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Zapier Integration: Common Use Cases for Workspace Automation

Zapier Integration: Common Use Cases for Workspace Automation

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

We are happy to inform our beloved customers that andcards team of developers has recently built one more nifty integration. It's an integration with Zapier and this article is dedicated to unveiling its main use cases and automation possibilities.

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What is Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that connects applications and services you are using. It enables you to automate repetitive tasks by connecting two or more apps. You don't need any coding skills or developer's help for that.

Workflows that connect your apps are called Zaps. Zaps enable apps to work together. They are activated with a trigger. This is some event in one of your apps that kicks off the workflow. Zaps are really helpful because they automate tedious repeated tasks and free your hands for more important work.

Common Zapier Workflows

It's difficult to say who is Zapier best for because all entrepreneurs use a huge number of apps to manage their time and organize the tasks. The technology is rather universal and can save some efforts to everyone who wants to be more productive and is ready to say goodbye to the repeated tasks.

Zapier is very easy to use. After a quick sign up with your Google or social media account you can choose which apps you would like to connect.

Then you choose from popular workflows:

  • Notify the team about new leads.
  • Sync new leads with CRM or spreadsheet.
  • Send new leads personal message.
  • Share content across social media, and so on.

Or simply create your own Zap.

How to Create a Zap

To create a Zap you can use pre-built templates or do it from scratch.

Adding a Zap template to your account comes down to this actions succession:

  1. Input the name of the app you want to create a Zap for in theConnect this app… field in your Dashboard.
  2. Type in the name of the app you want to connect to your first app in the with this one! field.
  3. Select a trigger for your Zap that will kick it off. For example, it can be a new entry in Google Forms (or any other app you are using) for online members sign up.
  4. Choose the action that you want to happen whenever the trigger occurs. For instance, after a new member registers on your site, you may want to send them an invite to download your coworking app to start using your services straight away.
  5. Click Use Zap and edit the template in the Zap editor.
  6. When you are done, click Finished Editing! to add the Zap to your account and turn it on. BTW, you can test your Zap immediately to see the automation in action.

You can get detailed guidance on how to create a Zap from scratch from Zapier team here.

How Can You Automate Background Tasks at Your Coworking Space with Zapier Integration

Now, when you know what are Zaps, let's see how a busy coworking business operator can benefit from them at every stage of working with members.

why coworking spaces choose andcards workspace management software - banner

Custom Sign Up Form

Every modern workspace is running a website as this is an inevitable part of digital coworking marketing. Some hubs encourage prospective members to self-register online, which is a great practice. You can use engaging Typeform or Google Forms to let members sign up on your website directly. However, you can go even further and create Zaps that are triggered by new entries to Typeform, Google Forms or HubSpot and invite members in andcards without any additional manipulations from your side — no data entry, no message sending.

Invite Member on andcards coworking space platform upon New Entry on Typeform - Zapier template

Use ready-made Zap templates:

Custom Onboarding Flow

Do you use a CRM system at your coworking space? Mature coworking brands do as they need to deal with hundreds of customers and provide them with a great experience. So, if you are using a professional CRM platform like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive or other, you can automate inviting members to coworking software simply by updating a deal. Just move a deal to the next stage and associated contact will be invited into andcards. This way you give members a possibility to use all the workspace perks including remote meeting room booking, community and newsfeed access from day one.

Invite a Member on andcards coworking space management platform when a Deal is Updated on Pipedrive - Zapier template

Use ready-made Zap templates:

Welcome New Members

It's very important to help new members join the existing community and find opportunities for networking and friendship. The process will be smoother if you post a welcome message on your Slack channel or Facebook Group whenever a new member activates the account. This way you will let everybody greet them and demonstrate a warm welcome.

With Zapier integration you don't need to write those messages yourself every time. Just set up Zaps that are triggered on andcards join and welcome messages will be posted automatically.

Send Channel Message on Slack when New Member Joins on andcards coworking space software - Zapier template

Use ready-made Zap templates:

Sync Info to Favorite Apps

Seasoned coworking business owners use a variety of best-of-breed apps to run their spaces. They follow best coworking space trends and automate everything, from visitor management to customer support, billing, etc. Now there is no need to manually create a user in that app. Just set up Zapier automation that creates a new user in your favorite app, it may be Zendesk if you use it for communication or Greetly if you use it for visitor registration, check-in, and access control, whenever a new member joins andcards.

Create User in Zendesk when New Member Joins on andcards coworking space management app - Zapier template

Use ready-made Zap templates:

COVID-19 Protection — Newly Added Feature

andcards Zapier integration can help your workspace stay safe in the post coronavirus environment. When a booking is finished, the meeting room needs to be disinfected. We created a trigger on Zapier that can be used to alert a manager that a room needs cleaning.

Use a ready-made Zap template:

How to Enable Zapier Integration

After reading the above info you probably want to know how to enable Zapier integration coming in a package with your andcards coworking space management software:

  1. First of all, you need to create a Zapier account and log in.
  2. Then find andcards app and connect your andcards account.

That's it, you are ready to experiment with Zaps. Our Zapier integration supports the New member in a branch trigger, Invite a member to a branch action and Find a member in all branches and optionally invite a member search.

Over to You

Please note that our developers are continuously working to add new actions, triggers, and searches to andcards Zapier integration to make it even more wholesome and usable. If you have any more questions about this particular integration or other features of andcards coworking software, schedule a demo call with us.

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