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Top 13 Coworking Space Trends 2022—Experts’ Predictions on the Future of Flexible Workspace

Top 13 Coworking Space Trends 2022—Experts’ Predictions on the Future of Flexible Workspace

Helga Moreno
Helga Moreno

The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the rapid industry growth coworking spaces were enjoying lately. While the global coworking spaces market was worth

$9.27 billion in 2019, it came down to $8.24 billion in 2020. The main reason behind the decline is the economic slowdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as things are getting back to normal now, it can be expected that the market will recover in 2022. Experts are even assuming that the market might reach an amount of around $11.52 billion in 2023.—says Matt Strickland, Real Estate Broker & Owner ofModern Realty Guam

Ron Wysocarski, Broker and CEO at Wyse Home Team Realty supports the above statement by adding that 2022 might be the revolutionary year for the emerging coworking spaces. He predicts that coworking offices will grow up to 750 million. The expectation is, coworking space will take a rise in the absorption of seats by at least 20%-30%, which was only 15% in 2021.

Ron also expects that more than 70% of the workforce are planning to return to the office hours, while the commercial real estate business should face a steady growth in demand like 30-35 million square feet per annum within the next year.

As we all see, the progress is unstoppable and in 2022 the demand for flexible workspaces will be even higher than in 2021. At the same time, coworking spaces will continue to pop out like mushrooms after the rain, which means that the competition is going to get harder.

How to stay ahead of the rivals and exceed customers’ expectations in 2022? Of course, you should be aware of the coming trends and develop your workspace accordingly.

Read on and get our insights backed up by experts’ opinions.

The Biggest Coworking Space Trends 2022

flexible industry experts talking about coworking space trends 2022 on andcards blog

1. Community & Well-Being as a Primary Focus

Coworking is about getting the job done at the first turn. However, as new workspaces appear on the map, entrepreneurs have wider choices and are getting more demanding. If you offer just a comfortable workplace, they can easily change you for the competitor who offers the same set of amenities.

It’s quite another ball game when you invest in community building, run educational and well-being events. Members feel happy to be around people with similar interests, network, make friendships, partnerships, and collaborations. They will never leave your coworking space easily because of the emotional bonds they developed with your help.

I believe it would be much better to be a part of a community that has the same visions as you since you can help each other grow even if you work for different companies. I have been seeing residents who look forward to this important factor when being in a coworking space as well which is why it is expected to be a part of the trend this 2022. After all, people become more specific about their well-being while working. — Nicolas Holand, Content Manager at GooseSmurfs

Networking and social events should begin to pick up as people are more comfortable meeting new people in person and begin to itch for actual human connection. If you’ve used the pandemic as a time to start your own side hustle or business, then these events could be a great way to meet people and grow. I expect networking events at coworking spaces to become extremely popular in the coming 12 months. — James Parsons, Founder & CEO of Content Powered

Coworking spaces will also develop in the field of offering mental health services to residents. Even today, many coworking spaces offer free meditation, mindfulness and counselling sessions to help members enhance their mental well-being. In the times to come, it is expected that almost all coworking spaces will conduct such classes of their own during weekends for workers for free. Let’s see where this advancement takes coworking culture in the future. — Jessica Robinson, Content & Human Resource Manager at The Speaking Polymath

If you have open space—consider hosting workshops and events with a high demand for a specific service or training. Use your coworking space as a way to connect people rather than just being a good work spot. This means creating community beyond the boundaries of just what you're offering internally from your own spaces.David Thomas, Co-Founder& Chief Operative at LaunchPad

2. Automation to Boost Members’ Experience & Managers’ Productivity

2022 is the year of the total transformation of coworking spaces into smart dynamic areas. Coworking operators outfit their spaces with the latest management systems, new wireless devices, and effective software combos.

All those gadgets, technologies, synchronized calendars, and interactive dashboards must be controlled through a single unified interface. Innovations are aimed not to overwhelm residents and managers but significantly improve and simplify their coworking experience.

