Optimize Your Coworking Contact Page for Better Conversion


Lesley Vos
Optimize Your Coworking Contact Page for Better Conversion

Let's face it: Most coworking managers don't give much attention to their websites' contact pages. Even more, they often choose to focus on coworking software and space management, not website design and usability.

It's a loss!

Coworking space promotion is not only about appealing landing pages and personalization in social media ads. When users come to your website, read all the information, and choose to join and know your business better, it's a "Contact Us" section that influences their final decision.

Long story short, a coworking contact page can impact business conversion by far. And if yours contains nothing but a general email address a la info@ and support@ or, what's even worse, a standard contact form to fill in, there goes the bad news:

You lose warm leads. Online visibility and rankings in search engines suffer too. You lose a chance to grow your coworking community and, well, revenue.

To change that, think of your website's contact page as one more landing page, a core element of your conversion and sales. All you need is a stellar optimization, the one that builds trust, invites users to join your community, and demonstrates your authenticity and willingness to help.

Here's how.

#1. Build Trust

Your coworking website's visitors have already spent some time examining your information. You've engaged them, and they believe you can answer their questions or solve the problem they had when googling you. They are ready to contact you, go to your contact page... And what do they get?

A contact form asking for tons of personal information?

That's friction you need to reduce. Your task here is to establish trust. Provide visitors with the information that helps them believe you're a nice guy to deal with.

For that:

Show People Behind Your Brand

The research says that human brains are more open to recognizing faces. So, when you add a photo of yourself or your team to the contact page, it serves for better customer engagement and trust: Visitors see real people behind the brand, understand who will talk to them — and it breaks the ice, making them more likely to contact you.

Here goes the example from Allwork.Space, an online publication for coworking and business centers. Their contact page shares all the contacts, including their editors’ faces, which makes it look more personal to visitors.

Allwork.Space contact page of the coworking space website

Answer Their Questions

If your coworking space deals with a set of definite FAQs daily, you can place them on a contact page so that visitors could find the answers and the right person to solve their problem right away. But ensure you don't turn the page into your Support Center. Provide the direct links leading visitors to the right option.

Share Your Contacts

Don't hide your full business address and vanity phone numbers from visitors. Adding this information to a contact page is a sign to Google that your website is worth trust and higher rankings. Also, you may want to add Google maps to your contact page. It helps with SEO, ranking you for location-sensitive queries better.

phone and address on the contact page of a coworking space website

Share several options for visitors to contact your coworking space: live chats, emails, social media buttons — let people choose the most comfortable option for them.

Place Trust Signals

Your new website visitors know nothing about your coworking space yet. They want to get some signals and proof that you're worth their attention and trust. You can reach that by:

  • Placing trust signals on a contact page: consider awards, membership badges, certifications, and any other affiliations your coworking has.
  • Showing social proof: use testimonials from your loyal clients; if possible, place their photos there.

You can take a step further and place a video from your employees or happy customers on a contact page. Not only will it help visitors learn more about your company, but it will also influence your on-page ranking factors as you'll provide unique content about a given subject.

Another small yet efficient trick to build trust with the audience:

Add a thank you note to the bottom of your contact page. It's a useful way to show appreciation to visitors for their interest and time.

Enjoy the ease of use and management of your coworking or flex space with the andcards app.

#2. Minimize Frustration

When designing your coworking website's contact page, remember human psychology and behavioral patterns. Nothing frustrates visitors more, preventing them from getting in touch with your business, than a poorly-optimized contact form. They manage time and don't want to spend hours filling in standard templates that ask for tons of personal information, are visually unpleasant and confusing, and don't explain what happens.

