Generator Hub's Migration to andcards Fuels 130% Member Growth

Liz Finnie
Liz Finnie
Generator Hub's Migration to andcards Fuels 130% Member Growth

The Generator Hub, located in Exeter, UK, is not a typical coworking space. Founded over a decade ago, it stands as an independent and original workspace along Exeter's historic quayside. This coworking haven caters to digital nomads, startups, and ambitious teams, offering flexible rental options from hot desks to meeting rooms.

What truly sets The Generator Hub apart is its unwavering commitment to community-building. With diverse members from various backgrounds and businesses, it's a place where collaboration and diversity flourish. They host events like workshops, games nights, charity fundraisers, and more, emphasizing the power of connection beyond the workplace.

"At The Generator Hub, we're a thriving community that celebrates diversity and fosters collaboration. Our commitment to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem sets us apart. We actively support local businesses and host events that go beyond work, creating a dynamic space where individuals can thrive."Liz Finnie, Co-founder & Operations here and below unless otherwise specified

Interior at Generator Hub coworking space

The Generator Hub actively supports local businesses, offering exclusive member discounts on their services. It's not just a place to work; it's a dynamic and evolving community that empowers individuals to thrive uniquely.

Challenges Generator Hub Was Looking to Resolve

During its journey of growth and success, The Generator Hub faced specific challenges that called for a significant transformation. To enhance the coworking experience and address these hurdles, they opted to shift from their previous system, Coherent, to andcards. This strategic move aimed to simplify administrative tasks and improve member interactions.

"We used Coherent as our previous management system. Our decision to switch was driven by the need to minimize administrative burdens and enhance forward-facing interactions with our coworking community in respect to meeting room bookings and other applications that are useful within the cowork space environment."

Now, let's delve into the specific challenges they aimed to overcome with andcards.

On the Administrative Side

  • Visual Room Availability: They wanted visual screens outside meeting rooms for members to easily check room availability and manage their bookings efficiently.
  • Simplified Invoicing: The Generator Hub sought a platform that would make invoicing more manageable and allow for quick refunds when necessary.

"Our goals with andcards were clear: on the administrative side, we aimed to provide visual room availability screens for members and simplify invoicing processes, including the ease of issuing refunds when necessary."

On the Member Experience Side

  • Safe Member Interaction: They envisioned a platform where members could safely interact with each other, fostering a sense of community.
  • Local Discounts: They aimed to provide members with access to exclusive local discounts and promotions.
  • Flexible Tariffs: The Generator Hub wanted a platform that could accommodate various membership tariffs and be user-friendly for both members and visitors.

"On the member experience side, we envisioned a platform for safe member interactions, the promotion of local discounts, and seamless support for various membership tariffs, welcoming both members and visitors."

Generator Hub - community and interior of the coworking space

andcards' Solutions to Challenges at Generator Hub

Transitioning from the challenges faced by The Generator Hub, let's explore how andcards' solutions effectively addressed these issues.

1. Comprehensive Meeting and Desk Booking Systems

The Generator Hub benefits from our user-friendly room and desk booking systems. They offer interactive calendars, making it easy for customers to find and book available work spots without the administrator's help.

Desk booking system at Generator Hub coworking space developed by andcards

"The app is easy to use, looks great, and means members can quickly book rooms and desks without speaking to a member of staff."

Users can choose from various payment methods, including credits, banking cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and invoicing, to complete their bookings, ensuring payments align with individual needs. Automated booking reminders keep customers organized, while administrators can set up booking rules for efficient workspace management.

Meeting Room Display

The Generator Hub introduced a meeting room display feature that is a part of andcards' meeting room booking system. The screens outside meeting rooms use a straightforward color-coded system to instantly indicate room availability.

Meeting room display by andcards coworking space software

"Our meeting room booking screens, with clear red, amber, and green indicators for availability, have brought a new level of convenience. With andcards system, we can now seamlessly refund members for missed or accidental double-bookings, saving valuable time that was once spent on requesting bank details and processing refunds through our accounts team."

But it's not just about colors; it's about convenience. Members easily spot and reserve available meeting rooms directly from the display. The system automatically cancels unconfirmed bookings, ensuring unused rooms are readily available for others.

"With this app, we have come a long way from the days when staff would manually write down (and rub out) meeting room bookings on a laminated sheet on each room door, so the app has totally transformed the way of working here at the Generator Hub."

2. Streamlined Invoicing and Payments

The Generator Hub has embraced the convenience of andcards' Auto-Invoice and Auto-Pay features, simplifying their billing and payment processes.

Invoicing on andcards coworking space management software

The implementation of andcards' Auto-Invoice feature has revolutionized the invoicing process at The Generator Hub. It eliminates the need for manual invoice creation, saving significant time and effort for their administrative team. With seamless invoice generation and consolidating all charges, including rent, add-ons, bookings, shop orders, and event passes, into a single, easy-to-pay invoice, it reduces the administrative burden and ensures precise billing for members.

"All administrators are happy with the app, and to date, all our members have been complimentary of it. We’ve even managed to encourage some of our older members to use the app successfully."

In addition to this, andcards' Auto-Pay feature has simplified payment collection. It automates the process by automatically deducting the due amount from the member's connected bank account, credit card, or Google/Apple Pay. This eliminates the requirement for manual payments and the complexities of chasing delinquent members or sending constant reminders.

The Generator Hub now relies on andcards to manage the entire invoicing and payment process, resulting in a more streamlined operation and a smoother experience for its members.

3. Connected Community

At The Generator Hub, one of the goals was to create a secure platform for members to connect and build a thriving community. andcards stepped in with a range of features to make this vision a reality.

