Coworking Marketing Trends 2021 — Brand New Approach to Promotion

Coworking Marketing Trends 2021 — Brand New Approach to Promotion

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

Every coworking space owner is concerned about business promotion. The challenging moment in marketing a workplace is that the strategies you applied this year may become useless next year. Especially when we are talking about 2020, which was the year of panic and economic recession, and 2021, which is predicted to be the year of health and economic recovery. 

I understand that not every coworking operator has enough time to track the hottest workspace trends and the latest marketing trends, so I am going to update you on the matter right now.

Coworking Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Here I am going to list only not-so-obvious changes knowing which you will get a serious advantage over your competitors.

“The old rules no longer apply: Cookies are going away, commerce has exploded and consumer expectations are driving the industry towards new future-proofing opportunities and structures. In order for brands to succeed in a platform world, they must be digitally-resilient, have identity systems to provide personalization at scale and have the infrastructure set up to deliver relevant and meaningful experiences…” — Tim Jones, CEO at Publicis Media Americas, a quote for Forbes

#1. Enhance Your Coworking Space Brand

2021 will be the year of brands. So, brand building and brand enhancement become even more important than in previous years. 

Customers want to buy from favorite brands, they want to get branded experiences, and curation with their preferences. They expect brands to analyze their buying behavior, needs, and requirements and suggest what to buy next. 

Customers expect this understanding from coworking brands because they engage with their sites and channels where they share their data. So, be ready to process all info you collect about consumers and tell them what they want and when they want it.  

For instance, as companies use a hybrid workforce now, it’s easy to predict that they don’t want to pay for the offices that stay half-empty most of the time. Tell them about a super flex office for 30 people that can accommodate a company of 100.

Invest in branding if you want to thrive in 2021. Everything including your coworking software must speak for your brand. So choose a white-label member-focused solution.

#2. Collaborate with Other Brands

Travis Scott with his car in front of McDonald’s

It’s really difficult to capture customers’ attention these days. What can put you into the spotlight? I strongly believe that it’s an unexpected partnership with a well-known brand.  

Remember a highly successful partnership of McDonald’s with Travis Scott. We are going to see more company-to-company and company-to-celebrity collaborations in the coming years. 

They are highly beneficial as such partnerships create a perfect background for comarketing without huge investments. They grab media attention and create a buzz on social media. Think about partnering with a popular local restaurant or gym to draw customers’ attention and expand your services for members.

#3. Sell Through Social Media

How successful are you on socials? Did you manage to create beautiful profiles that are followed by many people? Good for you as in 2021 social media will become a top channel for purchase. It will be much easier for you to start selling through socials if people come there to discover your services. 

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms make it really easy for the customers to purchase memberships right after discovery. You just need to design a seamless path to do it without leaving the platform. Adapt to social media rules and get one more sales channel for your coworking brand. 

#4. Increase ROI with Virtual Events

We started to run virtual events in 2020 because of necessity but in 2021 they are going to stay because of the increased ROI and effectiveness. These digital pivots are likely to become permanent. Use virtual events and experiences to engage the target audience outside of your traditional sales messaging. 

For instance, you can run virtual demo days for prospective members, make consultations, arrange both online and offline events to give customers a choice of how to join, and expand your reach.  

Break down barriers and make your flexible workspace more accessible, leverage purchase features to simplify your sign up process. 

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#5. Digital Transformation of a Flexible Workspace

In 2021 having digital channels of product and service delivery is not a matter of preference. COVID-19 has forced coworking brands to adopt them. A so-called digital transformation has become ubiquitous. Workspaces of all sizes are investing in digital platforms, chatbots, apps, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, omnichannel marketing, and augmented reality. 

This happens because in post-pandemic you can take a leadership position only if your coworking brand embraces evolving technologies aimed to create a more seamless customer experience.

If there is still a lot of manual job in your coworking space, you'd better think about how to automate the routines, otherwise, you are going to bite the dust left by more dexterous competitors.

For example, you can easily free your community manager's hands for more important tasks, automate access control, payments, and customer communication connecting the world's best apps and services with the help of an awesome coworking space management app.

Never forget to focus on residents and their streamlined experience. Meeting room/desk booking should happen in a few simple steps:

  1. Open a coworking app on a smartphone.
  2. Choose a space and time.
  3. Pay with credits or card.

If you are still not ready to provide this cutting-edge experience, schedule a demo call with our friendly knowledgeable managers and get to know how to implement the technology at your workspace.

#6. Design Customer Experience

2021 is going to be the year of the customer, which means that you should take care of the client’s convenience and happiness at every stage of their journey. 

For instance, when you push the data into all the systems you use, your customers don't have to subscribe to a million different sites and accounts. They get immediate access to all membership tools and benefits. You save time by reducing boring copy-pasting and routines during the onboarding stage.

Utilize a multi-channel marketing strategy and personalized targeting to help members at the activation stage. Build relationships and nurture a sense of community at the satisfaction stage. Make even offboarding memorable, a kind of celebration of all the mutual achievements. Recall all the positive milestones and maybe even give them a small souvenir that will serve as a token of their feeling of missing out and not being at your workspace.

Get more tips on how to design the best customer journey at your coworking space.  

#7. Focus on Social Mission

When difficult times come, people become more conscious. They feel the demand to join groups of like-minded personalities and change life for the better. We are already observing the rising popularity of projects that combine coworking and social center. They manage to stay full and even grow through the pandemic. 

Read the story of Hatcham House success: Expanding Coworking Business at a Time of COVID-19.

 In 2021 brands focusing on social, environmental, and ethical responsibility will flourish. If you are one of the coworking spaces with a purpose and commitment to social and environmental sustainability, you need to adjust your messaging to appeal to enlightened consumers.

#8. Personalized Campaigns

Your promo campaigns need to be even more personalized in 2021. More people are working remotely and keep away from face-to-face meetings. You need to find ways to connect with them. 

The success of your flexible workspace will largely depend on how good you are at building virtual relationships. Use video marketing, especially when you are trying to draw the attention of potential buyers. 

Remember about personalization. When you are targeting everyone, you manage to convert no one. 95% of your website visitors will never convert into customers if your approach is too generic. The generic approach initially attracts the wrong audience while a personalized campaign is aimed only at the quality leads.

For instance, what can attract a mompreneur? A babysitting facility of course. I am sure you got the trick and from now on you will analyze thoroughly your ideal customer, their pains, need, requirements and come up with irresistible bait.

#9. Keep Your Info on Google Listings and Local SEO Updated

It’s critical for coworking business to ensure that local listings are verified and kept current on various search platforms. Since you attract customers primarily on a local level, Google My Business listing provides valuable information about your work hours, services, and geographical location. This is one of the key factors in search and you can’t miss the cool visibility opportunities it gives. 

Over to You

I hope the article you have just read makes a difference. I tried not to include the common talked about coworking marketing tips and highlighted not so obvious but not less important points.

Do you agree that the trends mentioned above are already here and are going to evolve in 2021 so if you want your coworking business to thrive, you must adjust your promotional campaigns to them?

The best part is that you know what to expect and can use this information earlier than the competitors.

I wish you to succeed in your coworking marketing 2021, beat your competitors, and grow your business.

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