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Top 21 Global Coworking Space Aggregator Sites You Want to Be Listed on

Top 21 Global Coworking Space Aggregator Sites You Want to Be Listed on

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

Whether you're just starting out and your coworking space is small, or you're running a successful coworking network, chances are you're always on the lookout for new ways to get your business in front of potential members.

One great way to do this is by listing your space on one or more of the many global coworking space directory sites out there. In this blog post, we'll provide an overview of 21 such web resources. So whether you're just getting started or are looking for new ways to reach larger audiences, read on!

1. Coworker

The Coworker platform connects over 18,500 spaces and meeting rooms located in 74 countries. With more than 300 new spaces joining each month it's easy for the user to find the perfect space for their needs.

The listing offers end-to-end enterprise office solutions, search and direct workspace bookings, office broker services, and an international pass (Global Pass) for coworking access.

You can list your space on Coworker for just $25 a month - it's their Basic plan.

2. Nomad List

Nomad List is a platform for remote workers living anywhere in the world. It has over 10,000 members and provides resources to help them work more effectively from wherever they are located.

The resource helps remote workers find the best places in the world to live, work, and travel. It collects millions of data points on thousands of cities around the world, from the cost of living, and temperature to safety.

Nomad List has partnerships with sites indexing coworking spaces such as Coworker.com mentioned above. So, to get indexed by Nomad List, you just need to present on Coworker. The process may take a few weeks.

3. Coworking Wiki

The Coworking Wiki is a free, community-owned and operated resource for everyone involved or interested in the world of coworking. It offers resources for present and potential coworkers, space owners and operators, and those seeking to form their own coworking space.

You can locate your local coworking space using their Coworking Space Directory, which is a directory of coworking spaces around the world, divided into subsections to help users find what they are looking for. It allows searching by city, country, or space name using the search bar at the upper right-hand side of the wiki.

When creating a new page for your coworking space, you just need to follow the conventions and put your info in a logical place.

4. MatchOffice 

MatchOffice is a one-stop resource for finding commercial property lease space. Whether a user is looking to rent an office, warehouse or another type of business location this portal will help connect with potential offices near where ever it may be that suits both parties needs.

You can list your coworking space on site for free. What they charge is a 12.5% referral fee per rental, which you pay if one of their referrals results in a lease.

5. Copass

Copass is the global network of 950+ coworking spaces, with each membership including a certain number of days to spend in any given location. For instance, light plan members can enjoy 3 visitations per month while part-time plan holders get 10 and unlimited Copass subscribers will be able to do as many check-ins a month as they want.

The Copass Network is a free and easy way to expand your business presence on the internet. The process only takes 5 minutes, so you can be up and running in no time. You will get access to entrepreneurs and freelancers across various industries - all at absolutely zero cost whatsoever aside from 10% commission for transaction fees.

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6. LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace is the perfect way to monetize your coworking space. With a free profile on site, you can add detailed descriptions and high-quality photos or videos for prospective guests before they book their session with you in order to engage them more effectively.

The platform will process initial payments and deposits as well as handle monthly recurring payments for you with their DASH License® (Direct Agreement for Space Hosting), specifically built to make short-term space sharing easy.

7. Instant Offices

Instant Offices is the world’s largest office advisory service dedicated to finding the ideal flexible workspace for its users. Right now the resource includes 15,000 office spaces across the world.

Listing your flexible workspace on InstantOffices.com is free. However, when they introduce a customer to you and you enter into a Customer Licence with a customer, you pay the Instant Fee based on the terms of the Customer Licence.

8. DesksNear.Me

The platform allows anyone to list and book workspace anywhere, any time, from Barcelona to Berlin, Rome to Rotterdam.

DesksNear.Me offers two types of services. First, they help professionals easily find workspaces within businesses that have unused, spare space to share. Second, the resource is also a marketplace for coworking spaces and businesses that want to list spare space.

Using DesksNear.Me, you can reduce overhead, expand networks, and access tools to easily manage space rental and guests. The platform doesn't charge a commission from desk and office space rent deals.

9. Find Workspaces

Find Workspaces is an easy-to-use resource for remote workers to discover nearby shared office spaces. You can add your space to this directory completely free of charge and enhance your presence on the local search. The site is ideal for coworking spaces having multiple branches in different cities or even countries.

10. Splacer

Splacer is a movement of technologists, architects, and influencers that strongly believe in disrupting the way people have access to undiscovered and idle places in order to create experiences and meaningful events.

They enable space owners to bring a motion to their spaces and monetize them. So, if you have an extra workspace or event venue, you can list it on site for free. Once a Splacer user finds a perfect match for their event, they book the space and pay online through the easy-to-use payment system.

