Village Workspaces Get Invoices Paid in Less Than 3.5 Seconds with andcards


Oliver Barry
Village Workspaces Get Invoices Paid in Less Than 3.5 Seconds with andcards

Since 2011, Village Workspaces has been a distinguished coworking space in the Los Angeles business community. As one of the city's oldest workspaces, it has earned a reputation for its emphasis on design, well-being, and creating a collaborative environment that inspires success.

The space's distinctive approach has contributed to the remarkable achievements of businesses founded there, such as generating substantial revenue, producing TV shows, and winning awards. Notable companies like Pinterest, CD Projekt Red, SoundCloud, Shopify, and others have found the workspace's innovative and collaborative environment to be perfect for helping businesses thrive.

“At Village Workspaces, we create a boutique experience for members by focusing on personal touches and providing superior customer service. This can include small gestures like leaving a favorite tea, offering ice cream, or encouraging cards. We know each member and understand their business goals. We are there for customers during happy and difficult times offering support and assistance.”Oliver Barry, Village Workspaces CEO, here and under unless otherwise stated

Village Workspaces coworking space interior design

Challenges Village Workspaces Looked to Resolve

Village Workspaces faced several challenges in prioritizing the comfort and happiness of its members, which required solutions powered by technology. The following were some of the primary challenges they looked to address:

  • Laborious invoicing. Managing invoicing and payments is time-consuming when you have 150 tenants. Village Workspaces needed a solution that could automate invoicing and payment collection. Hours of work were wasted on operational routines.

“We've built our foundation on three core principles: technology, flexibility, and hospitality. These principles are critical for anyone looking to build a successful coworking space. I believe technology is the most important principle of the three. In today's world, people want everything to be easy, and technology is the key to achieving that.”

  • Complicated door access. In an effort to keep its doors open to customers and prioritize safety at work, Village Workspaces sought a solution for providing easy keyless access to the coworking space. Oliver needed a solution that would allow members to access the space without the hassle of physical keys, while also enhancing security measures.
  • Meeting room booking through admins. To make tenants more independent, Village Workspaces sought to implement an intuitive booking process. The goal was to enable members to book meeting rooms through a single app without having to contact an administrator, saving time and ensuring a seamless experience.

“Members want to be able to book things with just a click on their phone. They want to know what's coming in for them and what events are happening around them. As a management system, technology can help with staffing, scheduling, and maintaining a seamless member experience.”

  • Disconnected community. Village Workspaces aimed to create a strong sense of community among its members. To achieve this, they needed a single platform that could connect all members and provide access to the latest updates about workspace services, relevant information, and chat with peers and administrators.
Village Workspaces coworking space interior

Village Workspaces tried all popular coworking space management solutions, including Yardi Kube or Satellite DeskWorks, but nothing stood out. After a nearly ten-year search, Oliver Barry discovered andcards, which met all requirements and significantly improved the member experience.

“Unfortunately, many software for coworking spaces have been unreliable in the past. I've tried several over the last decade, and they've all had issues with billing, community building, or poor design. The visuals are critical in creating a beautiful coworking space, and the app experience should be just as aesthetically pleasing. That's why I was impressed with the andcards app when I first tried it out. It's user-friendly and affordable, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to build a successful coworking space.”

The Perfect Solution: How andcards Boosted Efficiency at Village Workspaces

  • Fully automated invoicing and payment collection

Administrators don’t need to manage subscriptions, invoicing, and payment collection anymore.

andcards’ Auto-Invoice automates the generation and delivery of invoices to customers. The system automatically generates invoices based on subscriptions, which define the recurring rent fee and various add-ons such as bookings, shop orders, and event passes. Auto-Invoice completely eliminated the need for Village Workspaces to manually create invoices, saving valuable time and effort.

andcards’ Auto-Pay automatically collects payments for invoices. Once the invoice is ready, the due amount is charged to the connected bank account (ACH), credit card, or Google/Apple Pay. Tenants don’t have to pay manually every time. Administrators don’t need to chase delinquent members or send out constant reminders.

andcards takes care of everything, from generating invoices to payment collection. This automation ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction and huge admin’s time savings.

“I've found that the use of andcards has profoundly improved my customer and community experience. My staff doesn't spend hours processing paperwork or dealing with a cumbersome process, as sign-ups, downloads, and access are all made more streamlined. This simplification saves both time and money for our business.”

