. Adding a few lines of JavaScript you will start to see what's happening in the browser of your member in real-time while communicating with them. Members don't need to install any additional software on their computers to enable the functionality.

For example, if a customer reports some error on your site, maybe payments don't come through or the form doesn't save the information, you can immediately join the session live by clicking the generated link and solve the issue.

This is really amazing, you’ll be able to see everything that is happening in their browser — how they’re interacting with your product along with all the technical information.

Know What Channel Brings Most of the Leads

Revenue growth is one of the main goals you chase. You surely monitor your conversion funnel and Intercom can be rather helpful here. The app is a great solution for end-of-the-funnel monitoring. You can see which channels generate the best leads with the highest potential of converting and focus on them.

Get Members' Feedback

woman taking survey at a coworking space

Collecting customers' feedback is vital for the coworking business. It gives you the possibility for growth and improvement. Intercom offers a nice feedback module giving a clear picture of how happy are members with your customer service. If the default Intercom feedback system is not enough for you to feel confident, you can combine it with another popular help desk solution.

Run Surveys

Another way to figure out how happy are your members is to run an Intercom's NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, where users can click a number between 1–10 to answer the question such as “How likely are you to recommend our coworking space to a friend?”

One-click answers are great for gathering members' feedback and monitoring satisfaction. They don't take members' time but let you better understand consumers' needs.

Reward Members that Give Feedback

Intercom is a wonderful tool for communication with members. You can use its tagging feature to reward the most active of them. Tag members to specifically target them to get feedback. This will be your test group providing feedback for new services and allowing you to constantly improve the workspace.

I advise you to occasionally throw in some gift certificates for members of your insider group that provides feedback to say "thank you" and encourage them for further cooperation.

Pro tip:

Tagging members is an incredible feature. Just imagine how accurately you can segment your database and how super-targeted you can make your messages and marketing campaigns.

For instance, you can tag only male, founders, using iOS...

Or you can create a sequence in the Outbound tab that will send a message to members that forgot to pay for their memberships via all available channels (email, push, chat). The sequence will be activated by the manager after tagging a person as a debtor. Can you imagine how much time will this automation save to your community manager?

Furthermore, you can send super-targeted event invites to specific events (female-only, founders' club.)

The trick with tagging will also help to pull back inactive members that are ready to drop off. Tag and ping them trying to involve in the community life with some irresistible offer.

Get New Leads

If you are ready to invest some efforts in creating content for Intercom, these pages will also bring in new leads for your coworking space.

Use Educate section to post articles about your coworking center, its perks, memberships, services, etc. to help potential customers find more related information they are interested in. If you pick out the right keywords, those articles will rank high on Google and many people will find them searching for something related.

This way, your keyword-optimized educational articles on Intercom will not only help your existing customers but also bring potential leads to your door without any efforts from your side.

Encourage Shares

coworking space member using Twitter

Intercom can even help to promote your content on social media. Include ‘click to tweet’ button in your help articles/news/announcements to encourages shares. If you provide users with a quick effortless way to share content (pre-written tweet), they will do it more willingly. This is especially true if the article is telling about the service they use and like or about the achievements of the coworking hub they attend. They will be happy to tell friends about it.

Help Members Discover Workspace Services

It's a good practice to add an image with a quote to your in-app message that pops up when a prospective customer lands on your site. Greet users with informative live chat messages that involve them from the very first moments. Let them discover more about your workspace, members benefits, community events, and famous members.

Prospective members at this stage are more likely to read your posts and case studies using a quick Intercom link because they want to understand how your center can help their particular business grow.

Over to You

Well, it's time to wrap up the article. We have discussed some major creative ways to use Intercom for your coworking space benefit. They will help you increase your conversions and members' happiness.

Want to know more about andcards integration with Intercom and other solutions we provide? Read this article: Coworking Software Integrations: a Helpful Checklist of Must-Have Tools.

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