Advanced coworking spaces cannot be run without specialized management software. Every operator needs to keep things organized, grow their operations and community, and simplify and streamline the daily operations of the facility for their customers. If you at least compare the major players on the market and make an informed choice, the software will relieve you and your managers of a significant amount of work, improve productivity, and add value to your members' experience. — Ryan Jeffords, the Founder of BHPH

Coworking spaces will see the implementation of automation in 2022. Technology can help coworking spaces create an amazing experience for everyone involved in the workspace. It can also give the possibility of performance improvement over the year as automation is known to benefit the overall workflow. — Noel Andrews, CEO & Founder of JobRack

I would suggest coworking space owners use the right coworking space management tool to succeed in 2022. Technology has revolutionized the business world. AI and automation can together do wonders to make coworking space management simpler for you. Moreover, it is estimated that most coworking spaces will use management software to gain a competitive advantage. Under such circumstances, if you don’t use a management tool and plan to go without any technological tool, you may be at a disadvantage. So, you should certainly choose the best management tool for your coworking space. It will share responsibilities and lift a huge burden off your shoulders.

No doubt, choosing the right software will be a challenging task for you, but if you compare market leaders and then choose the one that suits your organization’s needs, you’ll be at a great advantage. You’ll not only be able to manage your clients in a better manner but you’ll also be able to offer them the best. — Jessica Robinson, Content & Human Resource Manager at The Speaking Polymath

As coworking spaces are rising in numbers, the idea of hiring too many people to manage the place is fading out. With the right automation tools, you can ensure that the workplace is managed well from remote locations. Hiring too many people limits your chances of scaling your business because your resources are being used up. Therefore, a trend of remote management of coworking spaces is in play and will rise in 2022. — Wesley Exon, Chief Executive Officer at Best Value Schools

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3. The Intervention of Landlords in the Coworking Business

In 2022 coworking space operators are going to face increased competition from landlords who plan to enter the market. Since the demand for traditional office space rent is not so high as it used to be before the pandemic, many landlords are transforming their properties into flexible workspaces. This gives existing coworking operators even more reasons to find strong differentiation points for their businesses in order not to get involved in direct confrontation with the coming invaders.

Ultimately, in 2022, coworking operators will face increased competition from landlords who plan to enter the market in large numbers. Owners and large investors progressively see a chance to create their own flexible workspace offerings that bypass the middleman rather than partnering with coworking spaces. While demand from traditional corporate clients in city centers is declining, other landlords are transforming into flexible office operators. The intervention of landlords in the coworking business should create opportunities for new coworking space operators while also increasing competition among existing operators. — Ryan Jeffords, Founder of BHPH

4. Corporate Coworking

We are leaving in the pandemic environment for more than a year now and most organizations have gotten used to the remote workstyle. What’s more, they started to see its benefits in terms of cost savings, hiring top talent from overseas, productivity increase, employees happiness, and more.

In 2022 more corporations are going to move to coworking spaces due to the above and lots of other reasons, which means operators interested in this audience have all chances to attract it by preparing irresistible offers such as:

  • Private serviced offices
  • Long-term and short-term leases
  • Customizable shared workspaces
  • Flexible offices that grow with the company
  • Super flexible offices for companies using hybrid workforce     

Due to the pandemic's uncertainty and the explosive real estate market, a coworking space would suit corporations. As an owner, you should prepare your workspace, keeping corporations in mind rather than freelancers. This change in clientele would mean an increased sense of privacy for corporations. — Greg Rozdeba, President of Dundas Life

For a variety of reasons, more business professionals are choosing to join flexible shared office spaces rather than sign long-term commercial leases. The majority of flexible shared office spaces charge monthly membership fees that can readily accommodate different stages of your business's growth. Flexible lease periods make it simple to increase office space or move into a larger office at flexible shared office spaces as your company grows. Because their flexible membership options are adjusted to match your work schedule, multiple days a week or month, flexible shared office spaces fit well into hybrid schedules. — Daniel Carter, SEO Manager at LUCAS Products & Services

With the number of hybrid workforces rising exponentially, you need to consider turning your office into meeting the requirements of these hybrid workforces. With the right desk-booking technology, you can transform the traditional amenities you have into something quite futuristic. The employees than can be able to use that to book a desk for a day in case they need to attend their office. Following this, you can effortlessly accommodate around a hundred people in an office space for 30. — Matt Strickland, Real Estate Broker & Owner of Modern Realty Guam

5. The Specialization Revolution

To survive in a highly competitive environment, coworking spaces need to be different. In 2022 we are going to notice that some coworking spaces claim themselves as dedicated to a certain industry niche or group of entrepreneurs.

