Amazing Ways to Strengthen Your Coworking Blog

Mitali Roy

As real estate prices continue to spiral upwards, coworking is something that’s growing rapidly. Projections indicate, at least five million people will be coworking by the year 2024. However, this projection might not hold good now due to social distancing norms that’re necessary now due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time, it’s undeniable that coworking will rise in the coming years. The majority of owners of coworking spaces are showing keen interest in opening more places and some are already increasing the number of locations they offer, both within America and abroad.

And as coworking grows, there’s an increase in the number of blogs related to this industry. Coworking property owners require the latest news that has a direct impact on their business while women and men that use coworking spaces wish to stay in touch with the latest developments in the industry.

Therefore, if you’re the owner of a flexible workspace who is running a blog for its promotion, it’s essential to strengthen it for the best results. In this article, we will discuss some amazing ways to strengthen your coworking blog.

How to Strengthen the Coworking Blog?

Let’s get this clear: there’re no shortcuts or easy roads when it comes to strengthening a coworking blog because of its highly specific niche. You’re catering to a very select group of people. As the above figures indicate, globally only about five million people are expected to use coworking facilities by the end of 2024. Hence, coworking blogs will remain a niche that’s popular mainly among these people.

In this context, here’re some ways to strengthen your coworking blog.

Content is the Undisputed King

Every blogger knows that content remains the undisputed king of every blog. In fact, digital marketers aver that superior quality content plays a singularly important role in the success of any blog. That’s because people visit your blog to gain knowledge or find some information.

Research indicates, companies that update their content at least four times a week have greater engagement compared to those who post blogs eight times a month or lower. These figures clearly point out the importance of content.

Given that blogging on coworking is a very small niche, it could prove fairly difficult to find the right kind of topics for writing content. And this problem is further compounded by the fewer keywords that you’ll come across for writing content that Google algorithms will identify and display on top of Search Engine Page Results.

You can counter these inherent difficulties in finding appropriate content using some simple ways. Find news articles about coworking and the coworking industry in general and use these as topics to create your blog posts.

Interview coworkers and write about their experiences. You can present these in text format as well as video- which I will discuss later in this article. It’s also possible to interview medical experts, industry captains, and others on how coworking benefits or doesn’t benefit their organization. Providing honest content always strengthens any blog and can work wonders for your coworking blog as well.

Use LinkedIn Posts to Drive Traffic

LinkedIn is a very vital resource when it comes to driving traffic to your coworking blog. Create summaries of your blog posts or altogether new content and post on your LinkedIn profile and that of your coworking facility. LinkedIn has over 675 million users, according to figures from the company for July 2020. Among these, close to 180 million LinkedIn users are from the US itself. And over 300 million users worldwide use LinkedIn extensively or come under the broad category known as ‘Monthly Average Users’.

As you would know, LinkedIn is the single largest network of professionals on the Internet. This makes it a resource that no professional, including a blogger, can afford to ignore. Regardless of where readers of your LinkedIn posts come from, they would definitely drive organic traffic to your coworking blog.

Furthermore, freelancers and other professionals that’re looking for coworking spaces would definitely have a keen interest in your blog. By posting appropriate content and LinkedIn posts, you’ll have that killer combination that strengthens your coworking blog.

Outsource SEO Processes

A common mistake that most coworking bloggers commit is trying to perform Search Engine Optimization processes on their own. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you’re aware of the nitty-gritties of SEO. However, performing SEO is a lengthy process. And very often, the results take time to show. You could be looking at developing some superb backlinks for your content and blog and as usual, these would take time to materialize, despite your intensive efforts.

Instead, I suggest you try outsourcing SEO processes for your coworking blog, should you be very serious about strengthening it. You can enlist the assistance of SEO experts only when necessary. By providing these tasks to freelancers, you’re assured of getting superior SEO services. Furthermore, you’ll also be saving a lot of time and effort, which can be utilized effectively for creating superb content and LinkedIn posts.

Support Your Blog with YouTube Channel

Nowadays, most bloggers also have supporting YouTube channel. That’s because people prefer watching videos during their spare time. It’s easy to open a free YouTube channel to give a fillip to your coworking blog. And this YouTube channel can also boost traffic to your coworking blog while generating business in many ways. All you need is a good video camera and some basic video editing skills to launch a YouTube channel.

One of the things that never fails to attract audiences is personal, true-life stories. And that’s exactly what you can open a YouTube channel for. Interview coworkers and other stakeholders in the coworking industry, also research and post content that can easily become viral. Post short videos about their real-life experiences, pros and cons of coworking, and myriad other related topics.

Instead of providing all details or the full interview clip, upload only excerpts or short videos of about three minutes each that serve as a teaser to the main content on your blog. An interesting introduction or trailer if you wish to your blogpost on YouTube helps in getting quite a lot of traffic for your coworking blog.

Optimize Your Blog for Voice Searches

Though Google remains the global leader as a search engine, news and figures clearly point out that voice searches are now on the rise. That’s because innovations in technology and devices make voice searches possible. Therefore, people simply speak what they’re looking for on Google and expect superb search results. And going by any standards, voice searches are here to stay.

Doing SEO for voice searches and adding the necessary keywords is one of the best ways to strengthen your coworking blog. As I mentioned earlier in this article, outsource SEO services from a professional freelancer. Specify your objectives for voice searches and include such keywords in your content.

Optimizing your blog for voice searches isn’t really rocket science. All that it requires is someone with the right skills. It’s easy to find such professionals on any good freelancing marketplace.

Develop Mobile-Friendly Blogsite

One more thing that you can do to strengthen your coworking blog is by making it mobile-friendly. Research clearly indicates, over 90 percent of Americans own a smartphone. Among these, nearly 80 percent use mobile phones for online shopping while 77 percent use it also for finding information, reading news, playing video games, and entertainment. That’s because a smartphone also makes an ideal companion during long commutes on public transport and spare time during workhours.

A major reason that websites and blogs lose out on tapping such a large number of potential readers is because they’re not mobile-friendly. Meaning, it’s not easy to read them on a smartphone. Creating a mobile-friendly website or blog site isn’t expensive. In fact, with some grit, you can convert your existing website into a mobile-friendly one by simply adapting a few things. Or you can ask some web designer to do the needful. Providing mobile-friendly websites is one of the superb ways to find more followers for your coworking blog.

More Amazing Ways to Strengthen Coworking Blogs

There’re also some more ways to strengthen a coworking blog. One of the simplest ones is by reviewing products necessary for coworking and providing affiliate links where people can buy the stuff. In return, you can also earn some money as an affiliate marketer.

The other is by using social media such as Facebook to leverage your blogs. As you might know, most bloggers also promote their blog posts through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest among other platforms.

A distinct advantage of going on social media with your coworking blog is that you provide easy sharing facilities to followers. And every blog desires more and more followers to be successful.

In Conclusion

A coworking blog isn’t much different from other blogs in the truest sense. Only, it caters to a very specific niche. And that niche is becoming wider as more and more coworking space owners and coworking professionals take to blogging. Given the fierce competition on this niche that would emerge in the future, following these simple yet amazing ways to strengthen your coworking blog might help.

The article was written by Mitali Roy. Mitali is passionate about blogging and writing. She fondly calls it "the art of words". She is unique and so is her content. Blogging about education and earning money is something that she loves doing.

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