Coworking Marketing Trends 2020 — What You Need to Know to Promote Your Business Efficiently

Helga Moreno

Every coworking space owner is concerned about business promotion. The challenging moment in marketing a workplace is that the strategies you applied this year may become useless next year. I understand that not every entrepreneur has enough time to track the latest marketing trends, so I am going to update you on the matter right now.

What are Major Upcoming Coworking Marketing Trends to Observe in 2020

Here I am going to list only not-so-obvious changes knowing which you will get a serious advantage over your competitors.

#1. Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

How do you search for information on the net? Do you type the query or use a voice search? The answer is probably "it depends..." You are right, voice search doesn't fit every purpose, yet, it's an undeniable fact that it's much faster and more convenient.

Just imagine that your existing and prospective residents can navigate your site uttering menu items and services. Do you think it will improve their experience and increase your conversions? I am sure it will.

Using voice queries for commercial searches is not a dream. In 2020 more than 50% of all searches will come from voice search. So, there you have the demand. With platforms like Jetson, more and more enterprises will optimize their projects according to this rising trend.

#2. Enhance Your Brand

The coworking business niche is getting more competitive. You probably know all your competitors and monitor their activity. If not, it's a good time to start doing that.

The situation won't change in 2020. Your competitors are not going to disappear. What is the best marketing strategy to differentiate in 2020? Enhance your coworking brand! This is the only surefire way to stand out.

Consider this. Why do you think people buy Nike sportswear or use American Express? Are their products so innovative and revolutionary? And what about WeWork, Spark Labs, Regus, Urban Station? What incredible amenities do these coworkings offer? The answer is — it's their brands that sell!

What is the takeaway from everything said above?

Invest in branding if you want to thrive in 2020. Everything including your coworking software must speak for your brand. So choose a white-label member-friendly solution.

#3. Automate Everything to Overtake the Competitors

Every year our life tempo speeds up. If there is still a lot of manual job in your coworking space, you'd better think how to automate the routines, otherwise, you are going to bite the dust left by more dexterous competitors.

The great news is that you can easily free your community manager's hands for more important tasks, automate access control, payments and customer communication connecting the world's best apps and services with the help of an awesome coworking space management app.

Don't forget about streamlined members' experience. Meeting room booking should happen in a few simple steps:

  1. Open a coworking app on a smartphone.
  2. Choose a space and time.
  3. Pay with credits or card.

If you are still not ready to provide this cutting edge experience, schedule a demo call with our friendly knowledgeable managers and get to know how to implement the technology at your space.

#4. Personalized Campaigns are Among the Top Coworking Marketing Trends of 2020

It's really difficult to sell. No matter how spacious and well equipped are your meeting rooms, how hot is your free coffee and how tasty are your cookies, it's still challenging to sign up new members.

You are spending a lot of money on ads but seems like those investments don't pay off. The prices go up, so you need to invent something to maximize your promotional outcomes.

The solution to this common coworking operators complain is lying on the surface. You can't sell the same package of services to everybody using one and the same tool. Don't look for silver bullets.

When you are targeting everyone, you manage to convert no one.

The truth is that 95% of your website visitors will never convert into customers if your approach is too generic.

The generic approach initially attracts the wrong audience while a personalized campaign is aimed only at the quality leads.

For instance, what can attract a mompreneur? A babysitting facility of course. I am sure you got the trick and from now on you will analyze thoroughly your ideal customer, their pains, need, requirements and come up with irresistible bait.

#5. Don't Put All Your Hopes on One Marketing Channel

Many coworking spaces, especially smaller ones, rely mostly on word-of-mouth or referral marketing. Their members know each other, they are like a family, they tell their friends about the coworking and one day their friends also come.

Putting all eggs in one basket is not the best strategy to apply in 2020. You will need to try harder and involve more customers acquisition channels to grow. Sometimes minor tweaks bring notable results.

For example, add digital marketing component:

  • try to optimize your coworking website — create better title tags to rank higher in SERP,
  • improve your checkout page for better UX,
  • buy a little more paid ads,
  • find better analytical tools to evaluate your progress and see the bigger picture.

These are small things that add up to big wins.

#6. Use Various Communication Channels

There are plenty of messengers and chatbots nowadays. Your members surely use emails but what will be the opening rate if you send say a mass newsletter? 10%-5%? Most of the members will never know about the benefits they could use.

My best advice for 2020 is not to rely on one communication channel. For instance, if you are using andcards coworking software, your back is covered. You can introduce new members, tell about the latest news, interesting events, new benefits, etc. via Stream integration. We also have an integration with MailChimp for your email marketing campaigns.

The cool thing is that you know for sure that all your members will get all important messages and push notifications, you don't need to guess their favorite messenger as all of them will use your branded community communication solution.

#7. Use Smarter Analytical Tools

What tools do you use to analyze your success rate? Maybe Google Analytics? Are you happy with the data it provides? Things are getting more complicated and coworking space owners need to process data like upsells, down sells, repeat purchases, checkout bumps, revenue coming from affiliate marketing, partnerships, and so on.

It's time to adopt apps that tie into your database better, business intelligence tools, solutions that help to make informed decisions focusing on lifetime value instead of quick gains. Google Data Studio is one of such platforms.

Talking about the everyday monitoring, andcards statistics will provide you with all essential health metrics like a number of existing and new members, teams, and activation rate, every month revenue charts by source, and download detailed revenue reports.

Over to You

I hope the article you have just read makes a difference. I tried not to include the common talked about coworking marketing tips and highlighted not so obvious but not less important points.

Do you agree that the trends mentioned above are already here and are going to evolve in 2020 so if you want your coworking business to thrive, you must adjust your promotional campaigns to them?

The best part is that you know what to expect and can use this information earlier than the competitors.

I wish you to succeed in your coworking marketing 2020, beat your competitors, and grow your business.

If you have some more overlooked coworking marketing trends that are going to rule in 2020 on your mind, don't be shy to share them in the comments below.

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