For instance:

A field-centric coworking space is a perfect place for people of similar occupations to share ideas, collaborate, be productive, and come up with revolutionary solutions.

As the number of spaces available grows, more and more are seeking something unique to set them apart. Many try to set themselves apart with services, but this rarely works because they all provide the same things. The new brand of coworking space stands out because it's designed specifically for a specific group of people. Women make up a small fraction of coworkers, but this isn't due to a lack of desire or demand; rather, it's because they often find themselves being talked over and downplayed in coworking environments, as they are in many companies. Women's spaces and spaces for women have begun to spring up all over the world, and they appear to be doing extremely well.

Women's spaces, spaces for the elderly, spaces focusing on accessibility, spaces for specialized vocations with specific tools are all available. It's good to strive to be everything to everyone, but the market has reached a stage where specialization is the only way to stand out. — Daniel Carter, SEO Manager at Manhattan Tech Support

I suggest that coworking space owners focus on a specific segment of the population, just like Her Power Space (boutique Woman forward, Men welcoming coworking space), and then overdeliver on services that that population needs to thrive. I also suggest that small space owners (we have just under 1,100 square feet at Her Power Space) find other space owners to connect with and share best practices.Michelle Y. Talbert, Esq., Founder/Chief Visionary Officer at Her Power Space

As the number of coworking spaces increases, so does their desire to differentiate from one another. In 2022, we will witness a purpose-built coworking space. This kind of coworking space might cater to women in different industries and provide them a platform to voice their opinions.

The purpose-built coworking space would accommodate minorities, older people, or differently-abled individuals. — Greg Rozdeba, co-founder and President of Dundas Life

6. Innovation & Diversity

To succeed with a coworking project in 2022, you need to be incredibly innovative and experimental with services, offerings, and space designs. Your goal is to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate what makes you more valuable than other coworking spaces.

Members expect that you will take good care of them by offering new solutions that will help to cope with the workload, stress, and intensity. In 2022 we'll see more diverse types of coworking models beyond what currently exists, especially for co-living spaces.

The common trends in the flexible workspace industry lead to a need for new types of spaces with specific requirements of lower rates for members. There is also a demand for coworking spaces to have an integrated wellness approach with catering, relaxation, and exercise areas. There is also a demand for coworking spaces to be available outside of traditional office hours. A new trend will open up, which is coworking space for couples—not just individuals— especially in government settings where people work together on projects. — David Thomas, Co-Founder& Chief Operative at LaunchPad

Coworking spaces are doubling down on their "living space" sense with amenities like internal staircases, much as companies have begun introducing plants and natural circulation into their office layouts. Internal staircases have gone from a "nice to have" to a "must-have" for certain businesses. Internal staircases frequently have the extra benefit of allowing more natural light into the space and providing the sense of taller ceilings by opening up levels to enable a staircase. — Shiv Gupta, Marketing Director at Incrementors Lead Generation

Blur the lines between screens and walls

Open concept offices have seen their heyday. Now, businesses know that productivity means combined individual and group spaces. But, how can they achieve this within a limited amount of space? One way is to use screens creatively, as dividers so that individual seating can become private, or opened up to group conversations.

Use smart shading to create multi-use spaces

New innovations in shading options can help make the most use of a single space. For example, with the use of electric film, glassed-off huddle rooms or conference rooms can quickly be turned into privacy pods. Clear glass turns opaque within a few seconds, making an open collaboration space double as one that can be used for private meetings.

Collaboration technology on wheels

We need to bring technology where it's needed. For example, lately, the Casaplex team has been asked by several clients to create a mobile conferencing station. This station creates the ideal environment for video conferencing but can be shared among all users and areas.

