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How to Become the Most Coveted Coworking Space in Town

How to Become the Most Coveted Coworking Space in Town


Michael Davis

As we slowly get out of the coronavirus pandemic, the phenomenon of coworking is not a niche concept anymore. With more and

more people working in hybrid situations, and companies allowing WFH flexibilities, people are looking for more fluid and adaptable working environments.

Something that offers more focus and productivity than a home-based office does but is less rigorous than a typical workplace.

According to market research, the growth of the coworking industry is reflective of this trend. From 19,000 global coworking spaces in 2019, the market is set to have nearly 42,000 such spaces by 2024.

Due to the overwhelming amount of benefits that coworking provides to the post-pandemic workforce, more and more individuals, startups, and businesses are looking at these solutions as future-oriented.

If you are set to open up your own collaborative workplace for people, you are in for some serious competition. Not only the number of rivals has increased, but they are offering customers perks, benefits, and opportunities that you not only have to meet but exceed, too.

Here’s how we propose you do that.

1. Allow Individuality

Coworking is a financial breather for many businesses. But what they get in terms of more money to spend on business, they lose in individuality. A coworking space usually doesn’t allow startups or businesses to have branded spaces.

While it may not affect freelancers too much, not having a branding, dedicated space to work in can negatively affect startup teams. There’s a lack of connection with the brand that can be problematic in the long run.

So, offer your customers the freedom to book meeting rooms or desk spaces for an extended time. For that whole duration, allow them to brand the space with their startup logo. An affordable startup logo maker can help you there. Portable signage (or banner depicting the brand), some branded stationery, or even branded coffee mugs in the kitchen, etc., can help the team feel more connected with the brand. Such a connection assists focus in an environment where so many competing ideas and energies are floating around.

2. Offer a Digital Coworking Space Platform

Not many coworking spaces have a digital footprint. Those who do usually stop with a website. You, on the other hand, can offer your customers the ease of remaining connected to the main hub (the coworking space), and their team through a common digital platform such as the andcards app.

Since a coworking economy doesn’t follow the usual patterns of growth, you won’t increase your footprint just by opening up 10 more of your locations. The way you can differentiate yourself is to offer your existing market more value.

A digital app that they can use as an online support system is how you rise up and make yourself seen. An app like andcards will speed up your booking process, payments, and let potential clients know immediately when a slot becomes available. It can allow you to show your complete services menu to all the clients and help them choose the services as per their needs. Getting memberships for your classes, conferences, and events also becomes easier and more streamlined with an app.

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3. Invite Mentors

According to a report by Ergonomic Trends, networking (82%), better connections (79%), and more job opportunities (51%) are some of the reasons people opt for coworking environments.

mentor at a coworking space

These spaces provide a social and collaborative angle that all professionals desire to learn and grow.

In that vein, offering mentorship to your pool of subscribers is a great advantage that can set you apart from the rest. When people know that your coworking space is more than just a rented desk, they see value in what you have to offer. Inviting industry leaders to share their knowledge, expertise, and views with the up and comers in the market is a great way to market yourself as the people of the future.

To pull it off, create a collaborative partnership with industry experts and keep a mentor list organized. Invite these people for regular lectures and idea sessions. It not only creates networking opportunities but helps foster stronger connections within the community as well as get the talent pool fresh and interested for better job opportunities.

4. Have an On-Site Daycare 

If there is one part of the demographic that is always looking for flexible work solutions, it is working moms. Women employees, as well as mompreneurs, are always on the lookout for professional environments that don’t punish them for being moms.

As a truly future-focused enterprise, make your business working moms-friendly. Having a daycare in your coworking facility is a huge perk that many parents will find attractive. The flexibility of spending time with their young children during office breaks, etc., is a serious distinction that you can earn for your new business. A lactation room, similarly, is a great perk for working moms.

It not only encourages more women to join you as their coworking space, but more women, in general, to join the workforce again. It is a driver for economic engagement, better job opportunities, and an overall uplift for so many communities.

Other women-oriented perks that you can offer include on-site spa treatments, flexible workstations, napping rooms, and yoga and meditation, etc.

5. Partner with Local Businesses

If you are a collaborative working space offering all these nice perks, you have got to tell the world about them. Effective marketing is how you really help the community know what you have to offer.

Partnering with local businesses is an important marketing strategy. These businesses serve a diverse range of customers from the community. By establishing these partnerships you make your business visible. Partnering with local bus service (or ride-share service, for that matter) helps you gain visibility and traction when your members get discounts on both services (coworking and transportation).

Similarly, if you partner with a local deli and they cater for you during an event, it allows both the business to get noticed by new audiences and strengthen ties within the local economy.

6. Run a PPC Campaign 

A PPC campaign is an online ads campaign: pay per click. By investing a bit of money, you can show your ads to people online. You can run these campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other digital platforms.

With SEO being a long-term strategy, in order to quickly get your foot in the door, you need something that works immediately. Running a PPC campaign is how you get people to notice you online straightaway.

Teaching you how to run a PPC campaign cannot be handled in this short space. Not effectively, at least. Therefore, I’m sharing this link to an awesome Google Ads tutorial that tells you everything you need to know about running successful ad campaigns.

When you target the right keywords and invest in them with a bold strategy in mind, you create instant waves. An ad campaign helps you get through to the most potential consumers (who are already searching for what you are selling) in the least amount of time and hence is more profitable than most other forms of advertising.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about how coworking spaces all over the world reach success browse around our blog to find a multitude of helpful articles, stories, tips, and news. As workforces return to offices, the goal of coworking spaces is to provide them with flexible and independent workplaces that inspire creativity, support families, and lift our communities up.

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