Top 5 Problems Workspace Management Software Solves for You

Helga Moreno

Running a coworking space can get challenging sometimes. I would say that every particular workspace faces its unique rough goings depending on the goals it pursues. When managing a coworking space, the operator must not only take care of traditional office maintenance. The community also needs specific attention and patronage.

Working with a dynamic freelance community always brings a kind of uncertainty. For instance, you never know for sure how many guests and residents will show up today, how long will they stay, what type of space and services will they need, and so on.

Most modern businessmen working in the workspace and hospitality niche remove the uncertainty and solve their problems with the help of workspace management software.

This cutting edge technology provides up-to-date occupancy information, allows to set up streamlined communication between members and managers, and alleviates payments from both ends (members' and managers'.)

Now let's take a look at what niche-specific problems can you say goodbye to with a workspace management software at a place:

#1. Booking Conflicts

Meeting room booking is one of the most common routines at a workspace that is completely automated by workspace management software. If a vendor offers fancy apps for members, the booking process will look like this:

  • A member opens a branded coworking space app on their smartphone from anywhere on earth.
  • Chooses a suitable meeting room via the intuitive interface.
  • Pays for reservation with meeting room booking credits, credit card, or Charge Card.

A built-in meeting room booking system solves a bunch of problems, such as overlapped bookings, and abandoned bookings.

Side note: Abandoned booking is a pain point of all workspaces that offer free hours. Members make a reservation and never show up as they didn't pay a cent for it. As a result, you are losing money while your meeting room stays empty.

andcards workspace management software addresses the problem with a Check-in feature that can be applied to all free bookings. The functionality reminds customers about the booking and requires to check in at the meeting room display 5-15 min before the booking starts. If a person is not physically present to tap the check-in button on the tablet, the booking is canceled automatically.

#2. Missed Revenue Opportunities

They say that coworking business is not all about money. People come for community, that's the truth but success of the enterprise is measured in MRR. You need to pay the salary to your managers, improve your workspace, launch new locations, and make more people happy. This is possible only when your business is profitable.

With a proper workspace management platform, you start to earn more because you stop to miss out on additional sales opportunities. For instance: if you organize all your offerings in a neat Service Catalog, it will be much easier for consumers to discover them and apply immediately right from their smartphone.

The same goes for membership perks, you can also feature them on a dynamic Benefits page with search and application option. As you are adding new perks, the system pushes them on top of the list. So, every time a member enters Benefits Catalog, they see new offerings, which incredibly boosts the engagement.

When your workspace management software is connected to Google Data Studio, you can analyze what offers are most loved by members and make your sale campaigns more targeted and efficient providing only hot, demanded products.

Besides, with functionality like andcards Charge Card, you can introduce a payment method members are got used to in real life when they use the service first and pay for it at the end of the month. There is no better way to upsell your products than make payment methods ultimately convenient for consumers.

#3. Lack of Communication

Communication between members and managers at a coworking space is really critical. It is impossible to build a healthy community without communication. As a rule, workspaces use social media (Facebook, WhatsApp) to keep their members updated. However, I am not sure that those messengers perfectly match your corporate needs.

No doubt, all your members run their social media profiles and get tons of messages and notifications through these channels during the day. There is no guarantee that the message from the community manager will catch their attention. Most likely it will get lost in all those endless incoming correspondence, chats, and conversations.

I strongly recommend using a separate channel for communication with members. A good workspace software will provide you with it. For example, andcards coworking space app offers Stream newsfeed and communication tool that can become your branded corporate messenger to share essential info, nice pics, gather likes, spark discussions, etc.

Author's note: When you are doing serious business, every touchpoint must remind consumers about your brand.

Read more about how to build a solid coworking space brand in our Brand Building Series.

Social networks have their own logos and they will never customize them to promote your workspace. You need to take care of it yourself. Use your own branded messenger available inside your workspace application and be sure that not a single bit of info will remain unnoticed by the target audience.

#4. Inefficient Workspace Usage

If you have a lot of premises that differ in size, design, and outfit, you surely noticed that some of them get overcrowded from time to time and some are underutilized. It's really difficult to ensure even and fair workspace usage without a workspace management system. The technology gives you a helicopter view on all available capacities, so you always know how many seats can you sell.

For example, if all bookings at your coworking center happen through the app (not Google calendar, not by phone or personal visit), a member sees room photos, reads room specifications (number of seats, equipment), and description. There is no chance that one person will book a meeting room (office) for twenty people.

Furthermore, if you have an access control system integrated with workspace management software, only the person who made a reservation can unlock the door with a smartphone.

#5. Impeded Lead Generation

Today attracting new customers to a coworking space differs a lot. Traditional ads are replaced with intricate digital marketing techniques. You need to create an enjoyable journey that will lead a prospect to your website, where they can sign up for membership right after the virtual tour around the hub, studying your pricing plans (that include virtual coworking), and a quick chat with friendly support.

Ideally, right after registration on your web page, a new member gets an invite to download a mobile coworking space app that will make the process of onboarding smoother. In fact, an entrepreneur can start the exciting discovery of what your workspace has to offer, including its community immediately after the membership purchase. Such an innovative approach is about the best customer experience.

When your customers are happy, they share information about your workspace with their friends on socials, participate in all your events, bring guests to your center (those guests can also become your customers with time), etc. In a word, when you build all your customer acquisition and marketing efforts around positive UX (user experience), you get long-term commitments and a stable stream of new leads. Thus, as you understand, the choice of workspace management technology plays one of the major roles here.

Over to You

The mission of coworking spaces is to provide freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teams with a comfortable, stress-free work environment, and enjoyable everyday experience. This is the only way to succeed in business. Taking care of member's happiness is not an easy task as you must manage a heap of things along the way:

  • Collect customers' data.
  • Track payments.
  • Know how many seats are free and can be sold.
  • Manage bookings, etc.

The list of obstacles/challenges workspace managers face every day is really long. However, up-to-date technology can drastically reduce it taking most of the responsibilities off managers' to-do lists.

I highlighted only five problems workplace management software can help you with. In fact, many more solutions are still behind the scenes. Would you like to know how to keep up with demand, exceed customers' expectations, and avoid frictions easily? Schedule a demo call with one of andcards experts!

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