Virtual event/broadcast space

That means virtual board meetings, live streams of monthly updates, and more. Will you need multiple camera angles to broadcast events? Or perhaps you’ll be tuning into events from headquarters and will need to make sure you have fully-functional overflow seating.

Hybrid will apply to flexible coworking spaces

Our new ways of working combine in-person and remote technologies. If you aren’t thinking about how hybrid work affects your designs, then you may not be providing the best solutions for productivity and workplace wellbeing.Derek Goldstein, President of Casaplex

7. Mobile-first Mindset

Mobile commerce continues to conquer the world. A lot of coworking space members belong to the generation that doesn’t remember life without smartphones. We got used to ordering food, purchasing clothes, making payments, and more using simple apps on our phones.

In 2022 coworking space members expect a kind of Airbnb experience from you as well. They want to open doors at your coworking space with a smartphone, book desks and meeting rooms, order services, apply for benefits and events, communicate with peers, pay their bills, etc. in a few taps. So, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile and all your services are easily accessible for everyone who has your workspace app on their smartphones.

Many (if not most) workplace technologies can be accessed right from an individual’s smartphone. For example, instead of keys or fobs, consider mobile access to the office, and even mobile notifications of appointments and visitors. — Derek Goldstein, President of Casaplex

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8. Pivoting Towards the Suburbia

The pandemic led to the massive transition to remote working across the globe. Once employees have enjoyed the merit of no longer having to commute to the workplace, they are no longer ready to commute anymore. Many are even ready to leave their jobs if they are forced to return back to the office.

Organizations fully understand their employees and are ready to pay for their memberships in coworking spaces located near their homes. This demand for suburban coworking spaces will surely lead to new locations launching there in 2022.

Pivoting towards the Suburbia is something that is waiting for coworking spaces in 2022. The thing is that workers do not necessarily want to work from home but they are no longer ready to spend long hours commuting. Now, they know that no commute means plenty of extra time for themselves and their families. In response to this, many organizations are establishing satellite offices for their workers in suburban areas. With this, employees can work from offices that are just a few minutes away from their homes. They’ll be able to walk to their home whenever they need anything. So, coworking spaces will see the rise of suburbia in 2022. — Jessica Robinson, Content & Human Resource Manager at The Speaking Polymath

The suburbs will also become popular for office locations and coworking spaces. Employees are done commuting, but some do still want to work in an office setting, which is why coworking spaces are the perfect fit for suburbanites.Isaiah Henry, the CEO of Seabreeze

9. Green Design

Green eco-friendly environments are listed among the current workspace design trends. I am pretty sure that the majority of your members/prospects share the ideas of nature preservation and environment protection. So, they will be much happier to join a coworking space performing the same social mission.

You can start with minimizing the usage of plastic at your workspace, utilizing sun energy, substituting all items with those that can be recycled, and getting a second life. Bring lots of living plants to reduce the stress and anxiety of members at work, encourage well-being and sustainability, refresh the air, and decorate the premises.

Humanity is slowly returning to nature. We have realized how moving far away from nature is costing us in the form of lost physical, mental and emotional well-being. Stress, anxiety, and depression are the handmaidens of our moving away from the loving embrace of nature. As employee stress has become a major cause of concern for the business world, coworking spaces are focusing on green design. People love working at places filled with greenery. So, we’ll see an increased focus on green design in coworking spaces in the times to come. — Jessica Robinson, Content & Human Resource Manager at The Speaking Polymath

Green eco-friendly workspaces are among the current workstation design trends. I am sure that the bulk of your members/prospects support nature preservation and environmental protection. As a result, they will be happier to join a coworking space that has the same social objective. You may begin by reducing your use of plastic in the workplace, employing solar energy, and replacing all things with those that can be recycled and given a second life. Bring a lot of living plants to work to relieve stress and anxiety, promote well-being and sustainability, freshen the air, and decorate the surroundings. — Shiv Gupta, CEO at Incrementors Inbound Marketing

10. Boom of Out of Box Services

Coworking spaces are evolving into growth and community hubs that strive to provide their members with each and every service they might need during the day. Here’s what you can offer:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Personal Assistant
  • Airport Pickup
  • Office Handyman
  • Parking lot
  • Offset printing
  • Beverages
  • Food and snacks
  • Alcohol
  • Daypass, the list goes on.

