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Helga Moreno

A few months ago, we launched a complete visual overhaul of our website that includes lots of drastic updates. Today, when brand new andcards web presence is rolled out and everyone can view all the details, we are ready to share our behind the scenes story that I hope will be useful to business owners think about starting the process.

Just like many businesses working at the coworking niche we feared the unknown as even positive changes may become really shocking for the company. However, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated decision making in our team and all of us agreed that economic recession is the best time to opt in to bold design experiments.

Our First Website Redesign Inference

When we are starting a redesign we think about the glow up of our resource and off-scale customers' engagement, don't we? However, a web redesign is not about making the layout prettier but about sending the right message to the users.

Frankly speaking, from the very beginning our team was focused on things that appeared more important than polished website design. We were developing a top-quality management platform for coworking spaces, then we were building all necessary integrations to provide our customers with all the features they need. Now we are mostly maintaining all that have been done before and improving every little thing that can be improved.

We didn't try to look good but over time we understood that while a quality product is the basics, andcards is more than just a coworking app like a coworking space is more than desks for rent. We have our brand idea (personality) that we can communicate only through our website. But here is the problem — our web presence is not consistent with our brand identity.

How to Know if Your Website Needs a Redesign

I will compliment my narration about andcards website redesign with tidbits we've picked along the way to make the writing piece more practical.

So, how would you know if your coworking site needs a redesign?

  • Your logo and branding have changed.
  • Your website looks outdated as you didn't redesign it in the last five years.
  • Some of the website functionality doesn't work.
  • Your website isn't mobile-friendly.
  • Your website doesn't get enough traffic, leads, and sales.

Time for Intentional Design

With this said, we join our efforts with a professional design team to reach better aesthetic results and here our new logo appears. You can take a look at the evolution of andcards logo and let me know what you think about the final option.

Left to right.

Please note that hiring the fanciest design agency is not a guarantee of success. You need to know your brand better than you know yourself and be ready to describe it as an object or even a human.

Here are some of the questions we were struggling with:

  • What exactly is andcards?

andcards is a coworking space technology providing white-label mobile apps for meeting room booking, comfy membership perks catalog, community feed, along with essential integrations to manage all major workspace activities — from doors unlock to billing and printing.

  • How is it different from the competitors?

andcards is the first coworking software developed for premium member experience at your coworking space.

  • Who is it for?

andcards is a perfect match for coworking brands that put their members' happiness first. We have a bunch of solutions to address all their daily needs.

Frankly speaking, we answered the above questions differently at various points of our history. Do you have the same problem?

  • What will your managers say about your coworking brand?
  • What differentiates you among the competitors?
  • Are you sure they will point out the same thing?
  • What about your members?
  • Do they know your unique feature?

If your answer is "No" or "Not sure", it means you don't have brand positioning. Why is it threatening to your coworking business? Because it's impossible to build a strong brand without unique brand positioning. And coworking future belongs to strong brands.

You see, the idea is not to be the best in your niche because it's impossible to please everybody. The goal is to be unique. Then your business will thrive making the life of a particular audience better.

I am talking so much about branding because it is the most essential step we've passed during the redesign. I even wrote a series of brand building articles to share our finds with coworking operators.


A new design is a foundation of the digital future of your brand. However, if you have no brand, even the most gorgeous design can't change it. If you ask people what is andcards and get a hundred different answers, it's a bad sign. However, we took the challenge and revealed a wonderful opportunity to figure out our specific interests, rewrote our texts according to brand ideas, and finally connected our content to visual representation.

A Short Virtual Tour of Our New Site

I talked so much about the ideas behind this redesign, and now I want to show you how our new website looks.

Streamlined navigation will make it easy to discover the information you are interested in. The main menu bar has a fixed position on the page, so main navigation links always stay at hand should your decide to go to the next page. More navigation links can be found in the footer along with language switch and Trustpilot review of our service.

If you want to ask us a question, click the Intercom message icon in the right bottom corner of the page and we will be happy to talk to you. This icon is sticky, so it will be visible and accessible all the time you are on site.