11. Peerspace

Peerspace is a unique resource for the creative community to find space. Whether users are looking for an empty storefront or industrial loft, Peerspace offers something that will fit their needs and budget.

You can join thousands of hosts renting their space for meetings, events, film, and photo shoots by listing your space for free. Set your price, add photos and details to get your listing ready to be seen by millions of people searching for space.

You can communicate with your guests through the Peerspace platform, which takes care of payments and a 15% service fee.

12. Included 

Included platform is a revolutionary way to make your desk more connected and valuable by opening the resource’s collective buying power, global network, and entrepreneur-friendly marketplace for each member.

The website doesn't charge any registration or membership fee - all you pay is 10% on promoted passes.


OFIXU functions as the go-to resource for workspace owners looking to list their property and earn income on otherwise surplus space.

OFIXU has made it easier than ever to book a meeting or event space. You can list your workspace there for free, upload images with pricing details and amenities, and start earning income immediately.

14. Heydesk

Heydesk creates a virtual map of all available locations across 1443 cities in 103 countries - so users can find what suits best to fit into any schedule and book a nearby workspace using the convenient booking system of the resource.

You can list your coworking space on Heydesk for free by passing a simple few-step registration process and start welcoming new customers.

15. AllOfficeCenters

Currently, this global resource includes 8275 properties across 465 cities in 42 countries. It links occupiers, flex office operators & landlords by expertly handling all facets of leasing a flexible workspace.

Well, I'm sorry to say that there are no prices or options for listing a coworking space on this site. You will have to contact their support at connect@allofficecenters.com if you want more information about client referral services and brokerage terms.

16. LExC

LExC stands for the league of extraordinary coworking spaces that are united by common standards, quality, and accessibility. LExC spaces are where quality, accessibility, and passion meet to foster communities that value connection and innovation. LExC spaces form the world’s first reliable, seamless network of coworking spaces—the ultimate coworking experience.

If LExC ideas resonate with your business values, you can join the network. To do it, you will have to confirm that your space meets a bunch of conditions such as authenticity, versatility, sustainability, capacity, and more. Besides, you should be willing and able to pay the annual $1000 LExC membership fee, and participate in or attend a minimum of 4 meetings per year.

17. Beewake

Beewake is a new platform that allows remote workers book flexible workspaces anytime anywhere. They also built a technology that helps Startups, SMEs and large corporations manage their growing remote workforce.

With Beewake’s extranet, you can list your space and manage bookings all from one user-friendly interface. The company takes a 20% commission for its services but offers an unbeatable global reach for your business.

18. Office Freedom

Office freedom is a platform that connects workspace owners with potential clients through email referrals. In addition, the operator portal allows you access your own referral network where you can post descriptions and pictures of available spaces while also generating listings on other sites such as LinkedIn or indirectly generating leads from those who visit via Google searches by adding links directly to your website.

The system charges a fee of 10% for its services.

19. First Office Hub

Find Office Hub is a resource for businesses to find the best solutions to their office needs. Here users can browse +5,000 offices in all major cities, in one place.

If you want to list your space on the platform, you need to create a provider account. The first step is to enter your email address here and they will send you a link to log in.

20. Cowork Booking

CoworkBooking.com lists coworking spaces in over 1200 cities around the world. Users can search for spaces based on user ratings, internet speed, babysitting services, evening events, or even distance from the beach.

If you want to find new members and earn some more money, you can list yourself on the platform. The registration is completely free. CoworkBooking.com doesn’t charge the customers. The price you set is the price they display and it’s the price you get. Customers that find your space through the platform pay directly to you either in cash or by card. Whatever you prefer.

21. Coworking Global

Being a global directory of coworking spaces, Coworking Global unites 7,000 coworking spaces worldwide, 250,000 desks, 100,000 companies, and 500,000 members. From Australia to Zambia, users can browse their extensive list of coworking spaces worldwide and pick a new home for their ideas and work.

By signing up to Coworking Global you’ll be able to register your space and make all necessary changes to its profile, keep a record of your payments, create your own ads at the profile page, and more.

Wind up

Hope you liked my collection of coworking listing sites. Just seize this opportunity, list your flexible workspace on as many of them as you can and who knows, maybe you will find a great source of new leads.

I promise to keep this list updated with more cool directories, so make sure to come back to our blog regularly, or better yet, sign up for our newsletter to get more useful tips right to your inbox.

In case you are hungry for more tips on how to promote your flexible space online, check out our blog post on digital marketing for coworking spaces. Happy promoting!

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