 The possibilities for growing revenue through additional services are truly numerous as you can cover not only the professional but personal needs of people enabling them to order a personal concierge, personal wardrobe stylist, pet groomer, lawn care, mobile car mechanic, etc.

Additional services you offer to residents should be available at a very competitive price, which will add value to coworking space membership in 2022.

The flexible workspace industry is trying to offer the best services to workers. It is expected that the coworking sector will soon be seen offering a boom of out-of-box services to members. Free snacks, babysitting, making coworking space pet-friendly, and nap rooms are some examples of out-of-box services that coworking spaces are likely to offer to their clients. These services will enhance work engagement, productivity, and comfort of professionals. — Jessica Robinson, Content & Human Resource Manager at The Speaking Polymath

11. Popularization of Hybrid Coworking Spaces

This coworking trend is not new, but it definitely going to expand in 2022. Hybrid coworking spaces are "drop-in" spaces that appear in hotels, stores, and restaurants.

Facility owners want to take advantage of the shared economy and earn more money. So, why not transform a restaurant into a coworking space in the daytime and back into an entertainment facility at night? Or you can combine gym and coworking to create a wellness-oriented facility.

The cost of hybrid coworking spaces is low for the members, they are free from membership fees but still can enjoy perks like free unlimited coffee and discount for lunch and specials.

Hybrid coworking refer to "drop-in" spaces, which can appear as hotels, stores, restaurants and more. For example, you can turn your space into a co-working space during the day and an entertainment facility at night. Also, you can think about combining a gym and co-working space, with a view to initiating a wellness oriented facility. — Matt Strickland, Real Estate Broker & Owner of Modern Realty Guam

12. Health-focused Designs

Members spend most of their days at the coworking spaces. It's quite natural that everything they touch should be quality, safety, health, and well-being centered. This is especially important in the 2022 post-pandemic environment when following severe hygiene rules is a must.

If you still don't have a single standing desk in your workspace, consider buying it as 70% of your competitors already provide this furniture solution.

Supplying members with ergonomic furniture is only the first step, move further, and organize yoga classes, meditation rooms, or even fully-fledged gyms.

Flexible workplace design will evolve in 2022, there will be no more crowded workplaces. Your open space should be physically separated as well. More workplaces will include open-air areas in their design. More facilities, such as teleconference rooms, project rooms, and team collaboration spaces, will be centered on what individuals want to achieve. The areas will be even more focused on health & wellbeing than previously, with upgraded air systems, temperature, and air quality monitoring. Future coworking spaces will aim to allow in more natural light to embrace the biophilia ideology & bring incorporate nature into their environments.Shiv Gupta, CEO at Incrementors Digital Marketing

13. Social Centers

During the pandemic, many skillful people lost their jobs. Coworking spaces like Hatcham House, London offer them free workstations to re-group, learn something new, and continue their search for a new job. Of course, such social projects imply certain expenses, but those new members bring energy and new ideas to the community. They value their subsidized memberships and are always ready to give back in new ways.

Besides, other community members whose businesses are profitable are willing to join the program and sponsor the free memberships / hire unemployed members for ‘gig’ work to ensure that more people get help in a difficult situation.

This activity brings real benefits in terms of relationships and helping people feel that they belong to something more than a workspace, to a work club.

Social initiatives come at a cost, but the new members bring new energy and ideas to society. They appreciate the discounted subscriptions they receive and are always willing to give back in new ways. Furthermore, others with lucrative enterprises are willing to join the programme and sponsor-free memberships / hire jobless individuals for 'gig' employment to ensure that more people receive assistance in difficult circumstances. This activity has actual benefits in building relationships and making employees feel like they are a part of something bigger than just a workplace. — Austin LaRoche, CEO at ATAK Interactive

To Take Away

Now you know what coworking space trends are waiting for us in 2022. The flexible workspace industry continues to develop no matter the global pandemic that is not defeated yet. You are a part of this process. So, stay cool, strive to create an ideal working environment at your center, make members happy, and you’ll be perfectly fine for years to come.

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