To withdraw such objections and positively influence your conversion rate, do this:

Ask for Minimum Information

According to studies, shorter contact form fields have higher conversion rates:

conversion rate by length of contact form graph

You can get far more conversions from a contact page if reducing the number of its form fields. Remove all optional fields and stick only to the info you need for making the initial contact with a lead. Why ask them for age (it reduces conversion by 3%), phone number (conversion drop by 5%), a street address (drop by another 4%), or anything else like that? You can add this info to your CRM later, after a closer communication with a lead. In addition to that, you should also consider creating multi-step forms using form creation tools to further improve the chances of visitors completing the forms.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

More than 50% of website traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices today. So, the big chances are that your target audience visits your coworking website via their smartphones. To convert them into leads, ensure your contact page is mobile-friendly:

  • Make your contact form single-column. It converts better because it allows visitors to stay focused and concentrate on filling in, while parallel columns may distract and interrupt them.
  • Add a bright button with a clear call to action for visitors to submit their message. Sure thing, the button's color should fit your brand and the overall website design; yet, some colors perform better than others: it's red, orange, and green.
  • Think of inviting words to place on the button. The most popular variant is "Submit," but it's not that convertible. Some studies suggest that variants like "Send," "Go," or "Click here" may boost your conversion rate by 25-30%.

contact page of coworking insights website

A tip: Add the autofill feature to your contact form for users to fill it in faster and with no spelling errors. Also, please don't make a CTA button active until a user completes all fields: It will allow them to check the information before sending and avoid frustration from sending something wrong.

Say No to Captcha

Short and to the point: Nobody likes captchas! It stands to reason that you want to protect your coworking website from spam, eliminating it as much as possible, but users hate it when they have to fill in captchas. They (captchas) are often confusing, unclear, or broken, preventing your prospective clients from reaching you. Needless to say that it hurts your conversion rate by far.

Add a Live Chat Option (or a Chatbot)

First, it can help you engage users who want to get answers to their questions immediately but who don't want to call. Second, it can help you free up phone lines for calls on questions that can't be solved online. And third, live chats or chatbot options work like interactive FAQ sections, engaging visitors into communication and waiving all their objections at once.

#3. Get Creative

While most businesses see nothing wrong with using standard templates and contact forms on their websites, you don't have to follow their lead and blend in with their crowd. Don't be afraid to get creative and design your contact page so it would evoke emotions, showcase the personality behind your brand, and make users remember you.

Stand Out

Why use cliche words and forms? They'll hardly impress your prospective customers and invite them to contact your coworking space. Think of a different approach: use creative hooks and non-standard design, eliminate one-size-fits-all contact form templates, but make it easy for people to reach you.

creative contact page example for coworking space website

At the same time, be sure that a contact page matches your brand and doesn't ruin the overall user experience.

Set Expectations

When a visitor comes to your coworking contact page, they want to understand how long it will take to get an answer. Set expectations: If you get tons of emails daily or you aren't going to reply to certain types of messages, let the audience know about it at once. Be honest, but try not to cross a fine line between straightforwardness and discouragement. It's unlikely that someone will contact a business saying they need a week or two for feedback.

In the above example, working hours serve as clear expectations set for visitors. Whether you practice SMS marketing to communicate with the audience through your sms marketing platform, chat with them online, or reply to their messages on social media, please set limits for users to know when they are most likely to hear from you.

set expectations at contact page for coworking space website


A contact page is among the most visited and, therefore, convertible pages of many websites. For your coworking contact page to convert, ensure it's well-optimized: informative, user-friendly, and inviting to click.

The best contact pages are those with:

  • Clear contact details: your business name, address, phone numbers, and email contacts. Alternative ways to get in touch with your coworking space (active social media profiles, live chats, etc.) are worth mentioning too.
  • Responsive UX design: it's mobile-friendly, with a minimal number of fields in contact forms, bright CTA buttons with a clear message, set expectations, and the autofill feature.

And last but not least, test your contact page's every link and field regularly. You don't want to miss its power for your coworking space growth, do you?___________________________________________________________________________

This article is by Lesley Vos. Lesley is a professional copywriter and guest contributor, currently blogging at Bid4Papers, a platform that helps students and authors with writing solutions. Specializing in data research, web text writing, and content promotion, she is in love with words, non-fiction literature, and jazz.

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