As you see, we have chosen a dark color palette that includes black and dark green hues. They are easy for the eyes and create a good contrast with the white color of the text and the soft orange color of the elements. Besides... Don't you think there is some magic in darker layouts?🧝


If you visit our Integrations page, you will see all the integrations we offer out-of-the-box. Here you will find a little bit of everything — Stripe for payments, Stream for communications, SaltoKS for access control, etc.

All cards are clickable, so if you want to know more about particular integration, just click on it and get the info.

From the main menu, you can also get to our pricing page and to the blog, where we publish all sorts of material to help coworking space owners run their businesses, efficiently promote them, and grow bigger.

Footer menu contains supplementary links to other web pages that will tell you more about us, our mission, policies, and more.

Well, this was just a teaser of what new andcards site has to offer. I strongly encourage you to forge your own path to our web page and hope you’ll enjoy it and share the interesting things you've discovered along the way.

Redesign Tips & Takeaways

In this section, I am going to share some useful tips we've learned in the process of the website redesign. If you are on the verge of this thrilling activity, they will help you consider all essential things.

  1. Does your website really need a redesign? Answer the questions at the beginning of this article to make sure that a website redesign is exactly what your business needs at the moment.
  2. Evaluate all potential risks for your website and choose a "revolutionary" or "evolutionary" approach to website redesign.
  3. Work out a redesign strategy. Make a list of things you want to improve by redesign (visually align the web page with your brand, improve navigation, improve on-page SEO, decrease bounce rate, etc.)
  4. Define and update the website's audience. Create buyer personas for each of your target demographics (actually you already have all the required files if you read my brand building series.)
  5. Document all your site metrics (bounce rate, average time on page, 1st traffic source, 2nd traffic source, 3rd traffic source, conversion rate, and so on) and every piece of content you have on site ( page text, videos, blog posts, etc.) This way you won't need to redo everything from scratch. And even if your goal is to replace all existing content, you will be able to refer back to it for guidance or example of what not to do this time.
  6. Decide how you will track your resources (time and money are the most important of them.)
  7. Create action plan trackers with exact tasks and deadlines.
  8. Create strategy trackers. Use the list of goals you want to achieve with this redesign (see item three of this list). This is critical, you can't move on just for the movement's'sake. You need to know the direction and final destination (SEO goals, conversion goals, UI goals (clickability), time on page, pages per visit, content quality, brand association/design quality, etc.)
  9. Analyze your top competitors. Your goal is to be better — your website must load faster, navigation must be more intuitive, you must present better offers.
  10. Create wireframes and mockups of your future site in cooperation with your designer to visualize its layout before the project goes live.
  11. Add eye-catching visual elements. People respond better to images, illustrations, and videos than to plain text.
  12. Show off your brand personality. Use colors, fonts, and imagery that reflect your brand identity. Always write in a consistent tone of voice so your audience recognizes your brand style immediately.
  13. Use contrasting colors. Highlight the key areas of your website you want visitors to notice (call-to-action buttons, logo, etc.)
  14. If you don't have a blog, buil it. 85% of consumers want to read content by brands. You must meet the expectations of your target audience if you don't want to lose it to your competitors.
  15. Create new landing pages focused on conversions.
  16. Optimize your website for search engines. Use relevant keywords, add alternate text to your images, create custom meta descriptions, and write long-form content to let Google understand the purpose of your resource.
  17. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  18. Consider optimizing your website for voice search as this is one of the marketing trends that are going to develop, so it's better to be prepared to face the future.


Seems like a website redesign involves a ton of work. It really does, yet, when done correctly it can boost your conversions and sales which is well worth the efforts.

I tried to add as many useful details to my article as I could and hope at this moment your redesign plan is starting to clarify.

You see, everything starts with data and analysis of your old site. Then you set the goals for your new design.

Make research, do a better job than your competitors, surprise and delight your customers. Use wireframes and mockups to get a better idea for what your new web page will look like and only then begin building your future piece by piece.

The truth is that revenue increase is the ultimate goal of any website redesign but I suggest you achieve it through improving user experience and flow through your pages.

Do you have any comments on the new look of andcards website? Please feel free to leave them down below together with questions, additions, and impressions.

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