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Reasons Why IoT and VoIP Will Benefit Your Coworking Space

Reasons Why IoT and VoIP Will Benefit Your Coworking Space


Michael Gonzalez

The coworking sector is causing a tremendous change in the commercial Real Estate Industry, with global coworking operations likely to treble by 2024.

What has been once a largely unknown practice has now become an everyday practice. Coworking spaces are changing the way today’s professionals connect with the corporate world and with each other.

SMBs, freelancers, as well as other professionals, can use coworking spaces to do their business. The perception of a "coworking space" is popular, and many enterprises and small companies are taking advantage of it.

A coworking space is simply a shared workspace where people can connect, work, discuss ideas, and collaborate on projects. The shared office concept has increasingly attracted huge corporations along with startups and remote workers.

As a coworking space owner, you can enhance your offices with technology, particularly with IoT (Internet of Things). IoT in coworking spaces provides flexibility and opportunities for workspace optimization, allowing the building to meet the requirements, and alerts users to potential difficulties and issues.

The data collected by the IoT technology gives coworking space operators a better understanding of their operational efficacy, which is critical in the competing coworking space industry.

The Internet of Things (IoT) in Workplace Management

Contactless payment at a coworking space

It might be a struggle to determine what are the right resources for a better understanding of your customer’s needs and preferences. Especially as customers' expectations for amenities and surroundings rise.

Thus, it is critical to make the most sophisticated and efficient use of the environment you have access to. Here's where IoT solutions come in, to assist project delivery while providing members with the finest shared work tools like never before.

Similar to a Smart Home Automation concept, IoT is playing a significant role in the collaborative workspace niche and it has begun to take steps in this direction:

1. Biometric Access

After a person has been allocated a workstation or desk, the first factor to keep in mind is safety. Member’s entrance permissions can be designated utilizing a wide range of technologies.

A very popular automation solution for secure access in a coworking space is Bluetooth keys and custom programs for access control, which people usually love.

The new workspace perspective can begin at the entry, where you will no longer be required to scan or tap your ID card or even wait for someone to open up, for that matter.

2. Energy-efficiency

IoT enables immediate cost reductions, which might be significant enough to generate a positive return on your IoT investment.

The lighting in the collaborative workspaces is controlled by motion sensors. IoT and motion detectors enable the lighting of a space to be controlled based on activity.

IoT system will assist Air conditioners in coordinating with real-time temperature in order to give the best work environment in offices. When an area is not in use, motion sensors are employed to turn off the equipment. It is also convenient to turn on the HVAC units ahead of time before the customers arrive at the workplace.

Managers can receive real-time alerts when there’s a high peak of electricity usage, allowing them to investigate and remedy the problem. Smart meters can also be used to identify power outages in the power grid.

3. A Cashless and Smart Payment System

Desk use, conference room utilization, F&B consumption, printers, personal shoppers, or participating in a paid conference are all services that coworking space users will require.

Some of these services will go under the Book and Go category, while others will fall under the Use on the Go category.

The cashless payment method helps your management in ensuring an easy payment process for members, which improves user experience by eliminating the need to carry extra cards or cash for in-house offerings.

4. Identifying High-profile Clients

A coworking space owner must always pay attention to highlighting key consumers. Proper tracking improves the data gathering of member arrivals as well as the number of hours spent in the coworking space.

This assists collaborative coworking space owners or administrators in identifying the most recurring customers so that they may provide a better quality of service and benefits.

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How might VoIP systems help you get the most out of your coworking space?

So now that you know about some of the IoT devices that would bring great benefits to your coworking space, let’s find out why using them in your company's telephone system is a great idea.

VoIP technology is a mechanism that offers telephone service utilizing the internet instead of using a regular telephone company. Some of the benefits of cloud VoIP technology in comparison to traditional telephones are:

VoIP at a coworking space

1. Cost-effectiveness

Every flexible workspace, whether big or small, relies on its result. In consequence, owners must think about every cost-cutting opportunity. Your company has the potential to significantly reduce costs by using a VoIP network.

There are two ways in which VoIP reduces costs: primary and secondary.


  • PBX Prices

Businesses are frequently astonished at how low the initial investment is compared to traditional phone systems

  • Expenses for Making Phone Calls

Calls made over traditional telephones, especially long-distance calling, are costly. However, by using Online services to communicate, this issue is avoided, making local and even international calls more affordable as a whole.

  • Maintenance Costs

VoIP reduces the requirement for maintenance. You now have less infrastructure to deal with, but the supplier usually also assumes accountability.


  • Virtual Work Economizing

Companies can now be found all around the world in today's business world. Members frequently need to travel as a result of this. You should pick wherever your calls go using VoIP.

  • Optional functions are available at no additional price.

Official documents that must be sent are no more delayed. Rather than waiting hours for a fax machine, business associates can e-fax their papers using VoIP.

  • Labor Incorporated

You can multitask with VoIP phone systems, enabling you to become as productive as possible. In a nutshell, VoIP phone solutions scale with your business.

2. Completely Portable

A VoIP phone system can be transferred from one location to another. This means users may sync the same phone and data from anywhere. On top of that, members can maintain the same cell number if your workspace relocates.

This is a big win for associates who travel frequently for work purposes.

3. Scalability Upgrades are Simple. 

Among the several VoIP advantages which make it appealing to developing organizations is its scalability.

Every coworking space owner would choose a phone system that grows with their company if they had the choice.

As your company expands, A cloud-based phone solution eliminates the need to spend money on expensive equipment or a specialized line.

4. Advanced Features

Using a VoIP phone service adds professionalism and trustworthiness to small companies. This is thanks to advanced features like automated receptionist, voicemail to e-mail, phone shifting, etc.

At the same time, this technology makes a massive corporation feel more accessible. User Experience and high-quality customer service are becoming increasingly more important, therefore you should set up a multichannel client support strategy.

5. Improved Voice Clarity

Audio clarity should no longer be a problem if you only have a fast and steady Internet connection. Calls on VoIP are typically crisp and clear, with no delay, lag, or call breakdowns. We've all sat through a dreadful voice and video teleconference and nobody wants to be there.

A unified messaging system, on the other side, will make mail forwarding seamless, and that is a critical component of virtual offices.

Unified messaging frequently works in tandem with cloud-based phone systems, keeping all forms of incoming communication in one location, including email, fax, voicemail, text messaging, and video messaging.

The Bottom Line

Finally, cloud computing and IoT will improve the efficiency of all of your coworking space business activities, including billing, invoicing, customer retention, and data analysis.

You may also combine solutions like a customer relationship management (CRM) system into cloud computing, which can increase your outreach efficiency.

We know that many coworking spaces are looking into using these technologies to benefit their users. There are many things you can do to get started, so we hope this article helps you with some ideas!

The article was written by Michael Gonzalez is, a content writer with extensive experience writing about Tech, IT, Telecommunications and Business. He started working as a call center agent, eventually becoming a call center manager. That's where he learned a lot about some of the topics he now enjoys reading and writing about. Some of the topics he's currently covering are Telecommunications, Cyber Security, Remote Work Technologies and more. When he doesn't have a book to read or an article to write he likes to spend time with his family and travel to new places.

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