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5 Ways to Verify Customers’ Data & Protect Your Coworking Business From Fraud

5 Ways to Verify Customers’ Data & Protect Your Coworking Business From Fraud


Allie Rose

When a large number of organizations make use of the ability to operate visually, they become a cover-up. They're like a corporation that doesn't have a table. Employees get the opportunity to improve communication, guessing, and social skills instead of working hard at home setting up a whole office with all of its equipment, which demands a significant expenditure, was a stressful process for a newly developing company.

This is important for the real estate industry, as it benefits the company and its employees. Coworking is beneficial for both companies and employees as it takes the most important and expensive part of the business.

AML and KYC collaborate with "Infrastructure" firms to avoid financial, economic, and financial fraud, as well as other forms of financial manipulation in the human economy. It lays out the steps in the international approval process as well as the processes that must be followed.

Why Is KYB Important for Coworking Spaces? 

Coworking spaces attract many businesses whether it is a branch of an old company or a new company. But there is always a risk for the coworking space owners. As before a contract with any business, there should be a verification check to identify if the company is involved in money laundering cases or not or have any negative record in the past.

Technology is getting smarter after the innovation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Coworking space owners can identify their customers with different methods like AML verification or by performing Video KYC verification. Moreover, consider using the help of AI to automate your customer care process more successfully. By integrating proper data and using the right semantic segmentation techniques, you can help your AI model learn everything more easily and provide better results.

As the customers represent the quality of the coworking spaces. It also impacts the reputation of any coworking space. To maintain their reputation coworking spaces should integrate KYB verification programs.

Types of Verification Processes Coworking Spaces Should Apply

There are several types of online verification processes that can help coworking spaces to know their clients and identify if the client they are dealing with is not involved in any criminal cases such as, money laundering or stolen identity cases. To identify the clients, coworking space owners should implement these verification methods which are discussed below.

1. Anti Money Laundering KYC

Knowing your customer protection process (KYC) is an important step in meeting potential customer risk and complying with the Money Laundering Protection Act (AML). KYC success is all about identifying customers, identifying their financial performance, and avoiding risk.

2. Video KYC

It includes a KYC video by the customer and detailed KYC information such as identity cards and other local KYC information. The users have to verify their identity on a video call to authenticate themselves.

3. Biometric Verification

Biometrics is the process of identifying people with these unique characteristics. "Who are you?" Help answer questions. In a digital environment. These people have access to the services, goods, or systems they need.

4. Age Verification

Therefore, when a user enters their address and personal information on the service provider's website, the age verification service compares the information provided with the information of adults recognized at that address. If a child steals their parents' ID cards and credit card information, the system will cheat.

5. Verification of biometric consent

A two-tier verification approach is used for biometric consent verification. The user must authenticate themselves in real-time. When registering a biometric licence, face recognition is used. Users must demonstrate their presence in a real-time video call while holding a government-issued document. As a result, the OCR (optical characters recognition) system will extract the required data, compare it to the database, and accept or reject the verification procedure.

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Coworking Businesses Requires Due Diligence On Ephemeral Businesses

Collaboration is a way of providing business services where people work together or in a community office. Hotels, cafes, internet cafes, and restaurants are typically relevant areas. Seats are still available for rent at the restaurant. The procedure of distributing coworking space has grown in popularity in recent years, and there are now more than 15 million freelancers who do so.

In addition to the simplicity and gentleness of your coworkers, there are many things that affect the business. In terms of safety, standards, achievement, and prevention, there are good reasons to be concerned about work.

Due to the lack of a defined rule, it is extremely likely that we will make judgments immediately. Major corporations open their doors at the same time. Without proper care, it can have a negative impact on your business—even if it leads to a loss of trust in the company's honesty and reputation.


In the current era, small businesses are very keen to get their offices in a short period of time without doing the hectic work like getting quality furniture, arranging a good working space. So they reduce the efforts by booking their space in some co-working space and getting to their office quickly. But it is also important for a coworking business to get to know the previous history of their clients for fraud detection. As clients/customers are the reflections of a business, it is important to identify the corrupt clients with the Artificial intelligence-based verification process. It will reduce the risk for coworking businesses to get trapped by fraudsters.

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