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How to Find The Best Coworking Space Manager?

How to Find The Best Coworking Space Manager?


Thomas Jackson

If you’re looking for how to make your coworking community thrive well, then one of the first things you should consider is hiring a coworking space manager. These managers are unicorns of this space and understand everything it needs. They’re quick thinkers and problem solvers that ensure that the coworking space is well-run and everyone can do their best.

Finding the best coworking space manager means you have to be sure about what you want in a candidate and develop a hiring process capable of differentiating between good and best managers. You need to note several things to make a successful hire, and this article discusses everything you need to know.

Who’s a Coworking Space Manager?

The coworking space manager also functions as the face of the community in many cases. They’re usually the first point of contact for new and old members. They’re making the coffee, ensuring the WiFi works, creating social content, chatting with members, and so on. If you’re starting in your coworking space, you may occupy this position yourself, especially if you want to save costs.

However, at some point, you would have to employ someone in this position to ensure that this community is in good operations – with or without you.

What Are The Responsibilities of a Coworking Space Manager?

These managers are multi-faceted people capable of wearing several hats. Their exact role in this space will depend on your needs.

These roles typically include:

  • Operations – managing coworking space software and solving member-related issues.
  • Space management – refilling or making coffee and intermittent tidying.
  • Sales and marketing – following up on leads, managing social media accounts, and facilitating tours
  • Reception services – answering phone calls, greeting members, booking tours, and taking and categorizing emails.
  • Community managementhosting events, solving member disputes, providing excellent customer service.

To sum it all up, the main responsibility of the coworking space manager is to ensure that all members have an outstanding experience. Owning a coworking space is a hospitality business, and your manager is responsible for creating the best possible environment for your members.

Job Analysis for a Coworking Space Manager

You must conduct a job analysis if you are seriously considering hiring a coworking space manager. This analysis helps you understand the full scope of this position, including the roles, requirements, responsibilities, and expectations required. This means that you have to research other job descriptions, identify the outcome required for the job, examine the efficiencies and deficiencies, and determine if training is necessary. You should also consider the differences between local jobs. For instance, jobs in Houston might require completely different training for the employees compared to any other city in Texas.

For this position, your research may include:

  • Examining a coworking space job board and going through several coworking space manager job descriptions to see if you can identify a trend. 
  • Interview other operators in this industry about their experience when hiring a coworking space manager. 
  • Visiting online coworking forums to discover how others typically hire people for this role. 
  • Consulting with an employer of record services to help you narrow down the number of potential candidates so you’ll only interview the most exact matches for the position.

Writing a Job Description for the Coworking Space Manager Role

After conducting your job analysis, the next thing is to write an excellent job description. To achieve this, these are some of the best practices that you have to follow:

  • Write a detailed but not too detailed description of the job. This should typically be between 300 and 660 words. 
  • Include information on what you’re offering the candidate and what they can offer in return. 
  • Prioritize the most important traits and list them first. 
  • Use other keywords not specific to coworking (such as receptionist-like role and job description). 
  • Let your personality shine through the job description and be creative in conveying the information you send. 

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The Best Tips for Hiring a Coworking Space Manager

You must get the choice of coworking space manager right because of how important their role is. These are some of the best tips to make the right employment:

Coworking space owner hiring coworking space manager

1. Only hire a manager when you’re financially capable of it.

If you’re a first-time operator, you can mistake hiring people and bringing tools in when you’re not financially ready. One of the first things you should know is that hiring a coworking space manager isn’t cheap. You may pay between $400 to $1000 per week for this position, depending on the responsibilities and roles.

So you must ensure that you have enough cash flow to back up this hiring decision before you start your hiring process and bring someone on board that you cannot pay for their service.

However, if you need extra help running your coworking space but cannot afford a manager, you can seek a virtual assistant and community volunteers. You run this space autonomously.

2. Separate the important qualities from the good-to-have qualities.

It’s almost impossible to get a coworking space manager with a customer service background, sales experience, social media experience, technology savviness, and excellent coffee-making skills.

So, you must list the most important qualities you need from your coworking space manager before you start your search. Ensure to write the list in its order of importance. This will help you hire a manager with the most relevant skill for your coworking space.

For instance, if your space is known to be community-driven, warm, and welcoming, it’s a must that you hire an extroverted manager with excellent interpersonal skills. This should be your priority before you consider secondary qualities like IT or SEO experience.

Carefully consider the qualities your coworking space needs before making a hiring decision, and ensure these qualities remain at the top of your mind during the hiring process.

3. Your interview process should include behavioral questions specific to the coworking community.

Every interview process includes behavioral questions. They’re a necessary part of the process. But you can make your process more effective by tailoring your behavioral questions to the coworking space. Ask questions that are specific to occurrences within the coworking space.

Some examples of this are:

  • How will you handle a situation where one community member is in the habit of disturbing and disrupting other members at work? 
  • What will you do when you resume work in the morning and discover that the coffee machine no longer works?
  • Some of our members regularly abuse the phone booth and fail to follow the booking policies. What will you do to stop this from happening?

The candidate’s answer in this situation shows their ability to handle uncomfortable or difficult situations. You should also look for qualities like patience, adaptiveness, and understanding in these candidates as they go a long way in dealing with these situations.

4. Look for a candidate that fits into the energy in your space.

Your coworking space will have its unique energy from others. Some common qualities of coworking space are vibrant, professional, community-driven, quiet, etc. Whatever the main quality or energy in your coworking space, ensure to hire a manager that fits perfectly into this quality. Their personality has to fit in perfectly with your space’s main quality. So, if your coworking space gives off a professional vibe, you’ll be better off hiring a manager with a professional vibe to match.

People can learn any skill, but personality is indwelling. So, as important as their skills are, you need to employ someone with the right personality and cultural fit to manage your coworking space. This will make them enjoy their role more, and you’ll also enjoy working with them.

5. Look for people that can attract and retain members.

The coworking space manager has several responsibilities, but you can divide them into two major categories: attracting members and retaining members.

  • Attracting members: Community managers do this by following up on leads, updating the community’s website, managing the social media account, and organizing excellent tours. 
  • Retaining members: community managers do this by holding events, engaging their communities, and managing the community's daily operations seamlessly. 

The ideal scenario will be to find someone that can do both excellently. They should have the necessary skill set to attract people and the hospitality you need to make people stay.

An excellent tip for employing the right coworking space manager is to be broad in your search. Don’t limit yourself to people that are in the coworking industry. Some occupations within the hospitality industry like retail management, waitressing, and hotel management include skills that can easily translate into coworking space.

Hiring a coworking space manager is an important milestone for you as a new coworking operator. You must prepare yourself to be successful with the right amount of research to start your hiring process.


Hiring the best coworking space manager is an important first step to succeed in this space. However, there are several things that you must put in place to ensure you get the right person. You can read about them here: Hiring a Golden Team for Coworking Space: 5 Values of Jooble You Should Adopt.

The article was written by Thomas Jackson, a freelance content writer who provides professional writer service for his clients and is also an active member of several writing clubs in New York. He has written several songs since he was a child. He gets inspiration from the live concerts he does in front of close friends and family members.

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