7 Efficient Coworking Marketing Tips to Drive More Customers


Harnil Oza
7 Efficient Coworking Marketing Tips to Drive More Customers

A coworking space has existed for decades, but it has gained people's attention more now, especially in the time of startups, freelancers, and e-commuting. A coworking space helps you to grow and gain knowledge about several things. But not many people are aware of how effective it is.

Coworking spaces allow businesses to concentrate on work more and not let themselves be distracted. It is one of the most profitable opportunities and reliable investments for entrepreneurs. It is popular among startups, small business owners, freelancers, designers, and more. It helps to build a community of like-minded people and encourages them to work better. However, marketing coworking space can be a little challenging.

Many think that marketing coworking space will be time-consuming and expensive. In this blog, we will reveal to you how to market coworking space without spending much time and money. This blog is all about owners—we will give you powerful marketing and advertising strategies. Following are the tips you need to embrace to grow your coworking space.

1. Enhance Virtual Presence

There is no business or industry whose business is not running virtual. In today's period, everything is virtual, so how can you miss out on coworking space. By enhancing virtual presence, the work productivity of employees will rise and improve. You can organize an online panel to discuss works, allow social media to connect, Twitter events and groups, and show people how you adopt the new trends.

Market your virtual presence in such a way that people get keen to know more about your workspace. Show them how subtle and attractive your space provider can be. It will be the ideal solution to share it. Now, several offices are converting more into coworking space, and it has been proving that the virtual presence is helping the workspaces.

2. Make Influencer Part of It

Everything is digital, and marketing is on top of it. There is no surprise that we live in a social media world. Now, people get more influenced by influencers or celebrities. If you pull out some celebrities or influencers to be part of your coworking space, it will be a win-win situation for both of you.

It is one of the best ways to market your coworking space in less time. Nevertheless, it might be something over your budget—but in the end, all worth it for your workspace. It will boost your traffic and attract several people.

3. Make Your Space to Stand Out

Managers at a coworking space

True, it is challenging to make people recognize you and make yourself a brand. Yet, to sustain in the competition, it is essential to get noticed. Map famous coworking spaces around your city, and build the trust of your customers by providing excellent services. The more it reaches out, the more people believe in the workspace.

Try different strategies for a particular audience and escalate your business. Keep trying new methods, keep an eye on another coworking space and see how they are bringing their customers. In this way, you will realize where you are lacking and what things you can provide that others cannot.

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4. Emphasize Target Marketing

No matter what type of marketing you are into, this is one of the most prominent and needed methods to execute in marketing. Target your audience, see what type of preference they want in their coworking space. Develop a new unique way to stand it out.

However, target marketing is all about not just channelizing your marketing strategies towards your potential customers—but it is to walk out of your comfort zone and let people speak and listen. One of the best solutions is to reach out to your clients and ask questions directly to them; you will get your answers to all questions.

Visit cafes, public places, offices, and other places where you find some group of people. Gather them, pitch your idea—do not make it obvious, and talk all about selling your space. Provide your knowledgeable information and tell them how better they can work in a completely new platform. Invite them to participate in events and solve all their queries.

5. Offer Deals and Plans 

Everyone loves to receive beneficial deals and plans. It might not be something, but even small offers can attract customers towards you. For example, give free two days of workspace or extra free couple hours to take rest.

Another great way to make your clients permanent is to offer some economically viable membership plans. You do not have to offer it to the lowest, but giving little relief in the membership plan would make them happy. If they find your coworking space affordable and efficient, they will tell more about it to the people, and there will be more marketing of it.

6. Celebrate Events Together

Any workspace is incomplete without a celebration of events. A little celebration of promotion, accomplishing a tough deal, and many others will make employees happy and productive. Post it on Twitter or put a wall of fame on the most popular and regular users of the month of the week. In this way, the employee will be encouraged to perform better work.

It is one of the powerful indirect methods of marketing. It will also connect a like-minded group of people altogether.

7. Addition Workshops and Seminars

Like we mentioned earlier, a group of like-minded people should be connected together. It can be possible by conducting a few seminars and workshops. It will also increase the creativity and productivity of the employees. People will word out about the seminar and workshop—which eventually bring more clients. The workshop and seminar should be informative; so the employees can take more interest.

You can also provide pop-up work culture. Make employees think something out of the box and enjoy the coworking space. Provide a colorful desk and quirky space.

Final Words

These were a few tips that will be efficient to market your workspace. Keep following the trends and be updated on the world of coworking space.

The article was written by Harnil Oza, CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in UK, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites like App Development Companies.

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