Generator Hub coworking space app developed by andcards

Member Directory

The Member Directory at Generator Hub acts as a virtual community networking platform, allowing members to create profiles complete with introductions and contact details. Members can manage privacy settings, ensuring control over who accesses their personal information, and make business connections by searching peers by name or occupation. Additionally, a dedicated company directory simplifies tenant company discovery while maintaining GDPR compliance.

"Members find that the app is easy to navigate, it's convenient and easy on the eye, and they think it's especially cool that they can download their very own "Generator Hub" app on their mobile phones!"


The Feed feature within Generator Hub serves as the central hub for community news, event invitations, updates, and social interaction. This feature enables members to easily share posts, images, and messages, promoting seamless communication and collaboration within the community. Members can also comment on and like posts to engage in discussions and show appreciation for shared content.

To ensure that members stay well-informed, timely push notifications are provided. In addition, the platform offers multilingual support to foster inclusivity and allows for direct link sharing, making communication more efficient.


At Generator Hub, the Chats feature serves as a versatile platform for one-on-one communication. It enables effortless messaging for both members and administrators, making it easy to connect with coworkers or reach out to customers, event attendees, and registered visitors. With Chats, there's no need to search for email addresses; all you need to do is tap Chats and start a conversation with the person you want to communicate with.

The feature lets administrators centralize team and customer conversations within their branded app, prioritizing data security and ensuring the protection of communication.

Event at Generator Hub coworking space

4. Benefit Catalog

The Benefit Catalog has made accessing exclusive local discounts effortless, enriching The Generator Hub's coworking experience.

In their commitment to offering members exclusive local discounts and promotions, The Generator Hub has incorporated the Benefit Catalog feature from andcards. This tool simplifies access to special offers from partner services.

Members at The Generator Hub enjoy a user-friendly catalog of benefits, granting them quick access to new offers, detailed information, and an easy application process. Administrators have the ability to customize categories, highlight specific benefits, and control visibility across locations.

The Benefit Catalog has made accessing exclusive local discounts effortless, enriching The Generator Hub's coworking experience.

5. Flexible Membership Plans

To cater to a wide range of membership tariffs and provide a seamless experience for both members and visitors, The Generator Hub adopted Memberships by andcards. The space now offers a variety of membership plans, allowing online sign-ups. Membership credits are automated, and pricing is differentiated with member discounts. Subscriptions are easily managed, with automatic invoicing and payment collection. Plus, physical space access is streamlined for convenience.

Member at Generator Hub coworking space

The Impact of andcards Adoption

Having explored the solutions that andcards brought to address The Generator Hub's unique challenges, let's now delve into the tangible impact of these changes on their coworking space.

1. 20 Admin Hours Saved Monthly

With andcards' automation features, The Generator Hub realized significant time savings in their administrative tasks. Approximately 20 hours of administrative work per month were saved, thanks to the streamlined processes for bookings and invoicing. The ease of use of the app also empowered members to become more self-sufficient, handling their reservations and payments independently, further reducing the administrative workload.

Key results of andcards adoption at Generator Hub coworking space - infographic

2. 80% of Customers Book Rooms without Administrator Help

The user-friendly andcards app made a significant difference for The Generator Hub, with an outstanding 80% of customers booking rooms without needing administrator assistance. This high level of member self-sufficiency demonstrates the app's intuitive design and efficiency in room reservations. Additionally, this increased member autonomy resulted in a 10% surge in bookings, underlining the substantial positive influence of andcards on their coworking space operations.

3. 88% of Invoices Are Paid Automatically

The implementation of andcards' Invoicing at The Generator Hub has yielded impressive results. An astounding 88% of invoices are now paid automatically through the app, significantly reducing the need for manual invoice handling by administrators. This efficiency extends further, with a remarkable 95% success payment rate for invoices, showcasing the effectiveness of the 'Auto-Invoice' and 'Auto-Pay' functionalities in ensuring seamless financial transactions within the coworking space.

4. 130% Member Growth in Two Years

The Generator Hub achieved remarkable growth in their membership base, experiencing a phenomenal 130% increase in just two years after transitioning to andcards. This remarkable surge underscores the positive impact of their decision to adopt andcards, as it not only enhanced the member experience but also contributed significantly to their expansion. It's a testament to how the right technology can drive substantial growth and success in the coworking industry.

5. 35% Revenue Growth

Since adopting andcards, The Generator Hub experienced a significant 35% increase in revenue, primarily attributed to the improved accessibility of their services. An illustrative example of this success is their decision to start accepting external desk bookings through the app in August 2023. In just three months, they garnered an impressive 221 paid desk bookings, a noteworthy achievement. This demonstrates that the app's utility extends beyond serving members and administrators, as it also caters to non-members seeking the convenience of booking daily hot desks.

Unforeseen Benefits of andcards Adoption

As The Generator Hub embraced andcards, they discovered unanticipated benefits that have enriched their coworking experience.

One remarkable revelation was the robust assistance provided by the andcards support team. According to Liz Finnie, 'We were pleasantly surprised by the level of free help available when needed. The andcards support team has been a reliable partner, always ready to assist us in navigating any challenges.'

Analytics on andcards coworking space management software

Additionally, andcards brought another unexpected advantage—a comprehensive analytics toolkit. These analytics offer The Generator Hub detailed insights into their finances and bookings. As Liz remarked, 'The depth of information we gained from andcards analytics was truly surprising. It has empowered us to make data-driven decisions and chart a strategic course for our coworking space.'

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