Village Workspaces coworking space management app developed by andcards
  • Members are self-reliant for meeting room booking

The Village Workspaces app has made booking meeting rooms a fast and convenient process. Members can easily view the availability, capacity, and pricing of rooms, and make payments with ease. The app's real-time booking system ensures that there are no overlaps, and updates the information about bookings as soon as they are made.

“andcards has received a lot of positive feedback from our members. They seem to like it and find it helpful, which is great. In comparison, there have been other bits of software that we've tried in the past and sent out to our members to use for bookings, but nobody ever used them. People still came to the front desk for help instead.”

The self-service booking system implemented at Village Workspaces benefits both members and administrators by saving time and streamlining the booking process. Members can book rooms on-the-go without requiring any assistance, while administrators can oversee the bookings without the need for manual intervention.

  • Unlocking doors through the Village Workspaces app

Village Workspaces has fully automated access to its coworking space, thanks to the integration of andcards with Kisi. This integration has eliminated the need for plastic cards and physical keys, saving time for both members and staff. With this system, access to the space is granted or revoked automatically based on subscription status, ensuring that only authorized paying members can enter.

One groundbreaking improvement has been the introduction of in-app unlocking, which allows members to unlock doors without downloading a separate Kisi app or creating a new account. Instead, door unlocking is seamlessly integrated into the Village Workspaces app that members already use to book rooms and pay invoices, providing a hassle-free experience. This secure and convenient system has transformed the access process for members and staff alike.

Village Workspaces coworking space app - in-app door unlock solutions via andcards-Kisi integration
  • Enhanced customer and community experience

At Village Workspaces, the customer journey is designed to be effortless. To get started, members simply receive an invitation containing a link to activate their account. Once inside the Village Workspaces app, members have immediate access to bookings, community tools, perks, and value-added services.

Staying up-to-date with community news and events is a breeze thanks to the community feed and push notifications. Members never miss important updates, leading to increased satisfaction and a stronger sense of community.

Through the app, members can easily connect with peers or request assistance from an administrator using one-on-one chat or support tickets.

All in all, Village Workspaces' smooth and user-friendly customer journey, combined with effective communication channels, fosters a positive and connected community experience.

“The andcards app is a useful tool for communicating with members and keeping them informed about everything going on in the space. We post updates and announcements on the app, such as information about the Christmas tree, or when crepes are being made next week. Members can also use the app to check in and check-out of the space, eliminating the need for traditional keys.”

Results of andcards Adoption

  • 90% invoices paid in 3.5 seconds

Within just six months of implementing the andcards app, the administrative team at Village Workspaces auto-issued 881 invoices, with over 90% successfully paid within a mere 3.5 seconds.

As a result, Village Workspaces has achieved an impressive 81% rate of invoice automation, making the billing process faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors. This has enabled the team to focus on other important tasks, such as improving customer experience and growing the business.

“I believe andcards has improved our customer and community experience, which in turn helps our business. It's made things easier for us in terms of billings and signing people up onto the system. This simplification has saved us a lot of time, and I don't think my staff is spending hours dealing with paperwork or administration tasks.”

  • 100% of bookings through the apps

While meeting rooms may not be the core product at Village Workspaces, they remain an essential component of the offering. Since implementing the andcards app, members have embraced the convenience of booking meeting rooms themselves, with over 75% of bookings made by members directly. This demonstrates the efficacy of the andcards platform in streamlining the booking process and making it more accessible and convenient for members.

“I think the fact that members are actually using andcards is a testament to how user-friendly and effective it is. It's good to see that the software is actually being utilized and making a difference in our members' experience at our coworking space.”

  • One app for door access and coworking

The Village Workspaces team has achieved 100% automation of door access, ensuring both convenience and security for members. Over the course of six months, the andcards-Kisi integration facilitated a total of 2,833 successful lock openings through the Village Workspaces app.

The seamless automation of door access has not only made the entry process more convenient for members, but has also enabled Village Workspaces to enhance security measures by reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Village Workspaces - andcards coworking space software adoption results

Of course, the benefits of andcards don’t stop at invoicing, door access, and community. The product is the fastest-improving coworking space platform in the market. We thrive on customer feedback as we build the best coworking space platform in the world.

“andcards is a great company that listens to feedback. They're always willing to improve their software, which is important as this market is evolving incredibly quickly.”

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